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What is Booktok, and how is it influencing what Australian teenagers read?

posted on 2023-10-26, 04:40 authored by Katya Johanson, Amy Schoonens, Leonie RutherfordLeonie Rutherford, Bronwyn ReddanBronwyn Reddan, Michael DezuanniMichael Dezuanni
This article explains how Tiktok's bookish hashtag, #booktok, operates, and how it functions to connect teenagers to pleasure reading. It summarizes 5 key aspects of the platform: 1. Its playfulness; 2. the unpredictable nature of its algorythm for book recommendations; 3. the popularity of individual posts rather than creators; 4. its ability to connect booklovers; and 5. the importance of emotion as currency in Booktok videos. It doesn't offer much in the way of Australian recommendations, but provides a platform to connect with peers, share authentic responses to books, and showcase their love of reading.


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