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Wind energy status of Iran: evaluating Iran’s technological capability in manufacturing wind turbines

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posted on 2011-10-01, 00:00 authored by Nasser Bagheri Moghaddam, Sayyed Moslem Mousavi, Masoud Nasiri, Enayat A. Moallemi, Hami Yousefdehi
Iran, as a developing country, will be confronted with a significant increase in electricity demand in future years. Being a petroleum producing country has resulted in extreme subsidies for energy production from fossilized resources such as oil and gas. This issue is one of the most important factors regarding underdevelopment of renewable energies in Iran. Expansive use of fossil resources in providing the necessary energy has resulted in Iran being among the 20 countries that have a share in the 75% spread of greenhouse gases. This issue has resulted in greater attention on behalf of the energy sectors policy makers regarding renewable energies, especially wind. Awareness regarding the current condition of each system is the first step for optimum policy making. On this basis, analyzing Iran's wind conditions and assessing its technological capabilities is considered a pre-requisite for the wind sectors policy making. This paper aims at studying Iran's wind energy status in the form of available capacities, power production, wind power plant characteristics, principal agents and existing protective laws. Also, the main focus of this paper is on evaluating Iran's potential and effective technological capabilities for producing the main parts of wind turbines in different sizes. In order to fulfill this task, sector-level technological capabilities are defined. Then by analyzing active organizations in this field, Iran's capability level will be determined and by comparing it with the ideal conditions, Iran's technological gaps will be identified. The reasons for the creation of such shortcomings will also be introduced from different aspects in the form of the Atlas model. Finally, Iran's potential capabilities in resolving technological shortcomings will be identified.



Renewable and sustainable energy reviews






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