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People With Type 2 Diabetes Report Dietitians, Social Support, and Health Literacy Facilitate Their Dietary Change

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posted on 2023-02-22, 23:09 authored by George SiopisGeorge Siopis, S Colagiuri, M Allman-Farinelli
Objective: To describe the experiences and perspectives of people with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) regarding dietetic services and to suggest improvements for their access and delivery. Design: Semistructured telephone interviews. Setting: Urban and rural Australia. Participants: A total of 30 English-speaking adults with T2DM recruited by means of electronic advertisements and posters. Phenomenon of Interest: Engagement with services, adherence to diet, and perspectives regarding dietetic services. Analysis: Capability, opportunity, and motivation model of behavior and theoretical domains framework informed the analysis. Results: Participants were predominantly middle-aged, White, university-educated, and full-time professionals. Most had been diagnosed with T2DM for 2 years or more, were overweight or obese, were on glucose-lowering medication, and had visited the dietitian at least once. Two inter-related behaviors were identified: eating a healthy diet for T2DM and participating with dietetic services. Health literacy, as well as support by family, friends, and professionals, were reported as enablers for both these behaviors. Barriers stated included misconceptions about diets and the role of dietitians, unpleasant previous experiences with services, and lack of social support. Conclusions and Implications: These data support that improving health literacy of people with T2DM, in conjunction with social support by family and friends and professional support by dietitians, is likely to facilitate dietary behavior change.



Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior




43 - 53