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Crescent Under the Southern Cross

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posted on 2024-06-03, 00:05 authored by Simon WilmotSimon Wilmot, Ihsan YilmazIhsan Yilmaz, James Barry
Crescent Under the Southern Cross





The film was launched at the Islamic Museum of Australia to an audience of leaders of the Islamic community in Australia, the Islamic community, military historians family members, and the general public.

Research statement

Background This documentary film challenges and breaks down various assumptions about Muslims in Australia, particularly in relation to their historical contributions and connections to the Anzac legacy. The film showcases the stories of Muslim Australians who served in the military during the Second World War. The film not only commemorates their sacrifice but also aims to highlight the diverse backgrounds and roles that Muslims have played in the Australian armed forces. Directed and Produced by Simon Wilmot Executive Producer Ihsan Yilmaz Script research and writer James Barry. Contribution The project contributes to revising and enriching historical narratives related to Muslims in Australia. By spotlighting the contributions of Muslim Anzacs, the research challenges prevailing assumptions and stereotypes, leading to a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of Australia's diverse military history. The project offers a fresh perspective on the Anzac legacy by showcasing the involvement of Muslims. This adds a layer of diversity and inclusivity to the understanding of Anzac Day and its significance, making it more relevant and relatable to a wider cross-section of Australian society. Significance The research project holds significant importance in various aspects, contributing to both academic understanding and societal progress. The research project holds the significance of reclaiming a historically marginalized narrative. By spotlighting the contributions of Muslim Australians to the Anzac legacy, the project fills a gap in the historical record, ensuring that these stories are recognized and remembered. The research is significant for its role in enhancing cultural representation and diversity in the broader narrative of Australian history. It provides a platform for acknowledging the diverse backgrounds and experiences of Muslim Australians.

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The film has received the following press coverage: James Barry interviewed by Virginia Trioli on ABC Melbourne Monday 19th Dec 2022. Simon Wilmot interviewed by Simon Wraight on 95b FM Radio Auckland, April 20th, 2023 Canberra Times, 20 Dec 2022, The West Australian 20 Dec 2022


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