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'It is not all about sex': young people's views about sexuality and relationships education

posted on 2016-03-16, 00:00 authored by Lyn HarrisonLyn Harrison, B Johnson, Debbie OllisDebbie Ollis, J Flentje, P Arnold, C Bartholomaeus
The Engaging Young People in Sexuality Education (EYPSE) research project addresses two questions:
1.tWhat are young people’s views on school-based sexuality and relationships education?
2.tIn what ways could sexuality and relationships education be improved?
This report focuses on findings from the first stage of the research project, consisting of an online survey of over 2,000 students in 31 secondary schools in South Australia and Victoria. The research was conducted in government secondary schools in South Australia (14) and Victoria (17). A detailed online survey was constructed and administered to students aged 13 to 16+ years old. The survey used similar terminology and language to that used in sexuality and relationships education classes.
A total of 2,325 students undertook the survey. Demographic information about the students includes:
-tAge – 13 years (18%), 14 years (40%), 15 years (32%), 16+ years (10%)
-tLocation – Victoria (63%), South Australia (37%)
-tGender – Female (49%), Male (50%), ‘Other’ (1%)
-tSexual attraction – opposite sex (83.5%), same sex (1.4%), both sexes (5.5%), unsure (5.2%), preferred not to disclose (4.3%)
-tSocio-economic status of the school – low (25.8%), middle (41.9%), high (25.8%), not ranked (6.5%)



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