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From human capacity development to national capacity development : a report on capacity development in the economic and public sectors of PNG during 2006-2013

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posted on 2014-01-01, 00:00 authored by K Ryland,, Terry EvansTerry Evans, R Miller
This Report concerns capacity development in the economic and public sectors of PNG. In particular, it focuses on the use of advisers to develop the capacity of PNG counterparts in economic and public sector agencies. Such advisers were funded by the Government of Australia and completed or commenced their placements during the period 2006–2013. The research was commissioned by (then) AusAID and commenced in mid-2012. It was completed in mid-2014 under the auspices of Australian Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade. The project was overseen by the Economic and Public Sector Program administered by Coffey International. The research addressed several research questions about adviser-counterpart placements: What are the advisers’ and counterparts’ views of the success or otherwise of their partnerships in achieving their placements’ stated aims? What approaches were adopted to enable counterparts to learn what was required to fulfil their placements’ aims? What were the main things learned by counterparts? What can be understood from these experiences and how might capacity development be improved? What were the main enablers of and impediments to the success of the placements? What have been the outcomes of the introduction of other modalities of capacity development including short-term consultants, twinning arrangements, targeted training, grants and research? Do these modalities provide increased efficiencies and effectiveness compared to adviser-counterpart placements? What are the main improvements that can be made to ensure the success of future adviser-counterpart placements? What do major stakeholders in PNG conclude from the evidence produced by this study about the impact and success of adviser-counterpart placements? What may be asserted from the evidence of the worth or otherwise of adviser-counterpart placements and other capacity development modalities undertaken since 2006? What suggestions or recommendations may be made for the future?



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