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Scandinavian Art Education: David Cross Interviews Maddie Leach

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posted on 2023-04-15, 10:58 authored by David CrossDavid Cross
Scandinavian Art Education: David Cross Interviews Maddie Leach


Research statement

Background This interview text with Swedish-based art scholar and academic Maddie Leach sought to investigate key differences and similarities between Australasian and Scandinavian tertiary art school programmes. Framed in relation to the special issue of NITRO I co-edited on alternative pedagogical models in art education, this interview sought to highlight the ways in which Australian programmes could learn from different approaches to funding models, student cohorts and specifically fee schedules. This interview sought to point to key ways in which tertiary providers in Australasia should look to Scandinavia as an exemplar for the provision of art education. Contribution This research utilised the interview format to ask how might Nordic pedagogical models inform a reconfiguring of Australasian tertiary art programmes. In pointing to a less neo-liberal ethos in creative arts education, the interview sought to offer new perspectives on how art programmes should be funded, resourced and crucially scaled. Significance This interview sought to address the paucity of knowledge on northern European art education in Australia and to specifically point to particular ideas or approaches that could be easily or appropriately translated into Australian conditions. Maddie Leach is a leading Swedish art educator and former head of Fine Art at Valand Academy in Gothenburg.

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