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Hip joint kinematics and segment coordination variability according to pain and structural disease severity in hip osteoarthritis

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posted on 01.08.2020, 00:00 authored by M Hall, Aaron FoxAaron Fox, Jason BonacciJason Bonacci, B R Metcalf, Y H Pua, L E Diamond, K Allison, T V Wrigley, K L Bennell
This study aimed to evaluate hip joint kinematic variability and segment coordination variability during walking according to pain and radiographic disease severity in people with hip osteoarthritis. Fifty-five participants with hip osteoarthritis had pain severity assessed during walking using an item on the Western Ontario and McMasters Universities Osteoarthritis Index (no pain = 10; mild pain = 28; moderate pain = 17). Radiographic disease severity was graded by Kellgren and Lawrence scale (KL2 = 29; KL3 = 21; KL4 = 5). Hip kinematics variability was estimated as the curve coefficient of variation. Vector coding was used to calculate coordination variability for select joint couplings. One-way analysis of variances with planned adjusted post hoc comparisons were used to compare hip kinematics variability and coordination variability of select segment couplings (pelvis sagittal vs thigh sagittal; pelvis frontal vs thigh frontal; pelvis transverse vs thigh transverse; thigh sagittal vs shank sagittal; thigh frontal vs shank sagittal; thigh transverse vs shank sagittal) according to pain and radiographic disease severity. No main effect of pain severity was observed for sagittal or transverse plane hip kinematic variability (P ≥.266), and although there was a main effect for frontal plane hip kinematic variability (P =.035), there were no significant differences when comparing between levels of pain severity (P >.006). There was no main effect of radiographic disease severity on hip kinematic variability in the sagittal (P =.539) or frontal (P =.307) plane. No significant differences in coordination of variability of segment couplings were observed (all P ≥.229). Movement variability as assessed in this study did not differ according to pain severity during walking or radiographic disease severity.



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