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Therapeutic Life Story Work Barwon Pilot Evaluation

posted on 2023-03-01, 03:58 authored by James LucasJames Lucas, jesse Velik, Loey Matthews, Kathleen Brady, Rhiannon Breguet, Judi Parson
Therapeutic Life Story Work Barwon Pilot Evaluation


Research statement

Background This report outlines the final findings from evaluating MacKillop Family Services' Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW) pilot program in terms of the key outcomes and process considerations involved in future delivery of the program. The aim of the evaluation was to evaluate the outcomes and process considerations of MacKillop's TLSW Pilot Program as they relate to the children and young people’s ability to: (1) make sense of and create meaning from their critical trauma and loss experiences, (2) strengthen their emotional, social, and behavioural skills and resilience; (3) construct a meaningful sense of identity, and (4) develop quality social relationships Contribution The project’s strength demonstrates that TLSW is an intervention that supports an effective healing opportunity for participants involved in TLSW, regardless of their developmental age and stage. It was also identified that Rose’s (2012) Model can be adequately adapted to support cultural safety and inclusivity. The evaluation has found that the intended purpose of Rose’s (2012) Model; of supporting trauma recovery, healing through connection, building attachment and making sense of their world, is upheld by the TLSW intervention. Significance Mackillop have emailed the report across Mackillop (NT, VIC, WA, ACT and NSW). TLSW Australia have also shared the research paper with over 300 practitioners Australia wide via email. Richard Rose (TLSW founder) have also placed the report on TLSW International’s webpage and will be distributing the report via email to Japan, Portugal, USA, Singapore, Taiwan and the U.K. to various research partners, practitioners and agencies who are offering TLSW. Mackillop will also be sharing this report with Government, the Commissioner of Child Youth and Families and the Commissioner for Family Violence.


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