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Action Research in Target Communities: Phase One 2017

posted on 2018-01-01, 00:00 authored by Genee MarksGenee Marks
Action Research in Target Communities: Phase One 2017



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Give Where you Live

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Geelong, Vic.



Research statement

The primary objective ofthe study, as stated in the Terms of Reference, was to: Co-design, develop and undertake research that actively involves and engages community members to document the lived experience of long term jobseekers, monitors and evaluates adaptive practice of demand- led employment brokerage, and captures and increases understanding of the barriers and enablers to economic participation and how and why people move in and out of disadvantage. This objective is addressed throughout this report, through an examination of the methods, outcomes and case studies presented here, as well as through the examination of the various aspects of the Study Purpose, and through an analysis and recommendations for change through the G21 Region.

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A6.1 Research report/technical paper

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