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Studies on the applicability of alginate-entrapped naringinase for the debittering of kinnow juice

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posted on 1996-01-01, 00:00 authored by Munish PuriMunish Puri, S S Marwaha, R M Kothari
Screening of matrices for the immobilization of naringinase demonstrated that 2% sodium alginate was an optimal matrix. Upon immobilization, 30 U of naringinase gave 82% naringin hydrolysis in 3 h, broadening of pH optima has attributed desirable flexibility for debittering kinnow juice of varying pHs, and temperature profiles indicated an improved thermostability which could be handy during the reduction in cost of debittering. Alginate permitted attainment of equilibrium readily with no hindrance in the inflow of naringin and the outflow of naringenin/prunin, and adequate mechanical stability, cumulatively indicating the feasibility of its commercial exploitation. The application of kinetic parameters optimized with pure naringin to kinnow juice resulted in 60% debittering. It suggested the desirability of ultrafiltration to minimize product inhibition in order to maximize naringin hydrolysis, and subsequent fortification by the permeate at the end of debittering debittering to formulate sweetened kinnow juice with nourishing and natural characteristics. Efforts to change over from the batch process to a continuous column process are underway.



Enzyme and Microbial Technology






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