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Gondolelloid multielement conodont apparatus (Nicoraella) from the Middle Triassic of Yunnan Province, southwestern China

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posted on 2019-05-01, 00:00 authored by J Huang, S Hu, Q Zhang, P C J Donoghue, M J Benton, C Zhou, C Martínez-Pérez, W Wen, T Xie, Z Q Chen, Mao Luo, H Yao, K Zhang
The morphology and position of elements in the apparatus are keys to resolving the taxonomy, homology, evolutionary relationships, structure, function and feeding patterns among conodont taxa. Fused clusters preserving natural associations between elements provide direct information on element morphology, the positions of elements within the apparatus, and even their original three-dimensional arrangement. Here, we report 41 fused conodont clusters from Member II of the Guanling Formation in Luoping County, Yunnan Province, southwestern China, which provide a basis for inferring the multielement composition of the apparatus of the early Middle Triassic Nicoraella. The apparatus is composed of 15 elements (a single S0element, two pairs of S1–4, M and P1–2elements) like other apparatuses in Gondolellidae, i.e. the genera Novispathodus and Neogondolella. These Luoping Biota clusters are significant because (a) they permit a positional homology-based comparison of multielement Novispathodus with form genera such as Cypridodella (S1), Enantiognathus (S2), and Hindeodella (S3and S4), (b) they facilitate a review of apparatus composition within superfamily Gondolelloidea, (c) they provide direct insight into apparatus architecture currently interpreted largely in light of distantly related Carboniferous polygnathacean ozarkodinins, and (d) these clusters, along with collections of discrete conodont elements, provide a model for inferring the multielement composition of closely related species known only from discrete element collections.



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