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Importance of food literacy education for senior secondary school students: food system professionals’ opinions

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posted on 2017-01-01, 00:00 authored by Gamage Janandani Madhushika Nanayakkara, Claire MargerisonClaire Margerison, Tony WorsleyTony Worsley
Food literacy education at senior secondary school could provide immediate health benefits to adolescents. In the long term, this will help strengthen the relationship between citizens and the food system. The aim of this paper is to explore food system professionals’ opinions of the importance of senior secondary school food literacy education. A purposive sample of 34 food system professionals from different sub-sectors within the Australian food system were interviewed individually in late 2015 and early 2016. Interviews were analysed using the template analysis technique. Many participants indicated that food literacy education helps students establish healthier eating patterns. Some participants suggested that food literacy education helps students join in food-related career pathways and some believed that this education helps students understand and question the food system and related issues. Moreover, some participants mentioned that the senior secondary school years are when it is most appropriate to deliver some of the broad aspects of food literacy, while some pointed out the importance of starting food literacy education in primary school. Furthermore, participants indicated the importance of food literacy education in school, referring to low food and nutrition knowledge and skills among modern consumers and inadequate family support for students to develop healthier food patterns. In conclusion, senior secondary school food literacy education helps students develop healthy eating patterns, and prepare them to make wise decisions in relation to food. This highlights the importance of provision of comprehensive food literacy education for senior secondary school students.



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