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and Care,

together with




James N. Kirby Manufacturing Pty. Ltd.

Salisbury Road, Camperdown, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia



The C rosley is not only a beautiful refrigerator—it has twice won the Academy Award in America lor design and appearance—hut is, in every way, a cle-luxe refrigerator with advanced leatures lor saving wo rk, for more economy and increased food storage.

Deservedly the leader in America, the Crosley Shelvador is also Australia s most sought after rel rigerator, and is reproduced in Australia under licence to the C rosley Division, Avco Manufacturing C orp., Cincinnati, ()hio.

1 o you, as the owner of the ( rosley Shelvador 9. we are happy to present this booh written to provide you with a better understanding of the many Crosley features designed lor your service and satisfaction.


CAurniwoww n.s.w., Australia.


Foreword ................


Warranty ................






Preparation for l se............


Cold Control, instructions..........


'Care-Free’ Automatic Defrosting......



Defrosting Shelvador 9, Non-automatic .. ..

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Exclusive Crosley Features ........



( rosley Slielvador 9, Non automatic, illustration


Features in Detail ............



Crosley Features, illustrated ........



Electrosaver <S Relay............


1 lints on Food Storage ..........


I lints on Quick Freezing..........

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RECIPE SECTION..............


Ice ( ream................




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Soups ..................



Sea Food ................



Poultry ................






Puddings ................












Cakes. Scones & Cookies..........

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The Crosiey Shclvador Refrigerator is Warranted ii\ two parts as hereunder:

SEALED t MT ASSEMBLY VVARRAN I V The Crosiey Sealed-in mechanism is Warranted for live (5) years against defects in factory workmanship or material. Warranty is limited to furnishing replacement mechanism or parts for any Sealed-in mechanism proved defective.

CABINET AND CONTROLS WARRANTY The Crosiey Shelvador Cabinet and Controls comprising those parts other than the Sealed-in mechanism are Warranted lor twelve (12) months against defects in factory woi kmanship or material. \\ arrant y is limited to furnishing replacement parts lor defective ones.

I he respective Warranties are applicable only to the original purchaser and are not transferable.





A Responsibility to C ros ley O inters

I his instructional book is provided to enable ow ners lo obtain lbe utmost benefit from their C rosley Shel vac lor 9 and, lo this end. you are recommended to follow' the bints and instructions in the pages following.

As a product the Crosley Shelvador 9 has been carefully designed and tested, anc 1 the quality of the materials used and the precision employed in manufacture we know leave nothing to be desired.

\Ye recognise, however, that nothing manufactured by man is infallible and our Service Policy within the leans of the Warranty is simply this—

‘"Every owner of a Crosley Refrigerator is entitled to and must receive prompt and efficient service1.

Your ( rosley Shelvador 9 will serve you faithfully lor many years to come, but in the event you should need advice or experience accidental mechanical or electrical trouble please communicate immediately wi    11 le auth

orised Crosley distributor from whom you purchased your ref rigerator.

Your Warranty Card is Important KEEP IT 11\ A SA1E PLACE j

Bevond the cheeking of one or two simple points, nothing is required in the wav of special installation.


The Croslev Shelvador plugs into any convenient A.C. domestic power point but he sure your electric supply is 230 250 volt A.C. 50 cycle. On no account is the Croslev to he connected to Direct Current (D.C.) supply.


For economical operation and better refrigeration select a cool position in the kitchen for your Croslev, out of the direct rays of the sun. and away from the stove.


When your Crosley is installed, this point will he attended to, hut should the cabinet he moved at any time see that it is stable on all four points and does not rock. This way it will run better and doors, etc., will swing evenly.

Built-in provision for levelling the Crosley cabinet is incorporated doing away with any necessity to use packing. Adjustment is hv two screw feet at the front located behind the removable bottom panel which conceals the Sealed l nit.

Should it be necessary at any time to move the refrigerator instruct the removalist to beef) the cabinet upright at all times.


Once every twelve months or so it is a good plan to remove the front panel below the refrigerator door. This exposes the Sealed Unit. Any dust which may have accumulated on the Condenser tubes and wires should he removed carefully, using a vacuum cleaner with soft nozzle attachment or dusting attachment. Removal of accumulated dust will contribute to maintenance of running efficiency and economy of operation.

Before using your Croslev Shelvador wash out the interior walls and bottom of the food liner and frozen food compartment as well as the various equipment items such as crisper dishes, meat tray, and Shelvador shelves, etc. I se lukewarm water to which has been added one teaspoonful of vanilla essence per gallon of water. This will counteract any manufacturing odours.

Wipe oil with soft, clean, dry towel and allow to dry thoroughly with door open.

★ Start refrigerator with Thermostat on “10** for fast

freezing and close door.

When the Frozen Storage Compartment has a light covering of frost, turn Thermostat back to “OFF to defrost and clean out. (Note this defrosting instruction applies even though your particular Crosley is equipped with Automatic Defrosting.)

The procedure above will ensure a clean, hygienic interior free from any lingering factory odours.


Cabinet Exterior—To keep clean use warm water and soap, afterwards polishing, when dry, with a good non-abrasive liquid polish or wax. Never use abrasive polishes or preparations.

Cabinet Interior—Use only warm water and soap and wipe thoroughly with soft, clean, dry towel. I he power should he oil and the door left open to dry out the interior thoroughly. Never swill out interior.

Look after the Door and Lock—Keep the door sealing rubbers clean, especially removing food fats, greases and oils. I nneees-sarv force in slamming the door only strains the door lock mechanism and hinges (dose door firmly, but gently.

Crisper Dishes and Meat Tray—These are a tough, strong, light-weight plastic and should be washed in warm, soapy water. On no account use very hot or boiling water.

\ Operating the and Seasonal Control Damper

The Cold Control or Thermostat is graduated 1 to 10. Positions i and 2 represent moderately cool temperatures: 5 about normal and 9 and 10 low temperatures for last freezing. Defrost is marked ’’OFF.

The Seasonal Control Damper, illustrated page 15. regulates tin* flow of cold air from tin* Freezer. Generally speaking, close Damper in winter or whenever fast freezing open Damper in summer or whenever on a Ihermostat setting of 1. 2 or 3.


When not storing frozen foods, there is no need for low temperatures and a I hermostat setting ol 1 to 1. according to season, will provide a food liner temperature correct for normal refrigeration. Keep Damper in "ODE V position. In winter should the refrigerator temperature he too low, close Damper to reduce cold air flow.


The storage of quick frozen packet foods requires a helow-freezing temperature in the Freezer. Set I hermostat to 5 or 6, according to season, uitli Damper "CLOSED."


For fast freezing vour own meats, poultry, vegetables and cooked foods set Thermostat to 10, and keep Damper fully “CLOSED." Do not haive on fast freeze setting 10, longer than three to four hours, which is ample time to quick freeze am normal dish. Return to position 5 or 6 with Damper still closed (see preceding paragraph) otherwise refrigerator temperature will become too low with risk of freezing milk and other liquids.

Cold Control on Shelvador 9 non-automatic. 8


Exclusive to the Crosley Automatic Slielvador 9

II your Crosle\ is the Automatic Slielvador 9. all the tiresome routine and drudgery of defrosting is completely taken care of there is nothing for you to do beyond periodical cleaning of the refrigerator interior to keep it siceet and hygienic.,

What happens is this. Once ever\ 24 hours at 3 a.in. the Iimer shuts oil the power operating the Sealed 1 nit and. at the same time, switches on high speed heating (dements attached to the evaporator. I liese fast heating elements quickly melt am ice and "snow which has accumulated, leaving all surfaces completely free of frost.

I he defrost water is collected in a tray and drained off to a container over the Sealed Unit. There the heat of the Sealed Unit, in turn, completely evaporates the defrost water there isn t even a tray or a dish for von to empty!

Crosley "Care-Free Automatic Defrosting operates so quickly that frozen foods even ice-cream have not time to start to thaw before tin* elements are shut off and power returned to the refrigerator.

To provide complete protection and to avoid any possible damage to frozen foods through thawing, two separate heating element thermostats are fitted— one limiting the heating temperature to a sai e SS F., and a second cutting off pow er at 90° T. in the event of the first thermostat getting out of order. As tint temperature of boiling water is 212 F. you will readily see that there is a wide margin of safety.

Controls: Automatic Shelvador 9.

Left—Automatic Defrosting Timer Control.

Kitfht—Cold Control. Rotate knob to setting required.


/' or use when ratling the Refrigerator Interior

Automatic defrosting, just described, is accomplished by heating elements attached to the top and bottom ol the Frozen Storage compartment. To avoid any risk of burns through coming in contact with hot metal when cleaning out the interior, the following defrost method is strictly to he followed:

Turn Cold Control to "Oil position.

I)o MOT turn I inter Control—leave alone.

Defrosting will then he accomplished as in a conventional refrigerator. \\ hen shelves, dishes and interior have been washed and wiped dry, and food replaced, set Cold Control to position 10 for about an hour to bring temperature down quicklv, and then adjust to your normal running position.

Hon to Defrost in event of I inter Control Fault

If a fault should develop in the Timer Unit, resulting in a heavy accumulation of frost, immediately notify Crosley Service and defrost as follows:


Remove Defrost Drain Tray and transfer the rubber plug from the drain hole, in one corner of the tray, to the short pipe adjacent.


Replace Defrost Drain Tray.

Remove contents of Meat lrav and replace in position. Meat Trav will collect defrost water.

Turn Cold Control to ’’OFF.*


After defrosting has been completed, and with Timer l nit operating, replace rubber plug in drain hole before starting up again on Automatic Defrosting.

II hat to do after Foieer Failure

1 akes some

After failure of power supply, ’’blackout** or any disconnection of power in the home, reset Tinier Control to correspond with time of day. TURN KNOB CLOCKWISE ONLY.

defrost ing

Resetting will ensure automatic

place at approximately 3 a.m. and not at inconvenient hour of the day or evening.

(Jeaning Hints

As defrost water absorbs food odours, once a week remove Defrost Drain Tray (immediately above Meat Tray) and wash thoroughly. Sec that Defrost Drain Tray is replaced correctly and pushed right back to ensure collecting all defrost water.

Similarly two or three times a year, pour not itiort* than out* pint of extremely hot (hut not boiling' water into the Defrost Drain Trav by means of a tunnel. I his will clean the Drain Tube and remove objectionable defrost water odours that may he present. (More than a pint of water may overfill the container above the Sealed l nit and spill on to the floor below the refrigerator.)

Hoiv to Defrost the


Frost or “snow** is caused hv moisture in the air and to some extent by moisture in the stored foods.

On this account too frequent opening of the door or leaving the door open, particularly when the humidity is high, should be avoided. Also avoid storing of warm uncovered foods allow them to attain room temperature and where possible store them covered.

Frost in itself is an insulator lowering the efficiency of the refrigerator and regular defrosting should he the rule for better refrigeration, freezing and economy.

Defrosting is recommended when not more than of frost covers the evaporator. This way, defrosting will he speedy and the contents of the Frozen Storage compartment (removed for the purpose of defrosting) will not have time to thaw.


/. Turn Cold Control to OFF position (at all other positions the evaporator temperature remains below 32 F. and defrosting cannot take place).

2.    Remove contents of Frozen Storage compartment.

3.    Remove contents of the Meat I ray.

4.    Replace Meat Tray under the Frozen Storage compartment to catch the drifts.


1. Remove ice-cubes from freezing trays. 2. Fill with warm water. 3. Replace in Frozen Storage compart meat.

Never use ice-pick or sharp instrument to chip ice ojj the evaporator.

The Croslcv Shelvador 9 brings to the Australian housewife an entirely new eoneept of what a domestic refrigerator should be. Australia's de luxe refrigerator. it incorporates practical features to make work in the kitchen easier and help economise and avoid food wastage.


For instance, "Care-Free** Automatic Defrosting exclusive to Croslcv is without doubt the greatest work-saving and timesaving advancement ever introduced to refrigerator users in Australia. Incorporated in the Croslev Automatic Shelvador, “Care-Free** defrosting works every night while you sleep completely, quickly and automatically, defrosting your Croslev even disposing of defrost water too without the need lor you to lift a Finger.


Crosley gives von a full-width Frozen Storage freezer, big enough to hold 40 pounds of food -packaged frozen foods, meats, fish, poultry, garden produce'. I sed according to instructions you can now “put down out-of-season foods, freeze leftovers for later use that would perhaps otherwise he wasted, store ice-cubes for a party, or keep bread oven-fresh over long week-ends.


Another thoughtful Crosley feature is the handy Meat Tray a chiller drawer providing "below-freezing“ storage for steaks, chops, cutlets, sausages, etc. Such small meats should he wrapped in moisture-proof cellophane or pliofilm to retain meat juices. Although not "frozen storage* the Meat Tray w ill keep wrapped meats safely for a week.


These are of plate glass -strong, easily cleaned and vastly more hygienic than wire and are certainly a better, more stable base for bottles, jars and howls.


Though capacious in size, these are yet light in weight, being of tough, strong plastic arranged to slide, drawer fashion, on smooth runners.


Five one-piece plastic recessed door shelves providing extra trout io\n storage. -No tumbling and stooping for the eggs and bottles and fruit and dairy produce there they are, right to liand for picking up.

9 cu. feet STORAGE SPACE

Crosley Shelvador gives you more food storage a full 9 cu. teet of the last word in labour saving convenience with twice as much food stored in front, in sight, in reach.



All steel, rigid lv welded and sealed to prevent entrance ot moist atmosphere. 9 cu. It. iood storage capacity.


Inert, heat-resistant, averaging over 3 [ ins. in thickness.


Exterior high-grade baked enamel over Oranodised, rust-protected steel.

Interior — food liner compartment finished in high-grade vitreous porcelain enamel. All screws and parts scientifically treated for corrosion protection.

Storage Capacity:

Frozen Storage— 1.2 cu. feet or 40 lbs. frozen food; nearly 3o sq. ft. shelf area.

Ice-cube Storage—four trays with total oi 52 ice-cubes.

Refrigeration Storage— Nearly 3 eu. feet comprising, with meat tray, nearly 10^ sq. feet shelf area.

Shelvador—five door shelves, or nearly 9i feet ol highly accessible, "front-row'’ storage space, comprising nearly 2^ sq. ft. of shelf area.


Plate-glass supported on strong, easily cleaned, non-corrosive polystyrene shelf-rails — and arranged to provide maximum storage for tall jars, bottles, etc., with unimpeded air circulation.

Storage Dishes:

Light weight, strong, inert, odourless polystyrene for hygienic preservation of food.

Meat Tray:

Full-width, two-compartment tray of polystyrene; serves as defrosting drip-tray in Non-automatie Shelvador 9.

Frozen Storage or Evaporator:

Occupies full width of refrigerator and has smooth finish interior. To prevent ‘’freezing-on oi packages, stack on grid provided, or on ice trays cover.

Controls — Automatic Shelvador 9 Left: Automatic Defrosting Timer Right: Cold Control, pages 8 & 9.

Seasonal Control Damper is simply adjusted, see page 8.

The Frozen holds 40

Storage compartment lbs. of frozen food

Generous shelf area — and plenty of room for tall bottles

And now — a handy Meat Tray for small fresh meats

Capacious Crisper dishes slide out like drawers

A plastic opal cover protects the interior light

Large ice trays — two of metal useful for ice cream; two 'pop-cube'' flexible plastic.

The handsome Crosley doorhandle which has roller latch mechanism for smooth action and long life

NtiA* 'A 4


* s............

_ ____

—,    . • r i cu l

The exclusive Crosley Shel-

vador doubles "front-row"


storage, puts the things you

#• .

want at your finger tips

Frozen Storage Door:

Single-piece, let-down door ot special, easily cleaned plastic. Arranged with self-closing spring to prevent possibility of damage when closing main refrigerator door.

Interior Light:

Specially located for effective lighting of interior and protected from damage bv opal polystyrene cover; operated by door switch.


Famous Crosley Sealed Unit — no belts and no oiling. See page 18.


Arcton 6—entirely safe in the home. Set* page 18.

Motor Protection:

Automatic thermal overload-switching device. See page 18.

Cold Control:

degree of

Thermostat automatically maintains refrigerator at coldness selected on dial. See page 8.

Seasonal Control Damper:

This regulates flow of cold air from evaporator to main refrigerator food compartment. See pages 8 and IS.

Timer Unit:

Operates Automatic Defrosting (Automatic Shelvador 9 only) comprises electric time clock switch. See pages 9 and 10.

Built-in Floor Levellers:

These are behind the removable front panel and are adjustable to compensate for any unevenness in the floor.

Ice-cube Trays:

Four trays in all — two metal trays generously proportioned for large size ice-cubes 14 per tray and arranged lor easy removal of cubes with special lifting lever. 1 he metal inserts are removable for using trays to contain ice (‘ream. Also two polyethylene "pop-out quick cube release trays inert, odourless, everlasting.

To remove metal ice tray when frozen to freezer shelf, use special tool as above; the polyethylene plastic trays which are also supplied do not freeze to the shelf.


the famous

The famous Crosley Electrosaver Sealed Unit may he described as the heart of the Crosley refrigerator. Without belts and hermetically sealed in its own oil hath, the unit provides quiet, trouble-free, long-life refrigeration with a generous reserve capacity to meet any temperature conditions. It is charged with A ret on 6 the safe, non-toxic, non-inflammable, odourless refrigerant. Normally operating for only a fraction of the time its running costs are low.

CROSLEY Sealed Unit

Protection of the Sealed Unit from overload is provided by an automatic switching device —or Relay—illustrated above.

The diagram below suggests how to arrange the storage of foods in your Crosley Shelvador 9 for best preservation and. therefore, economy.

Keep these few pointers in mind —

First for best storage, foods should be covered, lidded, wrapped or stored in tbe receptacles provided in order to retain their succulence and moisture.

Secondly effective air circulation over tbe shelves is necessary therefore do not overcrowd them.

Thirdly — foods with strong characteristic odours (cheeses, pineapples, melons, etc.) should be wrapped in greaseproof paper or stored in individual covered containers to prevent tainting other foods.

Fourthly remove brown paper wrappings from food parcels as it not onl\ acts as an insulator preventing chilling, but often gives rise to objectionable odours.

If you require to store roasts, etc., for more than a few days, wrap in moisture-proof cellophane, seal with scotch tape and place in Frozen Storage compartment. See Hints on Quick Freezing.

1    Frozen foods, ice cubes and ice cream

2    Small fresh meats

3    Milk, preserves and tall bottled goods

4    Large fresh meats— roasts, poultry, etc.

5    Canned foods, etc.

6    Cold Meats

7    Lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

8    Eggs

9    Eggs or fruit

10    Butter, cheese, etc.

11    Bottles, drinks

12 Bottled drinks or canned foods.

The Frozen Food compartment ot your Crosley Shelvador 9 is designed primarily for the storage of packaged frozen foods. However, provided vou do not attempt to last lreeze too much at the one time, it will quick freeze fruits, vegetables, meats, cooked dishes, leftovers, etc.

Capacity of Freezer

The capacity of the Food Storage compartment is 40 lbs. of frozen foods. However, do not he too ambitious. The Frozen Storage compartment is cssentia 1 ly a convenience provided 1 or safe storage of purchased frozen foods and any attempt to use it for large scale quick freezing will result in your refrigerator being too cold for ordinary food storage. Therefore—

Do not attempt to quick freeze 40 lbs. of food all at the one time.

The maximum quick freezing capacity at any one time is 5 lbs. of meats, fruits, vegetables or prepared foods in every 24 hours.

It is a good plan to pre-chill foods to be quick frozen by storing them for a time in the refrigerator to bring the temperature down.

For faster quick freezing re-arrange any foods in the freezer compartment so that new foods to be quick frozen can be placed directly on the shelf.

Always allow small spaces between packages for cold air circulation.

Always choose fresh food of good quality for quick freezing.

Frozen Food Storage l imes

Properly packaged and sealed, most foods store well in the freezer so long as they are never permitted to thaw. Re-freezing under such conditions is not successful in retaining flavour or nutrition and may he deleterious.

Provided the freezer is in continuous operation foods may he stored for the following periods—

★    Fruits, vegetables, beef, veal and lamb, 9 months or more.

★    Most other foods, 6 months.

★    Salmon, pork sausage, liver and other animal organs, etc., 6 weeks.

★    Cooked left-overs, about 10 days.


1.    Packaging and Sealing Foods to he quick frozen must be packaged and sealed from contact with the air to prevent escape of food moisture content and to prevent “freezer burn” which damages food colour, flavour and nutriment.

2.    Use special moisture proof cellophane or, better still, tough pliofilm sheets for wrapping meats, poultry, cakes, etc. Press to exclude as much air as possible. A hot iron will seal the ends of the cellophane (hut not pliofilm) or use scotch tape to seal.

3.    Cellophane or pliofilm hags are very handy, especially for stews, etc., peas, and other vegetables.

4.    Waxed cartons, jars, etc., are handy for fruits, fruit juice», soups, left-over foods. Seal lids.

3. Label and date all packages for easy identification.


VEGETABLES — These should he fully ripe and washed to remove sand and dirt.

Lettuce, celerv, cucumbers and tomatoes do not take kindly to quick freezing.

Pumpkin, squash, beetroot and potatoes should he cooked beforehand.

All other vegetables must he blanched in boiling water or steam before quick freezing, allowing an average of two minutes except for corn on the cob 7 minutes, and asparagus and mushrooms about 3 to 4 minutes.

All vegetables, except corn on the cob. are cooked by immersing them in boiling water ichilst still frozen. Lorn on the cob must be thawed first.

FRUITS - All fruits should be washed, stemmed, stoned, peeler! or pitted according to variety, and over-ripe fruit discarded. Quick freezing is applicable to raw, stewed or baked fruit or fresh fruit in a 40-50*% syrup.

Bananas will not quick freeze and should be omitted from any fruit salad intended for the freezer.

MEATS \\ ith the exception of sausage which contains salt, all meats cooked or uncooked keep well in the freezer. Beyond wrapping well and sealing, to retain moisture and flavour, no special treatment is necessary.

Cooking may be done while still frozen or by allowing to thaw first. If cooked while still frozen, cook slowly and for half as long again.

Do not re-freeze meats which have been thawed out.

To serve pre-cooked frozen meats allow to thaw first, then re-heat and serve.

FISH Select perfectly fresh fish only, clean thoroughly and freeze whole or cut into fillets. Dip whole fish in salted water, then wrap and seal; small whole fish may be separated by layers of cellophane, then wrapped as one parcel.

OYSTERS Take out of shell, seal in waxed cartons or bags.

PRAWISS —■ Shell, and seal in waxed cartons.

LOBSTERS Wrap in pliofilm or in a cardboard box or fill cellophane bag with lobster meat, and seal.

Sea foods should be thawed out before cooking.

POULTRY — Select good quality and have properly drawn and dressed — whether boiler, fryer or roaster — and season ready for cooking. Wrap in pliofilm, excluding as much air as possible, and seal.

Thaw in the package before cooking.


The recipes in the following pages, covering a wide variety of dishes, may he described as a skimming from the cream of good recipes.

Within the limitations of the space available, the object in mind has been to provide a well-chosen selection of unusual character and merit, with the view to providing popular suggestions for everyday use.

In all cases the recipes arc successful recipes, kitchen tested and proved in every way as ideal for Australian cookery practice.

We feel sure they will he useful, contributing not only to your cookery repertoire, but to the better enjoyment of your Crosley Shelvador 9.


Dee Cream

Iced Melon illustrated on this page.

1 ripe melon, canteloupe, rock melon, honeydew or pawpaw, assorted summer fruits . . . ice cream

To make—1. Cut tlie melon into the number of sections required, remove the seeds. Make cuts in the pulp, right down to the skin.

2.    Put an assortment of fresh fruit on each segment, sprinkle with sugar, and sherry if desired, and chill.

3.    Serve iced with ice cream.

Date Nut Ice Cream

16 Marshmallows (i lb.)

1 cupful milk % cup chopped nuts

A cup chopped dates Pinch salt

$ teaspoon vanilla essence 1 cup (i pint) whipping cream

To make—1. Heat marshmallows with milk in the top of a double boiler until melted.

2.    Remove from heat and add nuts, dates, salt and vanilla, and stir until the dates are fairly well dissolved.

3.    Cook until slightly stiffened, then fold in the whipped cream, and pour into refrigerator tray to freeze and ripen for several hours.

4.    It is not necessary to stir the mixture while freezing, unless the nuts show signs of settling to the bottom.

Hollywood ice Cream

1    rounded teaspoon gelatine dissolved in i cup boiling water

A pint cold milk

2    teaspoons vanilla 1 teaspoon vinegar

\ pint boiling milk \ tin condensed milk Pinch salt 1 tablespoon sugar 3 rounded tablespoons powdered milk

To make— 1. Pour condensed milk, salt and sugar into boiling milk. .X'i itli a rotary beater whisk well for a few minutes. 2. Add the powdered milk and continue heating for at least live minutes. This beating is most necessary as it gives the fine texture to the mixture. 3. Now add the cold milk and thoroughly dissolved gelatine, whisk well, then lastly add vanilla. 4. Place into trays and set till hard, approximately 2 to 3 hours. 5. Remove from trays and allow to thaw a little. \\ hi 1st mixture is still firm start to heat for about 15 minutes, or till it is thick and fluffy, adding vinegar gradually. 6. Replace in trays and freeze.

Burnt Almond ice Cream

To above recipe use brown sugar in place of crystal sugar. Add 2 ozs. almonds which have been well browned in butter or oil. These are added before the final freezing, and will give a particularly delicious flavour to the ice cream.

Junket ice Cream

1 pint milk    2 teaspoon? vanilla

% cup sugar    1 gill cream

li junket tablet*    1 good pinch salt

To make — 1. Make junket. When cold and firm add the slightly whipped cream and salt. 2. ^ hip all well together.

3.    Pour into freezing tray and freeze slightly. 4. W hip and freeze again.

Butterscotch Sauce

1 beaten egg yolk    % cup brown sugar

1 cup butter    V3 cup light corn

1 cup water    syrup or glucose

To make—1. Combine all ingredients and mix well. 2. Cook in saucepan until thick, stirring frequently. 3. Peat before using.

4.    Serve bot on ice cream.

Caramel Sauce

1 cup brown sugar    1 good teaspoon condensed milk

i cup water    1 teaspoon vanilla

To make—1. Boil sugar and water for 10 minutes. 2. Add condensed milk and vanilla. 3. Beat gently with a wooden spoon till sauce thickens. 4. Serve either hot or co Id.

Chocolate Sauce

1^ cups milk    1 rounded dessertspoon cornflour

1 cup crystal sugar    2 rounded tablespoons cocoa

A tablespoon butter    1 teaspoon vanilla, pinch of salt

To make—Ileat milk, blend cocoa, cornflour and butter and cook gently. Add sugar, vanilla and salt. Cook and stir until thickened.

YkirA t Quencher A

American Santbcc

Fruit Salad    1.

Ire Cream

Red Currant Jelly illustrated on this page.

Thoroughly freeze all Croslev Refrigerator menciug.

ingredients in before eotn-

2.    Fill tall glasses with alternate layers of ingredients.

3.    Top with iee cream and garnish with maraschino cherries and mint leaves.

1. Mix all together and eh ill in Croslev Refrigerator for at least half an hour, iced fruit cubes will add a touch of colour to the punch. These are made from a sliee of lemon, orange, or other fresh fruit, put into the ice trays with water and frozen in the usual way.

howl, add ingredients, then add soda

Spiced Lemonade



Combine sugar, syrup and spices.


cup sugar syrup

cook 5 minutes.


3” stick of cinnamon 1


Strain, add juice of lemons and


lemons >



quart water V


Chill thoroughly. Add ice cubes to


! whole cloves

each glass when serving.


Makes six glasses.

Two-tone Fruit Drinks

Fill tall glasses with crushed ice. then fill to top with two fruit juices poured simultaneously one each side of the glass (have juices well chilled). Serve with long spoon before juices blend. Favourite combinations are unsweetened pineapple juice and grape juice: pineapple and red cherry juice (canned).

Southern Mint Julep

Dash of rum Fresh fruit slices

2    teaspoons sugar Mint leaves

3    ozs. brandy

1.    Put sugar in tall glass.

2.    Add enough water to dissolve sugar.

3.    Add small pieces of mint leaves and crush.

4.    Add cracked ice and brandy and stir thoroughly.

5.    Add more mint leaves and sprinkle with sugar.

6.    Add rum and fill glass with cold water.

7.    Garnish with sprig of mint leaves and fruit slices.

Serves one.

Waltzing Matilda

1 portion of gin, 2 portions dry white wine (Chahlis or Hock), 1 portion mixed fruit juices, ^ Orange Curacao. Mix together and chill. Lastly, add soda or ginger ale to taste.

Pink Lady

Mix ingredients in a sliak er. Shake 23 times and strain before serving.

Serves six.

1 2 ozs. gin

6 tablespoons Grenadine 6 egg whites Cracked ice

Iced Coffee

Prepare strong coffee. Half fill glasses with medium crushed ice, pour in coffee and add sugar and cream as desired.

iced Asparagus Soup illustrated on this page.

1    large bunch    asparagus

3^ pints stock 1    cup    white    wine

1    oz.    butter

1    oz.    flour

To make

]. Cut heads from asparagus. Boil in a little salted water, set aside. Put remainder of bunch into boiling water for 3 minutes, then drain.

2.    Melt butter in a large saucepan. \dd flour and stir until smooth.

3.    Add blanched asparagus and stir 5 minutes. Pour in stock and wine.

4.    Simmer until asparagus is tender. Rub through sieve. Return to saucepan; boil 20 minutes.

5.    Pour soup into tourcen over the asparagus tops, and freeze in Crosley Refrigerator.

6.    Serve very cold with grated cheese and parsley on top.

Ox-Tail Soup

Salt and pepper

1    turnip

2    onions

2 sticks celery

1 ox tail 3 qU. water 1 earrot

2    ozs. clarified fat

3    o/s. flour Pinch herbs

To make—Wash tail, joint it and remove fat. L hen blanch. Dip each piece of tail into mixture of 1 tablespoon Hour with a little salt and pepper. Heat fat and try tail till brown; pour the water over and bring to the boil. Add vegetables, peeled and cut up roughly and the herbs, then simmer 3 to 4 hours. Strain off liquor and return to saucepan. Blend remainder of Hour with a little cold water; when the stock boils stir this in, cook 3 minutes, season if necessary, add claret and serve. Small joints ot tail may he added to soup and large joints tor making haricot.

Dam Far Tong (poke, pea and egg soup)

$ lb. lean pork or beef k cup shelled green peas K lb. tomatoes 2 eggs

1 £ pints stock or water 1 dessertspoon oil or fat

To make —

1.    M ince the meat finely and try in the oil made smoking hot.

2.    Stir and when the mince falls easilv apart, add stock and peas.

3.    Boil slowly for 10 minutes, then add tomatoes cut into small chunks.

4.    Bring to boil again and continue boiling for about \ minute.

5.    Beat eggs lightly, add to soup, and stir well.

6.    Add salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with finely chopped spring onions before serving.

Soup Julienne

To make —

2 small carrots 2 small turnips \ head of cabbage 1 stalk celery k teaspoon salt 1 sliced onion 1 tablespoon butter 4 cups soup stock


Wash and cu


into narrow



carrots, turnips,

cabbage and



Cover with co


water. Add salt. B:


to a boil.


Reduce heat.


lover and simmer until

vegetables are



Saute onion in

butter in an



until soft hut

not browned.

5. Add stock and cooked vegetables, from which water has been drained. Bring to a boil and serve hot.

Serves four.

£za 'Jocd'i

Bream in A.spie—illustrated on this page.

1 bream    Cucumber, lettuce and parsley

Aspic jelly    Savoury butter

To make - - 1. Clean the bream leaving it whole, and wrap it in greaseproof paper. 2. Steam it until cooked, allowing 20 minutes to each l lb. in weight of the fish. 3. Set aside to become cold, and then coat with some aspic jelly that is nearly setting. 4. Garnish with thin slices of cucumber and small sp rigs of parsley, and pipe with savoury hutter (made by blending butter and seasoning). 5. Serve on a bed of lettuce or endive, with cucumber cones. Add strips of red and green capsicums.

Oysters Casino

3 dozen oysters h cup minced green pepper h cup minced bacon 1 tablespoon lemon juice Pepper

To make—

Drain oysters. Pick out shell fragments and arrange on a greased oven-proof platter. Sprinkle with green pepper, bacon, lemon juice and pepper. Bake in a hot oven (450°F.) about 10 minutes. Serves six.

2 lbs. fish Vinegar

Cloves, peppercorns Cayenne pepper

A blade of mace Finely chopped onion 1 teaspoon mixed spice £ teaspoon salt

To make — Roll fillets of fish into turbans. Barely cover with vinegar, add spices, and bake in a moderate oven for i to | of an hour.

Curried Prawns

1 S teaspoons curry powder

Chutney sauce Pressure cooked rice or spaghetti

Heated potato chips

1    lb. prawns    $ teaspoon salt

2    tablespoons margarine & teaspoon pepper

i cup chopped spring    1 cup milk

onions    1 teaspoon lemon

2h tablespoons flour    juice

To make—1. Wash and pressure cook the prawns for 2y minutes. 2. Make the curry sauce. Melt fat. Add the onion and curry powder, and fry 1 minute. Then stir in flour and seasonings. Gradually add the milk and liquid drained from around the prawns. Add lemon juice and the prawns. Heat. 3. Pile rice, or spaghetti, in centre of the platter, then arrange prawns.

Fish Cahes

S lb. cooked fish h lb. mashed potatoes 1 egg



Soused Fish

1 teaspoon chopped parsley 1 teaspoon anchovy essence Cayenne, salt and lemon juice to taste

To make — Chop the fish, removing all hones, and mix with mashed potatoes, seasoning and flavouring, and make into cakes. Coat with egg and breadcrumbs and deep-fry. Drain on crumpled paper. Garnish with lemon and parsley. Note—If the mixture is too dry it may he moistened with a little white sauce, milk, or egg.

Request Fish-Pie

6 oz. fish    A little grated lemon rind

1 teaspoon parsley    2 tablespoons white sauce

1 hard-boiled egg    Pepper and salt

6 oz. flaky or rough puff pastry    Anchovy essence

To make — Prepare and cut the fish into small pieces and mix all the ingredients together. Roll the pastry into a square; trim it, lay the mixture in the centre. Brush the edges with beaten egg and fold the corners of the pastry to the centre. Brush with egg, decorate with leaves made with the trimmings of pastrv, and place on an oven-tray. Bake in a hot oven about 30 minutes. Note- —Oysters, prawns, etc., or cooked fish may he added.


ElodSt Duck—illustrated on this page.

For 4 persons. Pluck, singe, and draw like a chicken. Cut oil the first hone of the wing. Leave on the legs and feet but scald and peel. Fill hodv with stuffing. Push the feet towards the sides and under the back of the bird. Turn over and skewer the “apron” under the tail. Press legs and wings close to the body, then thrust a skewer through the body from the right wing to the left wing, and another from the right thigh to the left thigh. The bird when trussed should show none ol the joints as in fowl. Sprinkle with pepper and salt, and cover with a buttered paper or you can use fat bacon, or salt pork —before roasting. Bake on a trivet in a quick oven from 1-1T hours according to size. Allow 20-25 minutes to the pound when roasting a full grown duck.

NOTE : The duck may he stuffed with apples, or apples and prunes, or apples with rings of orange.


Roast Fowl—

Grilled bacon broten gravy bread sauce

Roast Duck or Goose

Brown gravy apple or

gooseberry sauce

Roiled Fowl—

Parsley sauce boiled bacon or pickled pork

Roast Turkey—

Baked sausages brown gravy bread sauce

Southern Frietl thicken

i cup fat

1 small sliced onion £ cup boiling water 1 chopped hard cooked egg 1 tablespoon minced parsley

1 2.1 lb. chicken cut into sections A lemon A teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper 3 tablespoons Hour

To make 1. Kill) the sectioned chicken with lemon. Then rub in salt, pepper and flour mixed. 2. Melt the lat and brown slowly. Add the onion in the last few minutes of frying. 3. Pour oil excess fat if the browning has been done in the cooker. \dd ~ cup boiling water and put the chicken on the rack in the cooker. Pressure 20 minutes. 4. Make a gravy from the liquid in tlie cooker, and garnish with hard cooked egg and minced pa rslev.

Chicken en Casserole

Piece lemon peel A blade mace A pint stock Flour, pepper, salt

1    chicken

2    oz. bacon 1 onion Hunch herbs

To make — Cut bacon and onion into dice. Cut chicken into neat joints and dip into flour, pepper and salt. Fry bacon with onion. Lift out and place in a casserole. Fry chicken until brown, place in casserole with stock and herbs.

Simmer gently on top of stove (use an asbestos) or in oven, | to H hours according to age of fowl. Remove lemon and other flavouring. Serve in the casserole.

The frying of chicken may he omitted. Add 2 oz. rice and a little more stock, or mushrooms may he added.

Chicken ci la Maryland

Prepare chicken as for southern style fried chicken, i.c., wipe with cold damp cloth. Disjoint each bird into four or six pieces, dip each piece in cold water, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and roll in flour. Dip in well beaten egg. diluted with a little water. Roll in cracker or breadcrumbs. Put in greased baking pan, dot heavily with butter, or cover with slices of bacon. Bake in hot oven 450°F. for 30 minutes, hasting often. If bacon is used, remove last ten minutes of cooking. Serve hot with white sauce. Allow £ lb. chicken per serving.

Seiisoniny for Fowls, Turkeys, etc.

4 tablespoons breadcrumbs 1 tablespoon minced suet or 1 oz. butter

1 tablespoon chopped parsley 1 teaspoon chopped herbs, marjoram, thyme, etc.

1 teaspoon salt

A teaspoon grated lemon rind f teaspoon pepper 1

Grate of nutmeg

To make — Mix dry ingredients. Add the egg, well beaten. Mix ail well together. For a turkey, add j lb. sausage meat to the seasoning and a little chopped bam or bacon.

Crown Roast

12 ribs in 1 or 2 sections    Salt, pepper

(lamb or mutton)    1 cup water

1 chopped onion    2 tablespoons fat

To make 1. Prepare a crown roast by cutting chops so that they are partially separated. Trim as lor cutlets, and after removing excess fat, mince the trimming, add onion, salt and pepper. Form a crown with the outside ot the ribs to the centre, l ie in position. Place seasoned trimming in crown of roast and tie a strip of salt pork around each rib. Brown well in fat, then pour oil excess fat.

2.    Add £ cup hot water to the cooker, and pressure 12-15 minutes to the pound.

3.    Remove the salt pork and attach paper frills to the ends of the ribs or potato balls.

k Serve with gravy made from dripping, potato halls dressed with parsley butter and green peas. Tomato halls may he put in the centre of the crown.


Cutlets Chasseur

4 lamb cutlets    1 egg

Ham or anchovy paste    3 tablespoons breadcrumbs

Frying fat

To make — 1. Trim the cutlets and cut a pocket in each cutlet.

2. Spread inside with ham paste. 3. Add egg and breadcrumbs and shallow frv for 7 minutes. 4. Serve cutlets over a mound oi creamed potatoes.

Savoury Kidneys

3 sheep’s kidneys 1 dessertspoon fat 2-3 tablespoons stock 1 teaspoon parsley

A little chopped shallot 1 teaspoon flour (heaped) Buttered toast Pepper and salt

To make — Remove fat and skin from kidneys, chop them finelv; heat the fat and fry the shallot, add the kidneys and cook for 5 minutes; add the flour blended with the stock. Cook 3 minutes longer. Serve on buttered toast and sprinkle with the parsley.

Devilled Kidneys

Prepare kidneys as for grilling, washing and removing skins and cutting. Mix a little mustard, cayenne and salt together, and spread on the kidneys. Let them stand 15 minutes, then grill and serve on croutons of toasted or fried bread.


1 onion Blade of m ace 4 cloves Pepper and salt

Shin of beef Ham bone 12 peppercorns Pinch herbs

To make — Put shin and ham hone on to boil with sufficient water to cover, season; add flavourings and cook gently till the meat becomes quite tender and gristle soft, about 4 hours.

To Boil Dice for Curry

Wash rice in several waters until it runs clear. Boil in plenty of rapidlv boiling water; add 1 dessertspoon salt and a few drops of lemon juice to every quart water. Boil quickly with the lid off until tender, 12-15 minutes. Remove scum as it rises, stir occasionally. Strain in a colander, rinse well with hot water to separate the grain. Spread on a hot plate and dry in a cool oven.


Honey Plum Pudding

lb. honey


o/.s. breadcrumbs

1 saltspoon all spice


11). butter



lb. mixed peel

1 saltspoon ground




lb. raisins



ozs. Hour



lb. sultanas

1 saltspoon


teaspoon baking


\ o/.s. finely chopped




Mi cup milk


teaspoon salt


grated nutmeg

To make 1. Beat blitter and honey to a cream.

2.    Add eggs one at a time.

3.    Add sifted flour, baking powder and salt, and then add remainder of ingredients.

4.    Steam 7 hours in a mould, or place in 2 moulds and steam each 4 hours.

Baked Apricot Pudding

12 large apricots i pint breadcrumbs ^ oiks of 4 eggs 1 pint milk 3 ozs. pounded sugar 1 gla sherry

1.    Make the milk boiling hot. and pour it on the breadcrumbs.

2.    \\ hen halt cold, add the sugar, the well-whisked volks of the eggs and the sherry.

3.    Divide the apricots in half, scald them until they are soft, and break them up with a spoon, adding a lew ot the kernels, which should he well pounded in a mortar.

4.    Then mix the fruit and other ingredients together, put a border of paste around the dish, fill with the mixture, and hake the pudding from half to three-quarters of an hour.

Sufficient for four to five persons.

Sherried Apple Fritters

3    apples 1

I dessertspoon sugar \ cup sherry

4    o/.s. (lour

1 gill warm water Pinch of salt

1.    Pare the apples, core and slice into rounds.

2.    Place in a casserole dish pour over the sherry and sprinkle with sugar. Cover with a tightly fitting lid. Stand for i hour.

3. Sift the flour and salt. Make a well in the centre and add the egg yolk and warm water. Stir in the flour gradually, heating well. Fold in the stif11\ beaten egg white.

\dd the drained prepared apples. Deep fry a golden brown in fuming fat. Drain on white kitchen paper and serve hot.

Queen Pudding

Flavouring 1 dessertspoon jam 1 dessertspoon castor sugar for the meringue

1 gill milk h oz. breadcrumbs 1

£ teaspoon sugar

To make — Heat milk and pour it over the breadcrumbs. Separate white from yolk of egg. heating yolk with i teaspoon of sugar. Add to breadcrumbs, etc. Pour into a buttered piedish and hake as for Milk Puddings. Spread with jam. Whip white of egg until stiff. Add 1 teaspoon of the castor sugar and heat until stiff. Fold in the remainder. Pile on top of the pudding. Return to a slow oven until set and a pale fawn colour.

Chocolate Soldier Pieillustrated on this page.

1. I ill tart plate with chocolate filling to which has been added the raisins.

1    9" Tart Plate

[ packet Mellah or Chocolate Plane Mange

A cup raisins

2. Pile meringue on top roughly and place in oven to lightly brown.


4 tablesp. sugar Heat egg whites until stifT and gradually add

2    egg whites sugar and heat until smooth.

Banana Flamhers en Casserole

Peel and quarter 6 sugar or yellow bananas, not quite ripe, sprinkle with lime or lemon juice, and brown lightly in hot butter or oil. Salt to taste. Make a syrup of one cup any sweet red wine except port, 1 cup brown sugar, A teaspoon each nutmeg and cinnamon, \ teaspoon powdered clove, and 1} teaspoons grated orange rind. Put the bananas in a buttered casserole, pour over them the spice syrup, and cover with a layer £ inch thick of crushed macaroons and very finely chopped almonds. Brown in a moderate oven and just before serving, add cup dark rum. Ignite the rum and serve flaming. This sweet can he served chilled also.

Toffee Souffles

£ pint milk 1 oz. almonds

1    egg yolk

2    egg whites

£ oz. gelatine


£ lb. brown sugar 1 tablespoon hot water 3 ozs. butter £ oz. flour

To make— 1. Blanch the almonds, chop, and then hake gently till golden. 2. Melt 2 ozs. of tlie butter in a saucepan, add the hot water and the sugar. 3. Dissolve slowly and hoil the syrup for a few minutes, then leave to get cool.

4.    Melt 11 ie remaining ounce ot butter in another saucepan, stir in the flour and. when it is blended, add the milk and bring to the boil. Boil the sauce gently for a few minutes, then draw the pan aside and let the sauce cool for a minute. Stir in the beaten egg volk. Cook it again without letting it boil, then take it off the heat and stir in the toffee mixture by degrees. Dissolve the gelatine in one or two tablespoons ot water.

5.    Strain it into the mixture and add half of the baked almonds.

6.    \\ hen it is beginning to set. fold in the stiffly whisked egg whites, then turn into small souffle cases. 7. Serve toffee souffle with the remainder of the nuts sprinkled on top.

Chocolate Nut Custards

cups milk

squares of chocolate


1.    Beat eggs and add melted chocolate, mi lk. sugar, vanilla and nuts.

2.    Pour into greased moulds and place on rack in cooker with \ cup water and pressure for 3 minutes.

If serving cold, place in Crosley Refrigerator for half hour.

cup sugar

teaspoon vanilla essence cup chopped nuts


/fia vsh tu allo w Crea in

Lemon essence Vanilla

2 level tablespoons cocoa Almonds

2 level dessertspoons gelatine 2 tablespoons sugar A pint hot water Whites of 4 eggs

To make -1. Dissolve gelatine and sugar in hot water.

2.    Beat egg whites and add to the mixture, a few spoonsful at a time, heating all the time.

3.    Divide quickly into three equal parts.

4.    Flavour first with lemon, and colour lemon.

5.    To second layer add vanilla and colour pink.

6.    To third add chocolate and vanilla. Sot in layers in mould Garnish with almonds.

Alasha Birthday Cahe

1 slab cake    1. Cut cake in halves, fill with ice cream.

2 slabs ice cream    2. Cover with meringue.

Meringue    3. Secure 21 candles, serve immediately.


Cartwheel Salad illustrated on this page.

Make some good potato salad and place it in the middle of a flat dish. Cut some cold cooked sausages in half lengthwise, and arrange the pieces on top of the potatoes to form the spokes oi the "wheel, then put a halved tomato or hard-hoiled egg in the centre to form the huh. I se colourful grated vegetables in between the sausages. Arrange green salad, such as lettuce or endive, small onions and watercress, around the edge of the dish. Garnish with prunes stuffed with cream cheese.

Apple and Celery Salad

Eating Apples, Celery, Walnuts, Lettuce, Mayonnaise.

To make — Cut equal quantities of apple and celery into dice and place in howl. Add some chopped walnuts and sufficient mayonnaise to hind ingredients. Serve on lettuce, garnished with curled celery and yolk of hard-boiled egg rubbed through a sieve or strainer.

Avocado Sweet

packet of lemon jelly

1. Make jelly accorditi

g to directions


on package.


2. Set in Crosley Ref

rigerator until


the jellv is a thick let it set until jinn.

syrup. Do not

Peel grapefruit and orange and remove

all the white

membrane and cut

away fibres.

Separate fruit into

neat sections.









Cut avocados in halt lengthwise and remove seeds.

Squeeze a little grapefruit and lemon juice over the surface (this will keep avocados green).

7. Fill cavities alternately with sections ol grapefruit and orange, and spoon svrupv jelly over the citrus filling and outer rims of avocados.


Chill until jellv is firm. Serve with lettuce and french dressing, and garnish with cream-cheese.

Cabbage and Cucumber Pickle Salatl

2 cups shredded cabbage    h cup chopped fresh cucumber

h cup chopped green pepper    pickle

1 tablespoon finely chopped onion \ teaspoon sail 1 teaspoon sugar    4 tablespoons mayonnaise

To make Combine and mix thoroughly. Serve in cups ol lettuce and arrange on a salad platter or on individual salad plates. Garnish with mayonnaise. Serves six.

Cream Dressing

1 gill cream    1 teaspoon castor sugar

1 \ teaspoons Worcester sauce    Salt and pepper

teaspoon lemon juice

To make Mix all ingredients together until the consistency required, being careful not to make it too thick.

Mayonnaise Dressing

2 yolks of eggs    About I gill olive oil

Pepper and salt    1-2 tablespoons vinegar

A little mustard

To make — Put the yolks and seasoning into a basin and stir in the oil drop bv drop. W hen thick and smooth, stir in the vinegar.

Strawberry Jellied Tartlets illustrated on this page.



1 box strawberries A pkt. jelly (red)

12 Biscuit Pastry Cases

Arrange strawberries in pastry cases.

Pour over the partly set jelly. Place in Crosley    Reft •iterator;    serve


Kiseuit Pastry


ozs. plain flour

\ 1.

Cream butter and sugar and egg

teaspoon Baking Powder




ozs. butter

f 2.

Add water.


ozs. sugar

( 3

Fold in silted flour and baking


egg yolk




dessertspoon water

/ 4.

Roll out as required.


Hake in a moderate


12-15 minutes.

S h o rtc r ust Pa sir if

\ 11). self raising flour 3 ozs. cooking fat or margarine Pinch of salt \\ a ter to mix

2 o/.s. grated cheese (optional)

Sieve the flour and salt, rub in the fat until of a consistency of fine breadcrumbs. \t this stage the prated cheese may he added if it can he spared. Mix to a stiff paste with the water, divide and roll out as required for the followin'; savouries.

Moon Savouries

Roll out the pastry ^ inch thick, cut out circles with a 2 inch diameter cutter, fill the centre of the pastry with one of the following mixtures:

Sieved, cooked kipper and white sauce


Corned beef mashed with a little mayonnaise


Anchovies, sardines or pilchards mashed with mayonnaise

Moisten the edges of the pastry, fold over, flake, and brush with reconstituted egg and bake in a hot oven 400 F. 15 to 20 minutes.

Situsage Rolls

Roll the pastry y. inch thick, trim the edges, cut into strips 1J inches wide. Roll the sausage meat the same width and 1 inch thick. Moisten the edges of the pastry with water and roll over, flake up the long edge, brush with egg and cut into 1 inch rolls. Leave the ends open. Bake in hot oven 100 F. about 15 to 20 minutes.

Pastry Patties

Boll out the pastry y{ inch thick, line several small patty tins, prick the bottoms and hake blind in a hot oven 400 F. about 10 minutes. W hen quite cold, fill with one of these savoury fillings:

Peas and mayonnaise or prawns covered with aspic jelly Tomato and chutney or fried mushrooms and bacon or (’hopped gherkins, nuts and mayonnaise

Chtnnpiiyne Pastry

Suitable for chiffon pies, small tartlets or plain biscuits.

2 tables]), self raising flour    I tables]), butter

2 tables]), cornflour    5 oik of 1 egg

2 tables]), sugar    1 tables]), milk

Vanilla essence

To make—1. Cream butter and sugar. 2. Add egg yolk and milk. 3. Lastly fold in dry ingredients. 4. Knead slightly, store in Croslcv Refrigerator until required.

V scones & cookies

Luscious ijcmou Spouye

with Strawberry Garnish illustrated on this page.











cup plain (lour

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon grated lemon rind I 1» tablespoons lemon juice

level teaspoons baking powder level teaspoon salt

Sift flour, bal ving powder and salt three or four times. Separate egg yolks and whites.

Beat egg yolks and lemon rind until thick and creamy and heat in lemon juice.

\\ hisk egg whites to a stiff froth, hut not dry. Gradually whisk in the sugar.

\\ hen quite smooth and creamy mix in thoroughly the beaten egg yolks.

Gradually fold in with an upward and over movement, the sifted flour (do not stir).

Grease two sponge sandwich tins—a 6 inch and an 8 inch may he used, or two 7 inch, and dust with equal quantity of flour and icing sugar.

8.    Pour batter into tins. Bake in a moderate oven (350°F.) for 20 to 25 minutes. Fill when cold with mock cream.

9.    Pipe mock cream round edge of top. Fill centre with lemon butter. Garnish with strawberries.


Cream 1 oz. butter with 1 oz. sugar. Blend 3 level tablespoons cornflour with £ cup milk. Heat 1 cup milk, stir in blended cornflour and cook, stirring until thick. Cool and combine with creamed butter and sugar, beating well.


Combine 3 ozs. sugar, i cup lemon juice, 1 level teaspoon grated lemon rind, I oz. butter, 1 egg yolk. Cook over boiling water to the consistency of honey, stirring occasionally.

Banana Cake with Cloudy C aramel Icing

\ lb. butter or shortening 4 ozs. sugar 6 ozs. self raising flour 2 eggs

3 small bananas 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 level teaspoon baking powder 1 tablespoon milk

To make — 1. Mash bananas with a fork.

2.    Cream butter and sugar.

3.    Add unbeaten eggs one at a time and heat well.

4.    Add b ananas and mix.

5.    Dissolve vanilla and soda in milk.

6.    Add about half silted flour and mix in lightly.

7.    Add mi lk and mix in gently.

8.    Add remaining sifted flour and mix in lightly.

9.    Bake in a greased and floured ring tin in moderate oven about 25 minutes.

10.    \\ lien cold, join with whipped or mock cream and cover with cloudy caramel icing.

2 cups brown sugar    1. Place brown sugar, butter and

1 tablespoon butter (2 ozs.)    mi Ik in saucepan.

- cup milk    9. Heat until boiling, stirring verv


3.    Boil 5 minutes without stirring.

4.    Remove from heat and heat until thick enough to spread.

5.    Cover cake quickly.


Butterscotch Curls


A cup milk (approx.)

1 tablespoon butter (softened) A cup brown sugar

2 cups M*lf raising flour 1 teaspoon butter 1 dessertspoon sugar (»ood pinch salt

1.    Sift flour and salt into basin.

2.    Hub in teaspoon butter.

3.    Add sugar.

4.    Beat egg.

5.    Add egg and enough milk to make a fairly solt dough.

6.    Turn on to floured table.

7.    Roll out about thick.

8.    Spread with the softened butter.

9.    Sprinkle with brown sugar.

10.    Roll up like Swiss Roll.

11.    Cut in slices about §" thick.

12.    Stand each piece in deep well-greased patty tins.

13.    Glaze with milk.

14.    Bake in hot oven 500 about 10-15 minutes.

Serve hot with butter.

Pumpkin Scones




cups self raising flour teaspoon salt oz. shortening cup mashed pumpkin NOTE—For a Plain Pumpki

A cup currants 2 ozs. castor sugar 1 egg well beaten i cup milk

Scone, omit the currants.

1.    Sift flour and salt.

2.    Cream shortening and sugar.

3.    Add pumpkin, blend well.

4.    Combine egg and milk, add to first mixture, blend slightly.

5.    Add flour and currants and stir until all flour is blended.

6.    Turn on to floured board and knead lightly.

i,    1 at or roll to about t> mcb thickness. Cut into cncles ith

floured biscuit cutter.

8. Place on scone tray and bake in hot oven (425 F.) about 12 minutes. The tops of the scones may be brushed with egg yolk and milk before baking.


Hum or Whisky Hulls

ozs. blitter ozs. icing sugar level tablespoons cocoa level tablespoons coconut









A cup chopped sultanas A cup chopped nuts 4 teaspoons overproof ruin or

whisky .Mix softened blitter.

Add sifted icing sugar.

Add all other ingredients and mix well.

Roll into small balls and ice with chocolate icing, or roll in chocolate sprinkles or coconut.

Sherry Cookies

4 ozs. margarine or butter ^ cup sugar

A teaspoon grated lemon rind 2 egg yolks

4 tablespoons sherry l cup sell raising Hour l cup cornflour or rice flour 1 cup blanched chopped almonds Cherries to decorate

1.    Cream margarine or butter with sugar and lemon rind.

2.    Mix egg volks and sherry, add gradually to creamed mixture.

3.    Fold in silted dry ingredients.

4.    Roll a small teaspoonful at a time in chopped almonds.

5.    Place on greased tray, flatten with a fork.

6.    Decorate with piece of cherry.

7.    Bake in hot oven (400 gas, 450° electric) 15 to 20 minutes. Store in airtight tin when cold.

Honey Biscuits


ozs. butter


lb. plain




lb. brown sugar



baking powder













Cream butter and sugar.


Add well beaten egg.


Add honey.


Add sifted flour, baking powder, nutmeg and cinnamon mixing into a stiff dough.


Roll out thinly and cut with

a small plain cutter.


Bake in moderate oven.


W lien cool join with apricot

or raspberry jam.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

5 ozs. coplia (melted)

A lb. icing sugar I heaped dessertspoon cocoa

A lb. sweet biscuits 1 egg

Vanilla essence

1.    Mix together the sifted sugar, cocoa, egg and vanilla.

2.    Then stir in the hot (not boiling) co P h a

3.    Line a cake tin with greaseproof naper. place alternate layers of the mixture and the biscuits until the tin is filled, beginning and finishing with the mixture.




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