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Investigation of flexural properties of epoxy composite by utilizing graphene nanofillers and natural hemp fibre reinforcement

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posted on 2022-01-01, 00:00 authored by S A Hallad, S V Ganachari, M E M Soudagar, N R Banapurmath, A M Hunashyal, I M R Fattah, F Hussain, M A Mujtaba, A Afzal, Mohammad Sharear Kabir, A Elfasakhany
This study aims to determine the optimum reinforcement required to attain the best combination of flexural strength of modified green composites (graphene oxide + hemp fibre reinforced epoxy composites) for potential use in structural applications. An attempt was also made for the combination of graphene and hemp fibres to enhance load-bearing ability. The infusion of hemp and graphene was made by the weight of the base matrix (epoxy composite). Results showed that graphene reinforcement at 0.4 wt.% of matrix showed load-sustaining capacity of 0.76 kN or 760 MPa. In the case of hemp fibre reinforcement at 0.2 wt.% of the matrix, infusion showed enhanced load-bearing ability (0.79 kN or 790 MPa). However, the combination of graphene (0.1 wt.% graphene nanofillers) and hemp (5 wt.% hemp fibre) indicated a load-sustaining ability of 0.425 kN or 425 MPa, whereas maximum deflection was observed for specimen with hemp 7.5 % + graphene 0.2 % with 1.9 mm. Graphene addition to the modified composites in combination with natural fibres showed promising results in enhancing the mechanical properties under study. Moreover, graphene-modified composites exhibited higher thermal resistance compared to natural fibre reinforced composites. However, when nanofiller reinforcement exceeded a threshold value, the composites exhibited reduced flexural strength as a result of nanofiller agglomeration.



Polymers and Polymer Composites



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