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Flower like micellar assemblies in poly(styrene)-block-poly(4-vinyl pyridine)/poly(acrylic acid) complexes

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posted on 2015-05-15, 00:00 authored by Nishar Hameed, Nisa Salim, J Parameswaranpillai, Bronwyn Fox
The formation of rare flower like micelles in poly(styrene)-block-poly(4-vinyl pyridine)/poly(acrylic acid) (PS-b-P4VP/PAA) diblock copolymer/homopolymer complexes is reported. The self-assembly as well as the morphological changes in the complexes were induced by the addition of a high molecular weight PAA/ethanol solution into the PS-b-P4VP solution in dimethyl formamide followed by dialyses. The composition-dependent micelles were varying in size and shape with increase in PAA concentration in solution. The complex aggregates in solution were characterized by dynamic light scattering (DLS) whereas morphologies in the solid complexes were observed using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Flower like micelles are formed in complexes at 20 wt% PAA concentration followed by 'spikey' micellar assemblies at 40 wt% PAA. The size of the micelles was found to be increased upon the addition of PAA into the block copolymer solution. Infrared studies revealed the intermolecular hydrogen bonding interactions between the complementary binding sites on PAA and the P4VP block of the block copolymer. Finally, a model was proposed to explain the self-assembly and morphological transitions in these complexes based on the experimental results obtained.



Materials Letters




92 - 96





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