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Work–life balance in Asia: A systematic review

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posted on 2020-12-01, 00:00 authored by Huong Le, Alexander NewmanAlexander Newman, Jane Menzies, Shao-Mei Zheng, Jan FermelisJan Fermelis
A growing body of empirical work on the work–life interface in Asia has investigated the effects of various work–life constructs on work and non-work outcomes. However, scholars are also debating whether work-life constructs from the West must be conceptualized and operationalized differently when used in the Asian context. The present study reviews the literature on the work–life interface in Asia, identifies research gaps, and proposes an agenda for future research. This review contributes to the literature by developing a conceptual model that informs our theoretical understanding of work–life research in Asia. In doing so, it provides important insights into how cultural, economic and institutional factors influence employee perceptions of the work–life interface. The present review stresses the need for methodological advancement, multilevel analysis, and an extension of work–life constructs in Asia.



Human Resource Management Review







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