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Insulin sensitivity in response to a single resistance exercise session in apparently healthy individuals

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posted on 2012-07-01, 00:00 authored by B Gordon, Steve FraserSteve Fraser, S Bird, A Benson
BACKGROUND: Regular resistance exercise completed for a number of weeks has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications. However, the acute responses to resistance exercise have not been adequately investigated in relation to training frequency.
AIM: To investigate the changes to insulin sensitivity in apparently healthy individuals following a single session of unaccustomed resistance exercise.
SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Ten sedentary, apparently healthy individuals performed a baseline oral glucose tolerance test and maximal strength testing. Participants then performed a single session of moderate-high intensity resistance exercise which was followed by 4 consecutive days of oral glucose tolerance testing, for which participants replicated their initial diet. Mean estimated insulin sensitivity change scores from baseline values and their 95% confidence intervals were compared to the previously determined values for a clinically meaningful change.
RESULTS: Two participants were identified as having hyperinsulinemia and their data were therefore removed from the main analysis. There was a clinically meaningful increase in insulin response (mean >7237 pmol·l⁻¹·120 min⁻¹) on all days following the exercise session and a clinically meaningful increase in glucose response (mean >81 mmol·l⁻¹·120 min⁻¹) on only the 3rd day following exercise. These changes suggest a potentially adverse short-term effect. Additionally, the 2 individuals with hyperinsulinemia displayed more extreme results.
CONCLUSION: These results suggest that insulin sensitivity may be impaired following a single session of unaccustomed resistance exercise for approximately 4 days in healthy untrained, older individuals. Further research is required for individuals with hyperinsulinemia



Journal of endocrinological investigation






665 - 669


Italian Society of Endocrinology


Milan, Italy





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