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Interprofessional collaborative practice across Australasia: an emergent and effective community of practice

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posted on 2013-03-01, 00:00 authored by C Ritchie, L Gum, M Brewer, D Sheehan, M Burley, S Saunders-Battersby, Sherryn EvansSherryn Evans, L Tucker
Individuals involved in fostering interprofessional collaborative practice in health are employed in the education, practice and political arenas. While the need to innovate and develop optimal training and practice is not new, the uniqueness of interprofessional collaborative practice is that it exists across professional backgrounds and transcends traditional hierarchies (entry-level to senior practitioners). As such, alternate models of support are required to assist champions to progress learning and innovation. One such model is a group of educators and practitioners networking across Australasia, resulting in the Australasian Community of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (ACoIPCP). ACoIPCP is a lively community of practice (CoP) group across Australia and New Zealand, which is abreast of current activity in the relevant arenas and provides members with an avenue to share information and, therefore, respond appropriately to changes in the environment. Membership includes likeminded individuals who work in the area of interprofessional collaboration from a broad range of perspectives in both health education and practice. This paper describes the development of ACoIPCP and its aims, activities and achievements. By developing a community of practice framework in a cross-organisational environment, ACoIPCP members have been able to support one another, share resources, seek feedback and learn with and from one another to foster interprofessional collaborative practice within educational, clinical and political settings. Information about the processes and outcomes of ACoIPCP may provide guidance to others interested in facilitating learning and innovation through a community of practice model.



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