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Re-examining information systems user performance: using data mining to identify properties of IS that lead to highest levels of user performance

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posted on 2011-06-01, 00:00 authored by B Kositanurit, K M Osei-Bryson, Ojelanki Ngwenyama
As competitive pressures increase, managers try to realize every bit of productivity from people, business processes and new information technologies (IT). This leads one to ask, how can managers configure information systems to achieve higher levels of performance from end users? In this regard, managers continually seek advice on how to meet the promises and expectations of continued increases in productivity through the use of IT. However, results from research on how to achieve higher performance through the use of IT in organizations has been mixed. Consequently, it has been difficult for IS researchers to give managers any advice on investing in specific aspects of IS that would lead to the highest performance possible. We focus on this question in this research. We use a data mining approach to tease out information about specific characteristics of IS that managers can manipulate to achieve desired outcomes with regards to individual performance. Our findings offer both researchers and managers significant new knowledge that can make a difference to IT user performance research theory and the practice of user performance management. Further, our research method offers a novel approach to linking theory and practice in IS research, a problem that is of great concern to many IS researchers. The approach is generalized and can be implemented by academic or industry researchers who are interested in generating hypotheses from data for the purpose of theoretical or applied research.



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