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Policy solutions to facilitate restoration in coastal marine environments

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posted on 2023-10-23, 02:53 authored by Nicole Shumway, Justine Bell-James, James FitzsimonsJames Fitzsimons, Rose Foster, Chris Gillies, Catherine E Lovelock
Restoration of coastal and marine ecosystems is essential to meet both national and global conservation targets and to counteract declines in coastal marine ecosystems. However, despite its status as a world leader in marine protection, Australia is lagging behind other countries in the implementation of coastal and marine restoration. Effective legislative frameworks that support the implementation of coastal and marine restoration as a management tool remains a key barrier to large-scale implementation of coastal and marine restoration in Australia and many other regions. We analyzed restoration projects and their policy frameworks in Australia, North America and Europe to identify the range of policy approaches for marine and coastal restoration. We then evaluated the legislative frameworks for coastal and marine restoration in two states in Australia (Queensland and New South Wales), to assess the current restoration permitting process and identify how different legislative and policy approaches could facilitate coastal and marine restoration projects. We identified two specific areas where improvements could be made to facilitate marine coastal restoration in Australia: increased transparency and better integration into coastal policy. Coastal and marine restoration in Australia is undertaken without appropriate and effective policy at the local, regional and national levels, which likely impedes its broader use as a management strategy. The policy and legislative changes and amendments outlined in this article can streamline the coastal and marine restoration process and thereby improve uptake of marine and coastal restoration in Australia.



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