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System indeterminacy analysis in the embodied energy network of global construction industries

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posted on 2022-10-18, 01:04 authored by B Liu, Q Gao, H Jin, Y Lei, Chunlu LiuChunlu Liu
Energy-sustainable development has a close relationship with the growth of the global economic system, while energy transfer has changed the relationships between sectors and economies. This study measures the system indeterminacy of the linkage network and the network characteristics of the global construction industry from the perspective of embodied energy based on information-based ecological network analysis. Results show that the majority of the studied countries and regions had embodied energy intensities under 20 TJ/million US$ in 2014. The scale of the embodied energy flows expanded almost three-fold in a linear increase over 15 years. The value of the system indeterminacy of the linkage network declined from 2.412 in 2000 to 1.869 in 2014. The findings show that the structure of the linkages between sectors was strengthened by the advance of globalization in the worldwide market, while the uncertainty of the linkage network in the global construction market was gradually eliminated from the perspective of temporal development. Local construction sectors are encouraged to join the global market and expand their trade diversity with more partners to achieve more robust organization.








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