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VicSRC Teach the Teacher Ignite evaluation: Final Report

posted on 2020-03-31, 00:00 authored by Eve MayesEve Mayes, Ros BlackRos Black, Rachel Finneran
The VicSRC Executive, working with funding from the Victorian Department of Education, commissioned two related evaluation studies (2017-2020): an evaluation of the Primary School Engagement (PSE) project, and an evaluation of the TtT: Ignite program. A total of five schools participated in these two evaluation studies (four primary and one secondary; three metropolitan, one outer metropolitan and one regional). The design and findings of the 2017-2018 Primary School Engagement project have been detailed elsewhere (see Mayes, Finneran & Black, 2018; Mayes, Finneran & Black, 2019).
This final report summarises the findings of the TtT: Ignite evaluation (2018-2020). This evaluation study took a multi-sited case study approach, investigating the situated accounts of students, teachers and school leaders of the impacts of the TtT: Ignite program in their particular school context. Research methods included interviews with teachers and principals, focus groups with students, and a survey sent to all teaching staff. At the two schools who participated in the TtT: Ignite evaluation, a total number of 4 school leaders and 3 teachers participated in formal interviews, 5 teachers completed a survey, 16 students participated as Student Advisors, and 45 students participated in focus groups.



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This is the final report of a 3 year commissioned research evaluation of the VicSRC's Teach the Teacher: Ignite program. This research was commissioned by the VicSRC, as part of their accountability to their funders, the Victorian Department of Education and Training. This scholarly research report (68 pages) reports on the findings of a multi-sited case study of two schools who participated in the Teach the Teacher: Ignite program.

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