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Now: repeated, reflected, re-rendered

posted on 24.11.2022, 03:03 authored by Olivia MillardOlivia Millard, Katie LeeKatie Lee
Now: repeated, reflected, re-rendered



Project Space, Deakin University, Geelong

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Background Peformance group About Now (Peter Fraser, Olivia Millard, Jason Marchant and Shaun McLeod) undertake a collaborative project with two artists, Katie Lee and Andrew Sainsbury. Katie’s performance-based installation work is premised on the attentive, real-time composition of objects, while Andrew Sainsbury applies computational and mathematical frameworks to lighting arrangements that explore the relationship between abstraction and reality. In combining their practices, About Now, Katie Lee and Andrew Sainsbury test the possibilities offered by integrating the attentive nature of these performance practices: real-time composition of bodies intersecting with Contribution Performative engagement with the objects offers different possibilities according to the artistic lineage of the artists. For Katie they become material elements for composing a visual statement; for the dancers the objects become opportunities to ‘test’ or elicit states of embodiment (weight, sensation, feelings when they are used); Andrew considers the compositional sets that are enacted by the artist as a whole, and uses lighting scores to extend the relations of all these elements as they operate--both separately and together Our question investigates the merging of these strategies. How might states of embodiment become ‘objects’ in a larger composition Significance The work employs different strategies for improvised performance in which different approaches to the use of objects and choreographic light sequences might converge with improvised performance. This entails creating a specific practice for the use of the objects combined with the articulation of performance and lighting scores. This then enables the use of these scores and lighting conditions as a specifically contextualised performance work, but which is also be responsive to the sites itself.






White Night Geelong

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Project Space Geelong

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