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On-site solar PV generation and use: Self-consumption and self-sufficiency

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posted on 2023-05-05, 01:48 authored by Z Wang, Mark LutherMark Luther, Peter HoranPeter Horan, J Matthews, Chunlu LiuChunlu Liu
As energy storage systems are typically not installed with residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, any “excess” solar energy exceeding the house load remains unharvested or is exported to the grid. This paper introduces an approach towards a system design for improved PV self-consumption and self-sufficiency. As a result, a polyvalent heat pump, offering heating, cooling and domestic hot water, is considered alongside water storage tanks and batteries. Our method of system analysis begins with annual hourly thermal loads for heating and cooling a typical Australian house in Geelong, Victoria. These hourly heating and cooling loads are determined using Transient System Simulation (TRNSYS) software. The house’s annual hourly electricity consumption is analysed using smart meter data downloaded from the power supplier and PV generation data measured with a PV system controller. The results reveal that the proposed system could increase PV self-consumption and self-sufficiency to 41.96% and 86.34%, respectively, resulting in the annual imported energy being reduced by about 74%. The paper also provides sensitivity analyses for the hot and cold storage tank sizes, the coefficient of performance of the heat pump, solar PV and battery sizes. After establishing the limits of thermal storage size, a significant impact on self-efficiency can be realised through battery storage. This study demonstrates the feasibility of using a polyvalent heat pump together with water storage tanks and, ultimately, batteries to increase PV self-consumption and self-sufficiency. Future work will concentrate on determining a best-fit approach to system sizing embedded within the TRNSYS simulation tool.



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