The Artists Glen Falls, Lorne, Vic.


JLorne — ‘Ouittalia i Pte IVatetinj Place

THE fame of Lorne has spread throughout the Commonwealth and visitors come from all States to spend their holidays there.

Where the Mountjoys once grazed their cattle now stands a modem town with hotels and guest houses which cannot be bettered elsewhere in the State. Up to date facilities have been provided for bathers along the foreshore and two areas have been set aside for campers, one on the northern bank of the Erskine River and the other among the eucalypts on the slope of Teddy's Lookout at the southern end of the town. This latter site has been laid out on modern lines with a social hall, kitchen, laundry, shower cubicles and numerous fireplaces equipped with revolving grillers. Water is laid on to numerous points and practically every camp-site commands a magnificent view across the ocean and for many miles along the coast.

Lorne is unique in its combination of ocean and bushland scenery, for nowhere in Australia can stately gum trees be found growing so close to the water's edge, their perfume mingles with the salt spray and their classical lines form magnificent frames for entrancing vistas of the beautifully wooded Otway Ranges.

The sand-girt waters of Loutit Bay have inspired many world-famed artists.

Here the holiday maker can enjoy a never-ending variety of sport and relaxation, swimming and sun-bathing on one of Victoria's safest beaches.

A feature of the district is the number of rivers which come tumbling down from the ranges a few miles inland, creating as they do numerous cascades and waterfalls. Almost without exception every cascade and waterfall is worthy of a visit and they form the main objective of most walks. Beautiful drives offer ever-changing views of unrivalled coastal and bushland scenery.

Sea and river fishing is very popular, whilst shooting, riding, tennis and cricket are available to the interested

The palatial hotels, guest houses and a modern theatre ensure that visitors to Lorne are amply catered for in the form of relaxation and entertainments.

Printed and Published for A. E. JARRATT, Lorne, Vic.