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Thermomechanical properties of Ni-Ti shape memory wires containing nanoscale precipitates induced by stress-assisted ageing

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posted on 2014-01-01, 00:00 authored by Daoyong Cong, Gourab Saha, Matthew BarnettMatthew Barnett
This paper systematically examines the thermomechanical properties and phase transformation behaviour of slightly Ni-rich Ni-Ti biomedical shape memory wires containing homogeneously distributed nanoscale precipitates induced by stress-assisted ageing. In contrast to previous studies, particular attention is paid to the role of precipitates in impeding twin boundary movement (TBM) and its underlying mechanisms. The size and volume fraction of precipitates are altered by changing the ageing time. The martensitic transformation temperatures increase with prolonged ageing time, whereas the R-phase transformation temperature remains relatively unchanged. The stress-strain behaviour in different phase regions during both cooling and heating is comprehensively examined, and the underlying mechanisms for the temperature- and thermal-history-dependent behaviour are elucidated with the help of the established stress-temperature phase diagram. The effect of precipitates on TBM is explored by mechanical testing at 133 K. It is revealed that the critical stress for TBM (σ) increases with increasing ageing time. There is a considerable increase of 104 MPa in σ in the sample aged at 773 K for 120 min under 70 MPa compared with the solution-treated sample, owing to the presence of precipitates. The Orowan strengthening model of twinning dislocations is insufficient to account for this increase in σ . The back stress generation is the predominant mechanism for the interactions between precipitates and twin boundaries during TBM that give rise to the increase in σ . Such results provide new insights into the thermomechanical properties of precipitate containing Ni-Ti biomedical shape memory wires, which are instructive for developing high-performance biomedical shape memory alloys.



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