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How policy influences aggression in nightlife spaces: a proposed core aggression cycle

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posted on 2023-08-21, 04:18 authored by Nicholas TaylorNicholas Taylor, Peter MillerPeter Miller, Renee Zahnow, Richelle MayshakRichelle Mayshak, Jason Ferris, Kerri CoomberKerri Coomber
OBJECTIVE: This theoretical review examines prior theories that aim to explain the disproportionate amount of violence in Night-time Entertainment Precincts (NEPs) and proposes a comprehensive model that links violence to policy and environmental changes. METHOD: To understand why this violence occurs and better inform prevention and intervention a theoretical review using 'people' in 'places' approach was conducted. This perspective considers both the precursors of violence at the individual level and among a group within a shared environment. RESULTS: Prior public health, criminology, and economic theories that aim to explain why violence occurs in NEPs provide a limited perspective, each only capturing part of the story. Further, prior theories fall short of demonstrating how policy and environmental changes in a NEP can influence the psychological determinants of aggression. When unified in a social-ecological framework they can provide a more holistic explanation of violence in NEPs. We propose the Core Aggression Cycle (CAC) model which draws from the prior theories examining violence in NEPs, and psychological theories of aggression. The CAC model is a proposed basis for unifying future research across disciplinary discourses. CONCLUSIONS: The CAC provides a clear conceptual framework that has the capacity to incorporate multiple previous and future theoretical perspectives on how alcohol policy and the environment influence violence within nightlife spaces. The CAC can be used by policy makers to establish new policy, critically evaluate existing policy, and determine whether policy adequately addresses the underlying mechanisms which produce violence in NEPs.



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