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Literature review for senior syllabus revisions: English

posted on 2016-02-01, 00:00 authored by Catherine BeavisCatherine Beavis, J Hannaford
The review began with a survey of recent issues of nine key English education journals widely recognised as influential within the field, and reflective of current practice and debates about future directions in Australia and internationally. Common areas of focus and concern were identified within this literature scan, including: • definitions of ‘English’ in current times, and their implications • the nature of literacy — which literacies? • English for students from multiple linguistic backgrounds, and how this might best be conceived and organised • text selection and related issues — canonicity, choice, genre, prescription, analytic frameworks etc. • digital texts and technologies • English as a vehicle for the discussion of themes, issues and social concerns • assessment — policies, practices and effects. This research formed a background against which subjects in the Queensland English subject group were examined. A close reading of the Queensland syllabuses under review, and the construction of an overview of the teaching, learning and assessment focuses followed the literature scan. English literature review Senior syllabus redevelopment Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority Page 1 of 25 February 2016 The four syllabuses were mapped against each other for similarities and differences. Connections between these syllabuses and the Australian Curriculum, and Queensland F–10 curriculum were identified. Then, after gathering documentation, a close reading of similar syllabuses from Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, New York State, the International Baccalaureate (IB), and England’s A-levels was undertaken, and an overview of the teaching, learning and assessment focuses, the scope of learning, and how learning is organised and described within these syllabuses developed. In the course of this process, reflections on the relevance of these syllabuses from other jurisdictions for the Queensland syllabuses were noted. Finally, the Queensland English senior syllabuses were reviewed against six areas identified by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) as 21st century skills reflecting current educational trends.




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