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Mechanical properties of laminated bamboo lumber column under radial eccentric compression

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posted on 2016-09-15, 00:00 authored by H T Li, G Chen, Q Zhang, Mahmud AshrafMahmud Ashraf, B Xu, Y Li
A comprehensive experimental investigation on the mechanical properties of 35 laminated bamboo lumber (LBL) column specimens with a design dimension of 73mm × 73mm × 1000mm under radial eccentric compression in presented in this paper. A wide range of eccentricities was considered to carefully examine the failure modes in LBL columns due to interaction between compression and bending. Presence of natural defects such as bamboo joints and use of mechanical connectors to manufacture long columns, produced different failure modes. Key parameters such as lateral displacement and axial deformation at ultimate load, distribution of strains over cross-sections, ultimate load and the corresponding moment were recorded to understand the overall response of eccentrically loaded LBL columns. Typically, all displacements showed an increasing trend with an increase in eccentricity ratio e 0 /h, where e 0 is the eccentricity and h is the depth of the considered cross-section. Regression analyses were carried out to identify influence of e 0 /h on the key mechanical parameters such as displacements and resistances of the LBL columns. Finally, a simplified technique has been proposed to predict the ultimate capacity of LBL columns under radial eccentric compression.



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