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Variability and loss of uniqueness of numerical solutions in FEM×DEM modeling with second gradient enhancement

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posted on 2024-05-02, 01:28 authored by TK Nguyen, TT Vo, Nhu NguyenNhu Nguyen, G Combe
In the last decade, a new multi-scale FEM×DEM approach has been developed using Finite Element Method (FEM) coupled with Discrete Element Method (DEM) as a constitutive law to account for the specificities of the mechanical behavior of granular materials. In FEM×DEM model, a DEM calculation is performed on a particle assembly (volume element—VE) at each Gauss point. Recent publications have demonstrated that FEM×DEM approach naturally captures the discrete and anisotropic nature of granular materials. Despite its advantages, FEM×DEM with classical FEM, suffers from mesh dependency, especially when material enters softening phase and exhibits strain localization. To overcome this limitation, FEM×DEM model has been enriched by incorporating a local second gradient model. Nevertheless, the existence of multiple possible solutions is observed. In this paper, we study the variability and loss of uniqueness of numerical solutions to a boundary value problem. Different VEs with equivalent mechanical properties are generated and used to model the pressuremeter tests by means of FEM×DEM. The modeling results show a great variability of the numerical results, both in shape of borehole and in different modes of shear bands. For the same VE, the loss of uniqueness of numerical solutions is evidenced by a slight modification of loading history at the level of the internal pressure applied to the borehole. Finally, we show that when a certain heterogeneity is introduced by using different VEs within the same BVP, even if the uniqueness of the solution is not guaranteed, the set of possible solutions seems more restrained.



International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics




London, Eng.







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