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Feeling Nature

posted on 2022-10-24, 00:36 authored by Rea DennisRea Dennis
Feeling Nature



Johnstone Park

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Feeling Nature is a 60-min live interactive performance exploring the somatic experiences of moving outside and encountering nature within urban sites, Performed at Geelong Design Week 2021, as part of The Journey of Extraordinary Encounters exhibition, curated by Mary-Jane Walker.

Research statement

Knowledges on wellbeing and nature and wellbeing and movement constitute frontier concerns in health and in arts research. This research sits at the intersection of these concerns investigating the somatic experiences of moving outside, finding nature in constructed urban sites, and performing sensory gestures to enact experiences of wellbeing as performance. Premised on somatic practice, Feeling Nature uses the lens of biophilia to generate scores for participant performers to explore as thresholds to stillness, affective states, and sensing nature. This 60-minute participatory performance is constituted of micro performative states of awareness of the accessibility of nature in even the most built-up areas. The performance enacts affective and kinesthetic knowledge and asks questions of the body as nature. It also troubles the binary of urban/wild and self/other through the embracing the posthuman experiences with somatic consciousness. The focus on the ephemerality of materials and the materiality of performance and movement enables new understandings of the body as nature, nature as life, and opens space for dialogue on care and kindness to all beings and materials as fundamental aspirations for a good life. Geelong Design Week, Johnstone Park, Geringhap St, Geelong as part of The Journey of Extraordinary Encounters exhibition. Curated by Mary-Jane Walker, 18 -28 March 2021 Funded by City of Greater Geelong

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Funded by City of Greater Geelong


The Journey of Extraordinary Encounters


Geelong Design Week

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