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Modeling subcooled flow boiling in vertical channels at low pressures - part 1: assessment of empirical correlations

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posted on 2014-08-01, 00:00 authored by S C P Cheung, Sara Vahaji, G H Yeoh, J Y Tu
Modeling subcooled flow boiling in vertical channels at low pressures requires not only the consideration of the dynamic behaviors of two-phase flow and bubbles undergoing coalescence, breakup and condensation in the bulk subcooled liquid but also the characterization of the single-phase and local boiling heat transfer phenomena in the near-wall region. The focus of this paper is the assessment of the heat flux partitioning model in handling the latter physics of subcooled flow boiling. In order to achieve closure to the model, the current prevailing approach has always been the utilization of empirical correlations particularly for the active nucleation site density, bubble departure diameter and bubble departure frequency. A comprehensive survey of existing empirical correlations is presented in the first part of this paper to assess the performance of these empirical models. Selected combinations of empirical correlations are compared and validated against axial and local radial experiments encompassing a wide range of different mass and wall heat fluxes and inlet subcooling temperatures for subcooled flow boiling at low pressures. Based on the comparisons made against the axial and local distributions of void fraction and bubble Sauter diameter, not one single combination of empirical correlations has shown the propensity of providing satisfactory predictions covering the entire axial and local conditions. For the modeling of subcooled flow boiling at low pressures to become an effective predictive tool, it must therefore be complemented with further consideration of first principal models of the underlying physical phenomena.



International journal of heat and mass transfer




736 - 753




Amsterdam, The Netherlands





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