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Simulation of Mg sheet press cell materials

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posted on 2003-01-01, 00:00 authored by K Shimojima, M Mabuchi, Y Chino, H Hosokawa, Y Yamada, Cui'E Wen
Major characteristics of Magnesium alloy are low density (= 1.8 g/cm3) and excellent recyclability; therefore Mg is considered as one of low environmental loading materials. The low-density materials, such as Mg, are suitable for the transportation system to reduce the emission of Co2, save energy resource and increase the safety for accidents like corrosions. In the place, cellular materials like aluminum foams are also low-density materials and can be controlled the stress-strain relation. Combination of Mg alloy and cellular materials, that is Mg cell, is one of the most excellent materials for transportation system, because of its ultra low density. safeties, and recycle ability. To make the Mg cellular materials. there are some problems to solve. One is how to make them uniformly to supply them as same perfonnance materials. One is how to make them inexpensively. Most of cellular materials are very expensive because of there are many processes or special fabrication system to make them. To solve these problems. we investigated the press cell materials. The press cell material consists sheets pressed as cell shape and wall. Therefore, it is very easy to make cellular materials and control validation of the performance of each foam materials. In this paper, we simulated compression tests of this new type of Mg alloy cellular materials under dynamic loading to investigate the relation between the compression speed and the compression behavior to show the shock absorbing capability of this new foam material. It is very important to understand their mechanical properties relatcd with cell shapes and wall to be applied widely.



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