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Brass Tacks About Artificial Intelligence

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posted on 2024-06-06, 03:29 authored by Rob EngenRob Engen
Brass Tacks About Artificial Intelligence


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Line of Sight



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Background There are a variety of public-facing Professional Military Education venues (War on the Rocks, The Cove, The Strategy Bridge) that feature detailed, timely analysis on military topics, with a target audience of those undertaking professional military education. The Canadian Army's contribution to this growing number of online forums is the Line of Sight PME Hub, which was activated in 2021. Contribution This article takes a "brass tacks" approach to the issue of artificial intelligence in defence -- what it is, what it is not, and how to cut through much of the hype surrounding these systems. Much of my career as a PME instructor has involved discussing technology, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence systems. I approach the topic, however, with a skeptic's eye, and try to show both the boundaries and the historical precedents for these "cutting-edge" technological systems. Significance The discussion of AI in military circles is often somewhat breathless and technologically determinist. I believe this to be a deep error, and my contribution to the Line of Sight PME Hub has been a "first stab" at swiftly contextualizing and translating knowledge of AI into something digestible for PME purposes, allowing officers space to question and criticize what they read about AI in other sources.

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Canadian Army "Line of Sight" Professional Military Education Hub

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Kingston, Ontario

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