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In situ measurement of pipeline coating integrity and corrosion resistance losses under simulated mechanical strains and cathodic protection

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posted on 01.12.2016, 00:00 authored by Shyama Deepak Ranade, Maria ForsythMaria Forsyth, Mike Yongjun TanMike Yongjun Tan
A novel experimental assembly consisting of a specially designed tensile testing rig and a standard electrochemical flat cell has been designed for simulating buried high pressure pipeline environmental conditions in which a coating gets damaged and degrades under mechanical strain, and for studying the influence of mechanically induced damages such as the cracking of a coating on its anti-corrosion property. The experimental assembly is also capable of applying a cathodic protection (CP) potential simultaneously with the mechanical strain and environmental exposure. The influence of applied mechanical strain as well as extended exposure to the corrosive environment, coupled with the application of CP, has been investigated based on changes in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Preliminary results show that the amplitude of the coating impedance decreases with an increase in the applied strain level and the length of environmental exposure. The EIS characteristics and changes are found to correlate well with variations in coating cracking and degradation features observed on post-test samples using both optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. These results demonstrate that this new experimental method can be used to simulate and examine coating behaviour under the effects of complex high pressure pipeline mechanical, electrochemical and environmental conditions.



Progress in organic coatings




111 - 121




Amsterdam, The Netherlands





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