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Integrative Resource Model of Workplace Inclusion for Reduced Inequality: Conservation of Resources Perspective

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posted on 2022-09-28, 23:47 authored by Y Fujimoto, Ahmed FerdousAhmed Ferdous, F Wali
This study provides much-needed empirical study of workplace inclusion of underresourced employees of low socioeconomic status. Based upon a conservation of resources perspective, we have examined the centrality of resources as a key inclusion process for well-being outcomes for employees with insufficient resources. In the context of misuse of institutional power over operative workers within highly segmented and hierarchical work settings, this study validates the importance of economic inclusion for fostering workers’ well-being via fair employment practices. This study also offers new knowledge of the integrative resource model of workplace inclusion research by validating workers’ personal resources of learning orientation as an internal condition for strengthening the positive effect of economic inclusion on well-being.