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Staff attitudes towards family presence during resuscitation

journal contribution
posted on 1996-01-01, 00:00 authored by Bernice Redley, K Hood
The presence of family members in the resuscitation room of an Emergency Department (ED) is a controversial issue. This has been the subject of discussion in recent years and has received a lot of publicity. Allowing family to be present with their relative in the time leading up to their dying moments may help initiate the grieving process and dealings with subsequent death. This study found that there are occasions where families are present informally during resuscitation attempts in metropolitan hospitals around Melbourne. The experiences of staff have been given voice, with comments from those involved. A survey of ED workers was conducted to examine staff attitudes and to identify the major factors of concern about family presence during resuscitation. The willingness of staff to consider the option was revealed by this study. Examination of issues relevant to this proposal reveal many concerns for ED workers. These issues must be addressed in order to gain commitment and support from staff. The main concerns are discussed and possible solutions suggested. Ideas for developing guidelines to prepare staff and possible visitors into the resuscitation room are included for those wishing to develop and pilot such a project in their own department.



Accident and Emergency Nursing






145 - 151