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Learning from data streams for automation and orchestration of 6G industrial IoT: toward a semantic communication framework

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posted on 01.01.2022, 00:00 authored by Shiva PokhrelShiva Pokhrel
AbstractEstablished methods of communication are based mainly on Shannon’s theory of information, which purposefully overlooks semantic elements of communication. The future wireless technology should promise to facilitate many services, based on content, needs, and semantics, precisely customized to network capabilities. This gave rise to significant concern for Semantic Communication (SC), a novel paradigm considering the message’s meaning during transmission. Federated learning (FL) and Asynchronous Advantage Actor Critic (A3C) are the two emerging distributed and artificially intelligent approaches that provide diverse and possibly massive network coverage for data-driven SC solutions of industry 4.0 automation. Although SC is still in an early development stage, FL-empowered architecture has been recognized as one of the most promising solutions to meet the ubiquitous intelligence in the anticipated sixth-generation (6G) networks. This paper identifies industry 4.0 automation needs that drive the convergence of artificial intelligence and 6G for learning from data streams. We develop a novel SC framework based on the FL and A3C networks and discuss its potential along with transfer learning to address most of the new difficulties anticipated in 6G for industrial communication networks. Our proposed framework has been evaluated with extensive simulation results.



Neural Computing and Applications


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Berlin, Germany







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