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Accessible & Inclusive Geelong Feasibility Study

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posted on 2024-06-04, 06:40 authored by Richard TuckerRichard Tucker, David Kelly, Patsie Frawley, Louise JohnsonLouise Johnson, Kevin Murfitt, Fiona AndrewsFiona Andrews, Andrew BrownAndrew Brown, Claire Henderson-WilsonClaire Henderson-Wilson, Ursula De JongUrsula De Jong, Valerie WatchornValerie Watchorn, Alexandra Gartrell, Kathryn Aedy, Susan AngSusan Ang, Susan BalandinSusan Balandin, Catherine BennettCatherine Bennett, Danielle HitchDanielle Hitch, David Jones, Erin Wilson
Accessible & Inclusive Geelong Feasibility Study






Research statement

Research background: Context: While research & policy have aspired to address the significant barriers to participation faced by people with disability in all areas of life, rarely in practice do outcomes deliver change. Aim: This urban design research harnessed systems-thinking to a collective impact approach to determine stakeholder-wide consensus on what’s required to overcome entrenched obstacles to accessibility & inclusivity in Geelong, Victoria. A methodology was designed with the disability community to create shared understanding of the structural, socio-economic & political processes that hinder and advance change. Research contribution: Innovation: Community-based participatory research was used to build positive attitudes to disability through direct knowledge exchange between people with & without disability. A multidisciplinary approach connected urban planning policy to education, public transport, housing, co-design, community infrastructure & inclusive employment practices. New Knowledge: Systems thinking is shown to benefit participatory research by visualising & the specifying complex & dynamic characteristics of problems, & by identifying interventions to inform a collective plan of action. Policy measures identified included a new Access & Inclusion Policy for the Principal Planning Framework, review of the Victorian Apartment Design Guidelines, decision-making criterion, & implementation of a new Local Planning Policy. Research significance: The research was competitively funded by the Victorian Government via tender. The findings were described in Architecture & Design (Australia’s largest commercial built environment & design media network); & acknowledged in the Victorian Council of Social Services submission to the Victorian State Disability Plan 2021-2024, in the Committee for Geelong’s submission on Victoria’s Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy, & in the Parliament of Victoria’s Hansard (59th Parliament, 1st Session, p.4429)

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A6 Research report/technical paper


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Richard Tucker, David Kelly, Patsie Frawley, Louise Johnson, Kevin Murfitt, Fiona Andrews, Andrew Brown, Claire Henderson-Wilson, Ursula De Jong, Valerie Watchorn, Alexandra Gartrell, Kathryn Aedy, Susan Ang, Susan Balandin, Catherine Bennett, Danielle Hitch, David Jones, Erin Wilson, Rob Wandell


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