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PORTFOLIO (2008-2013): Australian Contemporary Performance

posted on 2013-01-01, 00:00 authored by Jordan Vincent
PORTFOLIO (2008-2013): Australian Contemporary Performance



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Melbourne, Vic.

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art original




This portfolio includes the following: Big cirque's fun little cousin Finding the fun in depilation Snatching silk from air Multimedia potential in seamless production Cue collision Steampowered Polarity Melbourne circus festival 3D - a dance assault in three dimensions Dance-Fringe Festival-reviews Climate change work runs into stormy weather Deal with the devil goes south Elegant nod to heart of Bach Best seat in the house Borrowed ideas shape the moves ahead This big-boned ballerina is girth her weight in gold Mercedes Benz...awkwardly A dinner to die for The bedroom philosopher's high-school assembly Lawrence Leung : beginning middle end Rob Lloyd - who, me Ben Lomas : the vicious cycle Poignant gaze into the darkening of dementia Upstaged by deep sea wonders Bleeding heart captures female vulnerability Robotic performance fails to gel Spellbinding stories of sacred, shifting space Bangarra dance theatre – terrain – Melbourne Little pleasure in sluts, leers and lechers Dance like nobody's watching The best of stage - the ticket The best of stage - the t1cket Fading to fame, fringe at its finest Chunky move – an act of now at Melbourne festival – Melbourne Through a glass darkly, dramatically The best of stage Lucy Guerin inc – weather at Melbourne Festival – Melbourne The best of stage - the t1cket Sydney Dance Company – 2 one another – Melbourne KAGE – flesh and bone – Melbourne Nude dalliance with alien abductions turns into a close encounter of the dull kind Chunky move – 247 days – Melbourne Duo well named as horrific acts leave audience cringing School dance Scholar who excelled in several spheres Cranked up Wunderkammer circus Dance review: bang! crash! tap! Review: yes dance Truth is: this fantasy falls flat Dance review: a small Prometheus Dancers capture the tragedy of surviving Good talent goes to waste Add urban beat and mix Moves mirror messiness of homely subject matter Sexy package of raunchy fun Oblique work manages to be both bewildering and compelling Double bill in which black shines brightly Classic approach with fun twist Celebrating the conventional and the not-so-conventional performance of movement Stunning circus all bodies and movement Eight wonders of the twirl A contemporary dance marathon to savour Shining collision of ancient and contemporary Delicate, elegant dance of light and stones Prophet dances around future events A mixture of youth and talent helps these projects stand out Screen hits put dance centre stage United as one Clowns of slapstick dance still draw a giggle From Africa to Australia a journey unfolds with music and dance A little bit naughty, a little bit nice, all under the big top The best of stage Beauty in imperfection Unique voice makes a statement Virtuosos of violence Revenge best served up dancing Driven down by the storm Reverting to type hinders dramatic depth Review: cirque du bloke Precise propulsion always enticing In big top with truly fearless Burlesque hell-bent on on Midsumma madness

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