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Validation of a body-worn accelerometer to measure activity patterns in octogenarians

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posted on 2014-05-01, 00:00 authored by L M Taylor, J Klenk, A J Maney, N Kerse, B M Macdonald, Ralph MaddisonRalph Maddison
OBJECTIVE: To determine the validity of a triaxial body-worn accelerometer for detection of gait and postures in people aged >80 years. DESIGN: Participants performed a range of activities (sitting, lying, walking, standing) in both a controlled and a home setting while wearing the accelerometer. Activities in the controlled setting were performed in a scripted sequence. Activities in the home setting were performed in an unscripted manner. Analyzed accelerometer data were compared against video observation as the reference measure. SETTING: Independent-living and long-term-care retirement village. PARTICIPANTS: Older people (N=22; mean age ± SD, 88.1±5y) residing in long-term-care and independent-living retirement facilities. INTERVENTIONS: Not applicable. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The level of agreement between video observation and the accelerometer for the total duration of each activity, and second-by-second correspondence between video observation and the accelerometer for each activity. RESULTS: The median absolute percentage errors between video observation and the accelerometer were <1% for locomotion and lying. The absolute percentage errors were higher for sitting (median, -22.3%; interquartile range [IQR], -62.8% to 10.7%) and standing (median, 24.7%; IQR, -7.3% to 39.6%). A second-by-second analysis between video observation and the accelerometer found an overall agreement of ≥85% for all activities except standing (median, 56.1%; IQR, 34.8%-81.2%). CONCLUSIONS: This single-device accelerometer provides a valid measure of lying and locomotion in people aged >80 years. There is an error of approximately 25% when discriminating sitting from standing postures, which needs to be taken into account when monitoring longer-term habitual activity in this age group.



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