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The gainers

posted on 2015-01-01, 00:00 authored by Rea DennisRea Dennis
Performed over 3 nights, The Gainers is an exploration of object-led creative practice within a psychophysical performance approach. Exploring Gibbs (2005) proposition that places the body as central to perception, the research questioned the relationship between object, task and movement when devising and investigated how the inherent structure within each purpose (object’s purpose, the purpose of the task, and purposeful movement) interacted to support greater divergence within the creative work, and similarly acted to provide additional coherence in convergent stages. Perception, Gibbs claims, ‘is not something that only occurs through specific sensory apparatus (e.g. eyeballs and visual system) in conjunction with particular brain areas, but is a kinesthetic activity that includes all aspects of the body in action’ (12). The research, through practice, found that solo bodied are cohered around shared task and object purposes bringing a shared embodied vocabulary to the ensemble and enhancing the way the actor/s invest meaning between their bodies. Just one outcome from The Charlie Project in which the forms of Charlie Chaplin provide the context and are investigated as structures for inter-textual performativity and design led performance making, The Gainers was developed in February-June 2015, and played to three general public audiences: 3, 4, 5 June.



Pheonix Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria

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One hour live performance


The Gainers. Performance (2015 : Pheonix Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria)


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