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Gamifying heath and fitness

posted on 2016-01-01, 00:00 authored by Adam Brown, Danielle Teychenne
The Our Gamified World web series critically and creatively examines the widespread application of gamification in education, industry, and everyday life. Episodes are framed by the hands-on expertise of co-hosts Adam Brown and Danielle Teychenne, who have both produced gamified systems in the educational sector, but also frequently draw on the perspectives of industry practitioners in a broad range of contexts. The significance of this research lies not only in its focus on the relatively recent and increasingly pervasive phenomenon of gamification in the digital arena, but also in the series’ harnessing of contemporary digital media forms and platforms to communicate firsthand research and analysis to diverse online audiences in accessible ways, broadening the reach of traditional scholarly outputs to the wider community. The series’ thematic interest in numerous gamified processes and practices pivots on the key issues of motivation and engagement, feeding into the broader research problem and creative endeavour that underpins all of Brown’s current work in the area of Communication: How can different audiences be engaged with in order to communicate ideas in the digital age?



Our Gamified World: Level 1, Episode 4



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Geelong, Vic.

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Adam Brown and Danielle Teychenne 2016


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