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Strain Modulation of Optoelectronic Properties in Nanolayered Black Phosphorus: Implications for Strain-Engineered 2D Material Systems

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posted on 2023-02-19, 23:54 authored by MX Low, Sherif AbbasSherif Abbas, SP Russo, S Sriram, M Bhaskaran, S Walia
Strain engineering is an exciting direct approach to control the key intrinsic properties of two-dimensional (2D) materials. However, fabrication complexities arising from weak van der Waals interaction-induced slippage, coupled with mechanical breakdown of metal electrodes, have prevented fundamental investigations into strain effects on electrical and optoelectronic characteristics of these material systems. To overcome this limitation, we report a simple prestretch fabrication technique that allowed us to demonstrate a functional multilayer black phosphorus (BP)-based device on a stretchable elastomeric platform. By applying a uniaxial compressive strain of up to 10%, we reveal that mechanical strain can be effectively used to modulate the electronic and optical properties of nanolayered BP. This simple strategy can be extended well-beyond BP to other 2D materials, creating opportunities for fundamental investigations into strain effects in 2D material systems and potential applications in strain-engineered sensors for optical synapse applications.