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Prospective associations of psychosocial work exposures with mortality in France: STRESSJEM study protocol

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posted on 2019-01-01, 00:00 authored by I Niedhammer, Allison Milner, B Geoffroy-Perez, T Coutrot, Tony LaMontagneTony LaMontagne, J F Chastang
Introduction Although evidence has been provided on the associations between psychosocial work exposures and morbidity outcomes in the literature, knowledge appears much more sparse on mortality outcomes. The objective of STRESSJEM is to explore the prospective associations between psychosocial work exposures and mortality outcomes among the national French working population. In this paper, we describe the study protocol, study population, data sources, method for exposure assessment, data analysis and future plans. Methods and analysis Data sources will include: the data from the national SUMER survey from DARES on the evaluation of psychosocial work exposures and the data from the COSMOP programme from Santé publique France linking job history (DADS data from INSEE) and mortality according to causes of death (data from the national death registry, INSERM-CépiDc). A sample of 1 511 456 individuals will form the studied prospective cohort for which data are available on both job history and mortality over the period 1976-2002. Psychosocial work exposures will be imputed via a job-exposure matrix using three job title variables that are available in both the SUMER and COSMOP data sets. Our objectives will be to study the associations between various psychosocial work exposures and mortality outcomes. Psychosocial work exposures will include the job strain model factors as well as other psychosocial work factors. Various measures of exposure over time will be used. All-cause and cause-specific mortality will be studied. Ethics and dissemination Both the SUMER survey and the COSMOP programme have been approved by French ethics committees. Dissemination of the study results will include a series of international peer-reviewed papers and at least one paper in French. The results will be presented in national and international conferences. This project will offer a unique opportunity to explore mortality outcomes in association with psychosocial work exposures in a large national representative sample of the working population.



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