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Innovating from the inside: teacher influence and the 'promisingness' of digital learning environments

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posted on 2014-01-01, 00:00 authored by Anne CloonanAnne Cloonan, Kirsten Hutchison, Louise PaatschLouise Paatsch
In line with global trends, Australian educational policy emphatically recognises the need for contemporary learners to be digitally literate, with provision of 'one-to-one' devices to individual learners in schools a major implementation strategy. However, without teacher commitment, the benefits of such investment in one-to-one programs are undermined and the devices themselves are under-utilised. Too often, the focus on hardware is not accompanied by insight into the organisational learning and change required in pedagogical practices. In the knowledge that curriculum and pedagogical renewal rests squarely with teachers and leaders rather than with technological hardware and software per se, this article draws on outcomes/findings from a school/university ethnographic collaboration which closely explored the introduction of a school-funded, one-to-one netbook program in a school excluded from a state-wide initiative. It seeks to make visible the often overlooked work of teachers as members of learning organisations through a narrative of change. The narrative focuses on teacher agency and capacity to mobilise a school community to commit to a vision of; no-blame risk taking; collective professional learning; the power of purpose and passion; leadership in the face of government practice which disempowered teachers and disadvantaged students; and the development of an innovation 'from the inside'.



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