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Mapping digital makers: a review exploring everyday creativity, learning lives and the digital

posted on 2013-03-01, 00:00 authored by Julian Sefton-GreenJulian Sefton-Green
Nominet Trust State of the Art Reviews are undertaken by leading academics to collate and analyse the latest research at the intersection of digital technology and society. Drawing on national and international work, these reviews aim to share the latest research to inform the work of the Trust, those applying to the Trust and wider partner organisations. This review maps the theory, practices and policies that underpin our understanding of digital makers and digital making in relation to young people. It investigates the relationship between what young people do today with digital technologies and what they then might do as adults and when in the workforce. In particular it explores how more nebulous out-of-school creative pursuits might mesh with formal instruction and how this might lead to future ambitions.




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