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A Woman to Women.

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This hook has been written by our Lady Superintendent, and is issued by us with the sincere hope that it will prove helpful to women and girls. So many women and girls suffer unnecessarily, when a little knowledge may save them years of pain and misery.

The first lesson for a woman to learn is right personal living ; the second, that she is not created to suffer, but to enjoy every breath she draws. It is an insult to her Creator to think that, because she is a woman, she has to suffer pain, and just “make the best of it.” The writer recalls a woman she met in South Africa, who had borne seven children, and each time nearly lost her life. She was a nervous wreck, and when asked why she did not take herself in hand by using the “NaturaM Home Treatment, and make a business of getting well, her reply was : “Oh ! I think we are meant to suffer. It’s a burden laid upon us, and we just-have to put up with it.” This was an impious thought, although it was a good woman voicing it.

It is every woman’s duty to keep well if she is well, and to get well if she is not well. As a rule, men are sick because they are born delicate, but sickly women get sickly because “something” goes wrong. It is of the ills peculiar to our sex that we are going to speak, and speak plainly, though not vulgarly, and in the simplest terms, free from medical technicalities. These troubles take many forms and are so numerous that we can give but brief descriptions of them.    .    .....r—.

S'"'*'    ' r"’**-.

Unfortunately, 90 out of every 100 women air, ÎT'tfpt positively ill, ailing, and unfitted to meet tiïè/fÎemancïè of. life. Life is not a burden to be borne, nor living:ariask tqL be wearily gone through. The obligations oi^life ar^ divided into those which we owe to ourse£v$| and those which we owe to others. It is certain we caîntqÏ ttischarg'e our duty to others until we first discharge 'drrr-ctuty to

ourselves. How many husbands have reproached their

wives for neglect of household duties, for being bad-tempered, when ill-health only was to blame for it? How many children have grown up in an atmosphere of gloom and depression, which have led them ultimatelj' to forsake home, such as it is, for brighter and, alas, more health-destroying surroundings ? We venture to say there lias been more unhappiness caused through the wife and mother’s ill-health than from any other cause.



It is wrong that girls should remain ignorant of matters vital to their welfare. For centuries it has been the custom of women to remain in ignorance of their physical being, and more especially of the most important of all—their reproductive organs. No young woman should enter matrimony ignorant of the simplest philosophy of the marriage relation. As a consequence of this ignorance, many girls marry while physically unfitted to do so, and, accordingly, lead lives of pain and suffering, thus unknowingly casting a cloud over their homes, causing the husband endless anxiety and expense, and bringing weakly and delicate children into the world. There is a vast difference between ignorance and innocence. No woman or girl need be ashamed to contemplate and understand the wonders of her reproductive being.


'W- .


:-/The" womb is a small, pear-shaped organ'. On each tire iAp^Jlopian Tubes, from the ends of which, and iCfrom surnnhuling ligaments, two small almond-shaped ^bodies--theovaries—are suspended. Every 28 days one or ^more pi the human eggs in the ovary ripens, and, escaping /ftopi the pv^y, is caught up in the Fallopian Tube and conveyed    it to the womb. At this time large

quantTtTes of blood are sent to the womb, causing natural

congestion. The lining then degenerates, and passes away in small particles. This leaves thousands of little arteries open, from which the blood flows into the cavity of the womb, and through the cervix (mouth of the womb) into the vagina. When the flow ceases the lining forms again, and this process is repeated every 28 days.



Painful, Irregular, Profuse, and Scanty.

We have just described the natural menstrual function, which should be painless, but in most cases is not so, unfortunately. The healthy lining should pass away in small particles with the flow, but in diseased conditions it passes away in shreddy clots or even as a whole, and these large pieces, forcing their way through the narrow cervix, often cause as much pain and suffering as childbirth.

Some women suffer torture from the beginning of their menstrual lives, because the tissues of these organs arc undeveloped, and not sufficiently elastic to permit the flow to pass through without pain.

Non-development is often the cause of retarded, irregular, or even absent menstruation. Scanty menstruation may be caused by fear, worry, inflammation of the womb or anemia, and very frequently from colds; while in profuse menstruation the tissues lack tone, the lining does not rebuild, the arteries remain open, permitting great loss of blood, which depletes the supply of blood to the brain, causing dizziness and faintness, and an utter lack of interest in life. In the wrong belief that it is natural for women to suffer at that time, many women unwittingly allow these derangements to develop into serious and chronic conditions, before they make any attempt to cure them. They do not i ealise that there is no part of the entire body which may not become affected. For troubles of this nature, our “Natura” Treatment is an ideal one. The Capsule is applied high up in the vagina, as near the mouth of the womb as possible. The Massage is gently rubbed over the abdomen and lower

part of spine (and the patient can appl * this herself), where it will be al sorbed, taken up by the blood and carried to the nerve centres which control the circulation. As a result, congestion and inflammation will be removed, new blood, filled with nourishing food, will be brought to the nerve centies, assisting Nature to establish a proper circulation and a normal condition in those parts, and thus to throw oft the old and diseased lining of the womb and rebuild a new and healthy one in its place.



This is the commonest of all afflictions that beset women ; nearly every woman suffering at one time or another. Most women think it is a natural thing, and should be, but we can assure them that is not so, and that there is no more serious drain on the system—one ounce of this discharge being equal in strength to eight ounces of blood. Leucorrhoea, commonly called “ Whites,’’ while not a disease in itself, is an evidence of something more serious behind; the discharge being the product of inflammation. It is not as a rule painful, although at times it is excoriating and distressing. The symptoms are marked bv a feeling of heaviness, weakness, and languor, loss of ambition, loss of memory, heavy marks round the eyes, anemia, indigestion in many forms, despondency, etc. This discharge is the very life force of the blood ebbing away, and must lead to serious complications, if not che^ ked.

At first the discharge is watery, then creamy yellow. Later on, it becomes brownish or green, and sometimes streaked with blood, showing how alarmingly the trouble is increasing. We have known babies born blind because the mother suffered from Leucorrhcea. •

The popular treatment for this disorder is to take an astringent douche ‘‘to dry up the flow.” This certainly does dry up the flow, but with the result that the poisonous discharges are re-absorbed by the blood, and the sufferer’s condition is worse than ever. Any thinking woman must

see that the Only way to permanently cure heucorrhoea is by drawing- off the inflammation, the cause of the trouble in the first place, and then establishing a healthy circulation in the uterine organs. This our “Natura” Treatment has done in innumerable cases, and a few months’ use of our “Natura” Combined Uterine Treatment is generally all that is necessary. When the discharge lias ceased, and the organs are toned up and strengthened, the general health must of necessity improve.



This is probably the most serious disease of all to which the organs of women are subject. The ovaries are really the mainspring of a woman’s body. The influence they exert upon the health, happiness and life of a woman is wonderful, and when they become diseased the whole charm of womanhood is threatened. The ovaries are what make woman womanly; they are the organs which distinguish her from the male sex. If one’s tongue were cut out, one could not speak ; or if the drum of the car were injured one could not hear. Neither can a woman express her womanliness if the ovaries are diseased, or, worse still, removed, which is one of the saddest tragedies of womanhood.

Inflammation and congestion are the most common forms of ovarian disease. Apart from the local pain (and as the ovaries are surrounded by delicate and sensitive nerves, the pain experienced in the region of the ovaries is often most intense) the sufferer experiences headaches, hysteria, pain in the groin and frequently profuse leucorrhoea All symptoms are aggravated as the menstrual period draws near, but with some women the pain ceases when the flow is fully established. Pains in the legs are sometimes so severe as to cause lameness, and very considerable pain may be experienced while urinating or when the bowels functionate.

While not holding with those who believe that operations should never be performed, we do say that every reasonable method should be employed before resorting to an operation, and only as the very last resource should even one ovary be removed. We cannot speak strongly enough on this subject, and we want women to realise the gravity of the removal of the ovaries. If one ovary is removed the second very soon follows, and what then remains ?—a peculiar, hybrid creature, certainly not a woman. Under the “Natura’> Treatment it lias been demonstrated over and over again that the operation advised in many cases was unnecessary. Our treatment for ovarian diseases is similar to that used for womb troubles, viz., the “Natura” Capsules, Cerate Massage and Herbal Tonic. If complications are present, and according as the disease has affected other organs of the body, we advise additional forms of our treatment if required. In ovarian troubles it is not at all uncommon for the sufferer to feel worse after beginning the “Natura^ Treatment. The reason is that the inflammation has been of a destructive nature, and the tissues and nerves have been rendered incapable of feeling. As a healthy reaction is established the sense of feeling returns, the nerves resume their function ; the pains are merely part of the curative process. Sometimes new pains and aches appear, but these are encouraging symptoms, and only show that Nature is making a vigorous fight for health. The patient should assist by regular and conscientious application of the medicines.

" ss


Inflammation of the womb may be either acute or chronic. Acute inflammation is of recent occurrence; chronic inflammation is that which has become established. Upon the first indications of inflammation of the womb intelligent treatment should be employed to overcome it. If not, it will merge into the chronic form, and require much more time, effort and expense.

The symptoms usually embrace tenderness, soreness or smarting, a dragging or bearing down feeling, pains across the small of the back, headaches, soreness in the side extending up towards the heart, irritation of the bladder, and derangement of the digestive functions.

^ For this complaint we advise our Combined Uterine Treatment; the Massage to be rubbed over the abdomen very gently. This Massage forms a most important part of the treatment, for it provides a feeding of the tissues, and softens and prepares the organs for the interior treat' merit by means of the vaginal suppository, which possesses antiseptic, astringent, deodorant and sedative properties. When applied directly to the parts, it removes the inflammation and diseased tissue by the gentle process of extravasation through the pores of the womb and by absorption.



The womb is suspended within the pelvic cavity by means of muscular ligaments, and hence has more freedom of movement than any other organ of the body. It is deemed displaced when it is permanently out of position, as in flexions and versions. The temporary displacement backward by the filling of the bladder, and the temporary displacement forward b}r the filling of the rectum, are natural movements, as are those occurring in walking and in deep breathing. These movements are beneficial to both the womb and the ligaments supporting it, giving them proper exercise. When that is prevented by prolonged displacement, the circulation of the blood in the womb loses the stimulus of natural exercise, and the womb grows large and heavy, and in consequence diseased.

A large number of blood vessels supplying the womb pass between the layers of the broad ligaments. Displacement of the womb twists the layers 'more or less, reducing their blood-carrying capacity and causing congestion, inflammation, enlargement, further displacement, tumors, cancer, and other troubles.    .

A cause of displacement is anything that will weaken the uterine ligaments. It may be a general weakness; accordingly, when the womb becomes temporarily displaced from the filling or emptying of the bladder or rectum, the ligaments have not the strength to pull it back into position.

If the womb becomes inflamed and heavy, an extra weight is placed upon the ligaments, which are unable to lift it, and as a result, the enlarged and heavy womb becomes displaced. The longer it remains displaced, the heavier it becomes, for the quantity of blood held within its walls becomes more and more, and then serious congestion and, later on, ulceration follow.

The ligaments supporting the womb are attached to back and sides, and passing downwards envelop the womb and ovaries as in a swing—then, passing upward, they form the lining of the abdomen , thus showing the necessity for strengthening the abdominal walls in displacements. The ligaments always become weak and stretched, and sometimes torn, in displacement.

Retroversion.—When the womb'tips backward it rests upon the rectum, holding the faecal matter until it becomes poisonous, producing constipation, and a catarrhal condition of the bowels, and indigestion. Inflammation easily passes to the rectum, and piles often follow. The pressure on the lacework of nerves is so great that backache and headache, especially at the base of the brain (back of neck), and nervousness are produced.

Ante vers ion.—When the womb tips forward it rests upon the bladder, causing a constant desire to urinate, not relieved by urination, and followed by a hot burning sensation. Only a woman who has suffered from this can appreciate the distress, the nervous irritability, induced by this condition. Some women cannot contain themselves, and comfort is absolutely lost. This condition produces headache, backache, and a nervous state that is indescribable. Always in such conditions a lot of inflammation is present, and when this reaches the neck of the womb, the organ becomes raw from the constant rubbing against the vaginal walls with each movement of the bod}7.

Prolapsus (Falling of the Womb)*—The most common form of displacement is when the womb falls downward, and presses against both bladder and rectum. Often the womb extends out of the body, dragging the vagina and bladder with it. This produces intense bearing-down pains, backache, and a feeling of “goneness” in the stomach, headache, nervousness, and general exhaustion.

Women who have suffered from this form of displacement know that the average medical man recommends the use of a pessary, or support, as an aid to the keeping of the organ in position. This is merely a mechanical makeshift at relief, and is done to the great injury of the womb itself, its ligaments, and adjacent organs and tissues. No hard, foreign substance can be placed in the vagina, and permitted to remain for any length of time, without proving harmful. We have known cases where an operation has been necessary to remove a ring so inserted when the flesh had grown round it. A pessary cannot reduce the enlargement, which is the cause of the displacement, nor strengthen the ligaments, which, on the contrary, become weakened and atrophied through being relieved of their duty, just in the same way as the muscles of the arm would waste away were the arm continually carried in a sling.

As an alternative remedy, we offer you the “Natura,> Home Treatment. The Capsule, applied near the mouth of the womb, gently draws off all congestion, thus reducing the size and weight of the womb. Meanwhile our Cerate Massage is rubbed over the abdomen and lower part of the spine, feeding and strengthening the ligaments. These regain their elasticity, and contract, drawing up the lightened womb at the same time. This is the only rational way of curing displacements of the womb, and our ‘ ‘Natura’ ’ Treatment has effected this in thousands of cases.



Curetting is the scraping away of the lining of the womb. The operation is performed by first introducing a speculum into the vagina. This enables the operator to attach sharp hooks to the neck of the womb, by which this organ is dragged to the vaginal opening. The mouth of

the womb is then dilated, and the instrument introduced into the womb and repeatedly drawn outward. The pressure of the edge of the instrument against the womb scrapes away its lining. This scraping away of the lining is for the purpose of causing a new lining to form. In our few words on Menstruation we have shown that if Nature is given the needed help she will not only throw off the old and diseased lining, but re-build a new and healthy one.

Dragging the womb downward the whole length of the vagina is in itself a serious matter. The ligaments, the front wall of the rectum, and the back wall of the bladder, become so stretched, that both care and treatment are required t before these parts themselves regain their normal condition. Often permanent injury is caused the ligaments, which sometimes never recover their elasticity.

The dilation of the womb is another part of the operation that is injurious. If the organ is hard, the dilation becomes ysefious operation in itself, and laceration occurs not infrequently. Blood poisoning may result unless the greatest antiseptic precautions are taken. The puncturing of the uterine walls with the instrument frequently happens, especially where the walls of the womb are soft.

A diseased lining cannot exist without a diseased condition of the womb ; the whole organ is affected to a more or less degree. We might just as well attempt to -scrape away the lining of the stomach to establish a healthy reaction in that part, as to scrape away the lining of the womb for the same purpose.

Surgical curetting is harsh and unnatural, and should be carefully avoided in the treatment of diseases peculiar to women. Curetting is resorted to because those who employ it have no better means of treating the condition they wish to overcome. Apart from all the dangers that accompany the operation, the fact remains that it does not remove the cause of the condition at which it is aimed ; neither does it supply the blood with nourishment, nor does it promote a healthy circulation. Instead of strengthening and toning the nerves, it irritates and weakens them.

It does none of the logical and beneficial things that

Nature could do if she only were given the assistance she requires. Instead of trying to assist Nature, it endeavours to force her; but she will not be'forced.

The ‘‘Natura” System of Treatment is just the opposite to all this. It commits no outrage upon Nature, but performs a perfect curette in Nature’s own way, drawing oil gently, painlessly, and harmlessly what is scraped away by the operation, and at the same time strengthening and toning up the womb and surrounding parts, supplying the blood with nutriment, and producing a healthy circulation.



Our experience teaches us—(1) Operations are rarely necessary for Women’s Troubles; (2) they are always most dangerous; and (3) they seldom cure, but lead often to a second, third, fourth, and even a fifth operation. Our Famous ‘ ‘Natura’' Home Treatment is an alternative remedy and has been successfully used in thousands of cases where an operation was said to be the only cure.


The large number of married couples, who desire children, and are denied them, present a far more serious problem than is commonly realised. The fact that the deficiency, in nine cases out of ten, is on the wife’s side makes it more alarming and sad. As a general rule, there is little happiness where there are no babies to bind husband and wife together. No mutual interest in a wee, curly head, a pair of mischievous blue eyes, no hearing of the little prayer lisped at mother’s knee, no anything that makes the wife a complete woman, a mother. The condition of the woman who feels that for her, at any rate, motherhood is not to be, is sad in the extreme. Her friends, her sisters, her neighbours, all are blessed, but in her house (for home it cannot quite be) there is no baby chatter, no pattering feet.

The healthy, married woman, with a wholesome training and a normal outlook on life, naturally desires children. The desire only expresses what is finest in her nature, and the realisation will only make her the better, more complete and useful woman. No woman yearning to bear children should assume that her barrenness is incurable. In our experience, numbers of women have been told that they could never become mothers; yet, after a course of our Treatment, we have had the gratifying news that the ardently desired happiness was in sight, and Dr. Stork was going to pa}r his long deferred visit.



Generally, the cause is found in the weak or diseased condition of the generative organs. Chronic inflammation of the ovaries may prevent the developing of the eggs. Disease or inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes may close them, and render them unable to pass the egg to the womb. Thickening of the lining from surgical curetting may destroy the ability of the womb to form the placenta. Enlargement or displacements' of the womb may be a cause, while Leucorrhoea may also cause Sterility.

As each case would naturally differ in some respects, we invite the sufferer to write to us, so that the most helpful and specific advice may be given.

Our “Nàtura” Treatment specially appeals to women to whom the blessing of motherhood has apparently been denied, and many thousands of women all over the world are to-day happy and contented Mothers as a result of using it.    *



The duration of normal pregnancy is nine calendar months, or about two hundred and seventy-five days. No definite rule can be laid down as to the exact date when

childbirth will take place. The best plan, however, in reckoning this, is to commence the count from, say, two to four days after the last day of being “unwell.” The reason for this is that conception is more easily possible soon after the “periods” than at any other time. Of course, it may be that conception occurred a few days before the next occasion when the expectant mother should have been “sick,” in which ca.se the reckoning would be out two or three weeks; but, generally speaking, the plan suggested by us is safest. It is simply a case of adding nine calendar months and about seven days to the day when the last “periods” commenced; say, for example, that this was on January the first, the date of childbirth would then be October the eighth, or very close to it.

Menstruation generally ceases when conception occurs, and the function is suspended during pregnancy, and, as a rule, during lactation; though there are exceptions. It may be assumed that the menstrual fluid is needed for the growtli of the foetus, the nutrient elements of it contributing to the production of milk. A not uncommon symptom of pregnancy is a capricious appetite—the craving for certain foods and the absolute disinclination for others previously favoured. Another symptom, or rather complaint of pregnancy, and it is a most common one, is morning sickness, or nausea and retching, usually confined to the forenoon, and continuing from the third week after conception until the period of quickening. The sickness of pregnancy is generally attended by no loss of appetite or impairment of health, and may thus be distinguished from vomiting caused by gastric or other diseases. In some exceptional cases, however, this complaint continues throughout the whole term % of gestation, and harasses the patient by continual retching.

Vomiting*.—The treatment of this trouble depends on The period' of pregnancy, the severity of the symptoms, and tli^NQonstitution of the patient. In ordinary cases it may be phsyented by remaining in bed until the usual period for itshtfurn has passed over. The diet should be light and as liule fluids as possible should be taken, especially avoiding >11 warm drinks, such as tea. The bowels should receive special attention. The “Natura”

Blood and Stomach Powders will be found most beneficial for the morning sickness and for keeping the bowels gently relaxed, if only a mild aperient is necessary. When there is constipation, the “Natura” Anti-Constipation Pills should be used as well.

Cramps.—Cramps are common during the last months of pregnancy, and generally come on at night, attacking chiefly the calves and feet. In ordinary cases no treatment is required beyond attention to the bowels, and massaging vigorously over the seat of pain. Where, however, as sometimes happens, the cramps become unusually severe and frequent, their recurrence may be prevented by the pressure of a bandage or elastic stocking.

Upon a woman’s conduct during pregnancy depends largely the question as to whether her child will be useful and happy. To the extent that she understands her obligations and cheerfully fulfils them, will she add to her own happiness and that of the little one she is expecting. Remaining late in bed after the first six months, if feeling well, is not good, as this is a time when the baby is growing rapidly ; and inactivity on the mother’s part is a cause of babies becoming large and childbirth correspondingly more difficult. The marital relations should be restricted. The information that follows will prove invaluable to all expectant mothers, and they will do well to give special attention to it.

Diet.—The diet should be simple and wholesome and not of a stimulating nature. The desire for certain kinds of food may be indulged with moderation, provided the food craved is nutritious and easily digested. Abnormal cravings for such things as chalk, candy, raw starch, slate-pencils, etc., should not be gratified, but an effort should be made to curb the taste for them as quickly as possible. An excellent diet consists of lean and tender meat once a day (fresh fish or .salt codfish may take the place of meat once or twice a week, if desired), plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, rice, eggs, and simple desserts. A cup of cocoa between each meal will be found not only nourishing but helpful in producing milk. Tea and coffee should be restricted. Eat

lightly of starchy foods, sweets, cream, and soups. Do not eat rich foods, greasy or fried foods, pastries, hot or fresh bread. It is well to drink freely of water during the day, from four to six glasses, as it eliminates, through the kidneys, much of the waste matter that accumulates in the system at this time. Commence the day by drinking one or two glasses of water at least one-half-hour before breakfast, then drink one more midway between meals, and the last just before retiring at night. The water should be cool, but not iced. An abnormal appetite is not at all unusual at this time, for the system has now to provide for two instead of olie ; but while it is well to indulge the appetite somewhat .to meet the increased demands made upon the tissues and the entire system, it is a mistake to eat too heartily or overload the stomach with all kinds of* food.

Additional useful information will be found elsewhere in these pages under the heading Diet.

Sleep.—It is very necessary that an expectant mother should have abundant sleep. At a certain time each day she should make a point of lying down for an hour or two for compiste rest, and, if possible, sleep. At first it may be difficult to induce sleep, but the habit will gradually be formed. The benefits derived from it will be great.

Clothing.—During the first three months of pregnancy it is not usually necessary to make radical changes in dress other than to loosen the clothing a little now and then ; but it is advisable not to wear corsets, or even tight-fitting skirts or bands around the waist, as they interfere with the circulation and digestion, and lay the foundation for suffering. Heavy skirts or high-healed shoes should uorb^worn, as they are frequently the cause of backache. It is wellto select undergarments of material that is light in weight ontwvhich contains some wool, as the surface of the body requms^ warmth. Those of a ribbed weave are best, as they are mòre or less elastic and adjust themselves to the figure with fewer wrinkles than any other kind. High shoes, those that lace to be preferred, should be worn, as they give support to the ankles. Stockings should be

fastened by a side elastic, and ought not to be drawn too tightly. Garters should not be worn, as they interfere with the circulation and are often the cause of varicose veins.

Exercise.—It is best during pregnancy to lead a generally active life. In the early months of this period there is a strong inclination, especially among young women, to indulge in sedentary habits. This is wrong, as occupation of both mind and body is quite essential. Light housework will be found excellent as an indoor exercise. Out of doors each day one may take walks of moderate length, and drives over smooth roads, with decided benefit ; but any activity or exercise should not be carried to the extent of becoming over-fatiguing. The value of fresh air cannot be over-estimated, and, if possible, at least three hours of the day should be spent in the open air. There should always be plenty of fresh air in the room at night. Heavy work, such as lifting or pushing heavy objects, large washings, sewing on a treadle machine, playing on a melodeou, organ or piano-player, indulging in exercises which call for sudden movements or jars to the body, or doing anything that causes undue strain of the abdominal muscles should be avoided.

Baths.—A daily sponge or tub bath is more or less beneficial. This, when followed by a brisk rubbing with a coarse towel, keeps the pores open and in a healthy condition. It is best to have the temperature as near that of the body as possible, which, under normal conditions, is 98° F. Hot ta'hs are weakening, cold plunges and shower-baths are likely to produce shock. Neither should be taken.

Constipation.—This trouble usually attends pregnancy, and it is better to overcome it, if possible by careful diet rather than obtain relief by the use of medicines and enemas. Fresh vegetables and fruits are good laxative foods. If a medicine becomes necessary, nothing better than the “Natura” Anti-Constipation Pills can be used. They have a generally beneficial action on the liver and bowels, in addition to being a laxative.

Special Advice.—If ail unhealthy woman should

become pregnant, the best thing to be done is to use the “ Natura ” Home Treatment during the term. This will keep the generative organs clean and healthy, and remove all waste and impure matter, which might otherwise accumulate, and so impede Nature at the time of delivery. The use of our Treatment also makes the parts soft and elastic, so that they will be enabled to stretch without danger of laceration. We have no hesitation in advising the “Natura” Treatment to all expectant mothers, healthy and unhealthy; for it robs maternity of its terrors, and assures a well-born babe. The Capsules may be used with perfect safety, and every advantage up to the end of the sixth month, when the “Natura” Uterine Specific should be taken right up to the time of delivery, This thoroughly strengthens the womb prior to labour. The Massage should also be freely applied over the abdomen, spine, and hips.

To th© Husband.—Much depends upon the husband’s care and thought for his wife at this time, and his responsibility is no less than that of his wife. He should see to it that her life runs in quiet, tranquil grooves, while the little one in journeying to them. She requires the greatest care and comfort. She may become fretful, irritable, or even unreasonable, but this only shows the demand of her whole nature for the best consideration and sympathy. Her mind should be relieved from worry and care as much as possible.

Articles required at the time of Confinement.

From one-half dozen to one dozen clean sheets.

One dozen clean towels.

A quantity of old, soft linen that has been freely washed, boiled, and ironed, to be used for placing under the patient.    .

Four or five dozen sanitary napkins for use after confine*

’ ment. The.se may be made at home of antiseptic

cotton wool and gauze, which can be bought at any

chemist at a moderate cost.

Three abdominal binders made of twill sheeting, 1} yards long and \ yard wide, to be used only while confined to bed. Afterwards, they can be utilised as baby cot sheets.

A piece of rubber sheeting or enamel cloth one yard wide, and long enough to stretch across the bed and tuck in at the sides. N

A “Natura” fountain swinge and a douche pan.

A cake of soap and one or two cheap nail-brushes.

A jar of vaseline.

A piece of linen bobbiu or narrow tape of an inch wide and 20 inches long for tying the cord.

Some squares of clean linen or sterile gauze for dressing the cord.

A pair of scissors.

Two clean agate washbasins and a slop-jar.

Two teaspoonsful of boric acid dissolved in one quart of boiled water, cooled, for washing baby’s eyes and mouth.

A blanket to wrap the baby in.

Clothing for the baby, consisting of a flannel band, not hemmed, six inches wide and twenty inches long, shirt, flannel petticoat, slip or wrapper, and covering for the feet, either stockings or bootees.

A disinfectant for the doctor and nurse’s hands.

Note.—Nail-brush, scissors, bobbin and basins should be boiled, and all, excepting the latter, left in the water until time of using. A teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda in the water will prevent the scissors from rusting.

153 E53


The nipples are parts of the body which are only called

into requisition at certain times. They are tender, delicate

structures, and are easily hurt. If not kept scrupulously

clean and dry, or if not previously prepared for baby, they may become inflamed and excoriated. Sore nipples are exquisitely painful. The child is not properly fed because the mother dreads the torture to which the child subjects her, and she postpones the necessary feeding as long as possible. If further neglected, the inflammation extends to the breast itself. A mammary abscess and a host of troubles are the consequences of neglect. It is therefore always a wise procedure to prepare the nipples—to harden and strengthen them for some considerable time before confinement. Weak spirit and water, weak arnica lotions, glycerine and eau de Cologne will do this effectively. Great cleanliness is essential. The nipples should be washed and dried after the child has finished its meal.

SB '


A cervical laceration is a tearing of the neck of the womb. The orifice of the womb is surrounded by muscular rings, which, when healthy, are capable of great distention. When the womb is diseased the neck is either rigid and unyielding, thus tearing at childbirth instead of expanding, or it is flaccid and easily torn from want of elasticity. The torn portions become swollen and turn outwards, exposing the ragged ends of thousands of sensitive nerves. A hard scar tissue gradually forms upon the torn surface and contracts upon the ends of lacerated nerves, causing headache, backache, nervousness, and what is worse, prevents the womb returning to its normal size. The tear remains large because the womb is large. By the use of the “Natura” Combined Treatment the size of the womb will gradually be reduced, impurities will be drawn off, and the scar tissue will be gradually absorbed. The womb becomes smaller and the tear must naturally become less, until, in some cases, it is impossible to tell that there ever has been a laceration.

In addition to this the tissues of the womb are made so soft and elastic that there will probably be no further trouble at the next confinement.


This is one of the most unfortunate things that could befall any woman. When a woman becomes pregnant, her whole system responds to the new condition. The heart enlarges; the digestive system undergoes important changes so that it may be able to nourish two lives instead of one; the character and circulation of the blood are altered ; and the entire nervous system also undergoes important changes. These forces are intended to operate for a certain length of time—to the beautiful conclusion of childbirth—but in a miscarriage they are suddenly and rudely arrested. Nature is thrown back on herself, as it were, and the effects on the nervous system are serious in the extreme. No matter at what stage it happens a miscarriage is always attended with danger, and if it occurs once it is liable to repeat itself at about the same period of gestation in subsequent pregnancies. For that reason a woman who has had a miscarriage and again becomes pregnant should take every possible precaution to avoid the miscarriage. At the very first indication of it the sufferer should go to bed and remain there in perfect quiet until the symptoms have disappeared. We are now referring to accidental miscarriages only, and not a miscarriage deliberately brought about to release a woman from what she thinks an impending burden; and which, w*e may mention, is even more serious and dangerous in its effects than an accidental miscarriage. With such women we have no sympathy whatever, for it is a deliberate attempt to murder the unborn babe. We cannot speak strongly enough against such outrages, and we may just say here that it is useless for anyone to write to us for improper or immoral relief. The “Natura” Health Co. has nothing whatever to do with such cases, and moreover, the ‘ 'Natura’ ’ Treatment has exactly the opposite effect. Women who have miscarried over and over again have used our Treatment and carried the full time.

A Case In Point. — A lady, who miscarried repeatedly, and each time inside two months, came under our care some five months ago, and now, as we go to print, she writes to say she has entered her sixth month safely— entirely due to our Treatment.

Causes Of Miscarriage. — Miscarriages are generally occasioned by anything that may cause a violent shock. Other causes are inflammation, ulceration, leucorr-hoea, hardening of the cervix. One of the most frequent causes is the failure of a rigid womb to expand properly, thus opposing the growth of the foetus. A rigid, unyielding womb may cause miscarriage after miscarriage, until the “miscarrying habit” lias been set up. Our “ Natura ” Treatment assists Nature to restore to the muscles of the womb their natural elasticity, enabling gestation to proceed to its natural conclusion.



This is the exact opposite of what occurs at the beginning of the menstrual life, and usually takes' place between the ages of forty-five and fifty, but as each woman is a law unto herself, no hard and fast rule as to age can be laid down ; sometimes it occurs much earlier and occasionally later.

Great changes occur in the sexual organs—the ovaries /ose their smooth outline, and after a while shrivel up; the Fallopian Tubes diminish in size; the walls of the womb atrophy, its cavity becomes much smaller, and the cervix disappears altogether. All this is a natural process and not a disease that may threaten life. At the same time the “change” so rarely occurs without some local or constitutional disturbance taking place, that women are apt to neglect seeking advice for symptoms which should demand careful treatment, believing, as they do, that it is natural to suffer in such ways at >tliis time. The symptoms vary much. In some women the change is abrupt, menstruation ceasing all at once after perfect regularity ; in others, and more frequently, the change is prolonged, and often extends over years. The most common symptom is irregularity of the menses, which vary as to quantity and time. Frequently, after a long interval, a profuse flow with clots occurs, but this need not cause undue alarm, for it often proves beneficial. Other common symptoms are headaches, flushes, giddiness, nervousness, irritability of temper, over-

sensitiveness, all sorts of fancies and depression, which sometimes amounts to melancholia, etc. If germs of disease exist the womb is especially likely at this time to develop them. Therefore, as this critical time draws near, or is taking place, every woman should put her body in a state as near physical perfection as possible. Care is always necessary, even when the best of health is enjoyed, but if the change is entered upon with weakened, inflamed, diseased or misplaced uterine organs, it becomes highly dangerous. The impurities that have hitherto been thrown out with the monthly flow are now being retained in the system, and the blood becomes partially poisoned, in many cases causing growths and tumours. No such danger need be feared by the woman using our Treatment, for the blood is purified, the nerves fed, the uterine organs cleansed and strengthened, and a healthy circulation established in those parts ; thus enabling the woman to pass safely and comfortably through the Change of Life.

Special attention should be paid to the diet, which should be plain, wholesome and non-stimulating, and no alcoholic drinks should be taken. Late hours, heated rooms and excitement of all kinds are to be avoided. Gentle exercise, especially walking and deep breathing, is necessary, and will help to promote a healthy circulation of the blood.



No part of the body is so little understood as the nervous system. Its general principles, however, are well known, and an understanding of these serves as a guide to intelligent living.

As the nervous system controls the supply of blood to every part of the body, including the brain and nervous system, it follows that when the nervous energy originating in the brain is exhausted, the blood supply throughout the entire body is reduced, congestions are more frequent, and inflammation is more certain ; and all this time the blood is not purified, there is a lowering of vital energy, and the system ^ dually falls into a condition of malnutrition.

If the nervous system can receive natural help to enable it to become stronger, it will in turn regulate the circulation and purification of the blood. Little by little the nervous system will be fed by better blood, with the result that the diseased conditions which extend throughout the entire system will be removed.

As our Natura ” Preparations are more foods than medicines they are peculiarly suitable for all forms of nervous disorders. Their use secures a healthy reaction by bringing to the nerves and tissues, through the blood, the nourishment by which rebuilding may be established.



Headache is an affection from which a great many people suffer, and its causes are very various. Headache may be due to indigestion, nervous prostration, neuralgia, congestion of the blood-vessels, and constipation. It is frequently an evidence of disease. Of course the treatment depends entirely upon the cause. When headache is of frequent occurrence and persistent, particular attention should be paid to the digestive apparatus and the condition of the bowels. Hardly anyone suffers from headache whose bowels are in a Ileal thy condition. If the headaches are of a neuralgic origin they are invariably associated with a lowered condition of the vitality ; tonic treatment must therefore be persevered in for some time. Neuralgic headaches can generally be distinguished from those proceeding from another cause, from the fact that they are usually confined to one side of the head and are paroxysmal in their character, whereas a headache arising from general nervous causes is usually felt throughout the entire head, and frequently gives the sensation as if the top of the head were being lifted oil, or of severe weight and pressing down upon ihe top of the cranium.

A common form of headache with women and girls is that which is felt at the base of the brain (back of the neck), and is the outcome of some uterine derangement; that part of the brain governing the generative organs.

Sufferers from nervous headaches find tea or coffee relieves them, but if taken in excess the nervous system is rendered more liable to fresh attacks. Antipyrin is frequently resorted to to give relief, but as its effect on the heart is oft-times injurious it should not be taken except on the advice and under the directions of a medical man.

era    •


Most people have suffered from indigestion at some time or other, and overeating and haste are responsible for most cases. In certain forms of dyspepsia a constant accumulation of gas occurs, which keeps the stomach uncomfortably distended with pressure on the heart and lungs. Palpitation of the heart may result through the wind pressing on the cavity of the heart.

Thousands of people starve to death every year amid plenty, simply because the nervous system is so impoverished that every function of the entire body suffers. This is nervous dyspepsia. Many women have come under our care suffering from indigestion as a result of a uterine trouble, and the results have been more than encouraging. The trouble has been due to some functional derangement, and as the cause has been removed, the effect (indigestion) has naturally disappeared. In addition to treating the uterine organs in such cases, a course of our Blood and Stomach Powders is necessary, and will prove very helpful. Constipation always greatty aggravates Indigestion, and, indeed, is oft-times the cause of it. Where this is present the sufferer cannot do better than use our Anti-" Constipation Pills, for not only do they relieve the bowels, but after a while strengthen the rectal muscles and help them to overcome the constipated condition.

A Warning Word-—Unless care is exercised in dieting 110 amount of medicine is going to effect a cure. Exercise, too, is necessary, as it lends a healthy stimulus to nerve action, and thus promotes digestion. Fuller advice is given in the articles on Diet and Exercise, which will prove helpful to all.


Piles, or haemorrhoids, are swellings which are situated in the region of the anus, and are in reality a varicose condition of the liaemorrhoidal veins, brought about by some obstruction to the circulation. When they appear just outside the anus they are known as external piles, and when within, as internal piles. External piles are sometimes termed blind ; and rarely bleed. At first, they cause little or no pain, but after a time they may become irritated or inflamed, and then give rise to very acute pain, with throbbing, and to a constant desire to go to stool. The presence of piles within the anus is attended with more serious symptoms. These internal piles, when large, come down through the anus from time to time, generally when the patient is at stool, and become engorged with blood and very painful. When this occurs they should be sponged with cold water and replaced by steady pressure applied with the aid of a clean rag smeared with vaseline, or, better still, with “ Natufa ” Pile Ointment. The most serious symptom of internal piles is bleeding, which occurs during evacuation of the bowels, when the piles are protruded and compressed by the anus. The blood is red and arterial, and is often passed in considerable quantity. As the disease progresses, pain is experienced at stool; there is a heavy pressure as from a load in the low*er part of the abdomen, and the rectum never feels completely emptied. There is often a grinding, down-bearing sensation round the loins, and altogether a martyr to piles is in a most melancholy condition almost continuously. The irritation caused by piles is frequently conveyed to the bladder and womb, and gives rise to irritability in both of these organs.

Causes.—Anything that favours an undue accumulation of blood around the rectum and surrounding parts predisposes to piles. In men they are caused by stagnation in the liver, a long continued standing or sitting position, alcoholic drinks, eating highly-seasoned and rich foods, horseback riding, constipation, and the habitual use of opening medicines, especially such as contain aloes, which many of the patent pills do. In women, the most common causes of piles are an enlarged and misplaced womb,

pregnancy, the wearing of tight corsets and bands about the waist, eating highly-seasoned and rich foods, constipation, and the habitual use of opening medicines.

Treatment.—The natural treatment of piles, both internal and external, consists in removing congestion of the veins of the liver and intestines, in keeping up the strength and health of the patient, and in avoiding and alleviating the consequence of conditions favourable to the development of the disease. The patient should restrict himself or herself to a temperate diet and abstain from all highly-seasoned and rich foods, pastry and spirits. Exercise, especially walking, swimming and deep breathing in the open air, is advised. Riding on horseback and cycling are to be regarded as highly injurious. The bowels should be kept in daily action, and when an aperient is necessary there is nothing we can better recommend than the “Natura” Anti-Constipation Pills, which act beneficially on the liver and intestines and regulate the bowels in a natural way. The affected parts, too, should receive special attention, and for this we advise the “Natura ” Rectal Suppositories for internal application, by insertion in the rectum, and the “ Natura ” Pile Ointment for rubbing round the anus. Both the Suppository and Ointment exert a soothing and curative influence, their action being to remove the congestion and establish a healthy circulation around the affected parts. These three medicines form our Combined* Treatment for Piles, and when used in conjunction with one another give the best and quickest results. They have proved wonderfully effective in innumerable cases, and are confidently recommended to every sufferer.



Catarrh is a term generally applied to inflammations of the mucous membrane, attended with increased secretions. In this article the term is limited to the inflammatory affections of the nose and throat. Catarrh usually commences with the common cold in the bead. If the system is well nourished and healthy very little treatment beyond

tlie ordinary household remedies is needed to throw off the cold ; but if the sufferer is “run down ” the cold takes a “ grip,” and soon develops into catarrh. The .symptoms of simple chronic nasal catarrh may be almost the same as those of an ordinary cold, except that they are continuous, and during changeable weather, especially damp weather, the symptoms become more intense. As the disease advances there will follow headaches ; the sufferer grows stupid, the e}res dull; the appetite becomes impaired, and there is much phlegm and mucus ejected by way of the nose and mouth ; the nose partially closes and there is more or less difficulty in breathing. Not infrequently the hearing and the senses of smell and taste become affected to a very large degree. There will be a disinclination to take exercise and a difficulty in concentrating the mind. The discharges vary, and may be watery* profuse and acrid, or sticky and thick.

Unfortunately, catarrh does not heal of its own accord, nor does it remain stationary. It gradually gets worse and worse, and creeps from the nose to the ear tubes and to the throat, affecting the pharynx and the larynx. The discharge is poisonous, and swallowing it, as often occurs, introduces a poison into the stomach, and in time sets up a catarrhal-condition of the .stomach and bowels. The product of catarrh is taken up by "the blood, and thus works injury to the entire system. Other of its effects are ulceration of the lining membrane, indigestion, bronchitis, and asthma, and a general lowering of the vitality.

Catarrh is a very persistent complaint, and for this reason it is generally very hard to eradicate from the system. Attention should be paid to the diet, which should be nourishing, and to exercise. Our articles under these headings appearing elsewhere will prove helpful. It is, however, necessary that the patient should have local treatment as well—something that will kill the catarrh germ, remove the inflammation, and tone up and strengthen the affected parts.    This is afforded by the “Natura“

Catarrh Treatment, which consists of the “Natura” Inhalant, the “ Natura n Nasal Tablets, and the “ Natura “ Salve. The Inhalant is sprayed up the nostrils and down



7- • V


the throat by means of a special nebuliser, night and morning. When the Catarrh is aggravated by a cold, the Inhalant is also used a third time daily. It will be found to be very penetrating, wonderfully soothing, and an effective germ destroyer. It also allays irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, thus relieving pain, soreness, cough and difficulty of breathing: For sufferers from Catarrh and Bronchitis it is invaluable. The best results are obtainable when the Inhalant makes direct contact with the mucous membrane. This it cannot do where there is an accumulation of mucus. This accumulation is always present with Catarrh in a more or less degree, and it is highly advisable that it be removed before the Inhalant is used. The Nasal Tablets are specially for this purpose, readily dissolving the crusts of dried mucus and thoroughly# cleansing out the nostrils. Fullest directions as to use are printed on each package. The Salve is the external application for catarrh, and is massaged in and over the nose, around the throat and forehead, and its action is to tone up and strengthen the affected parts and to establish a healthy circulation there. Patients have used the “NaturaM Catarrh Treatment with most gratifying results, and it is pleasing to record that one patient alone, who had been cured by it, personally purchased no less than ten separate treatments for distribution among sufferers from catarrh, and all derived benefit therefrom. Where the sufferer is “ run down ” it is highly advisable to take a strengthening tonic, and for this purpose we know of nothing better than the “ Natura M Vitaliser.

Persons who are subject to frequent attacks of cold in the head give evidence that there is a weakness which they should endeavour to overcome before chronic catarrh develops.

The treatment of Hay Fever is the same as that for catarrh of the nose and throat.



There are few diseases more tedious and painful than rheumatism. For the most part it attacks the sinews and

fibrous structures of the body. Therefore, the joints, the muscle casings, and the heart’s valves suffer most. Rheumatism, like gout, is caused by an excess of uric acid or blood poison in the system. It depends greatly on climatic conditions and on deranged digestion. Any deterioration of the general health will excite it. Rheumatic pains sometimes change their location, wander from one part of the body to another and visit various joints in succession.

Turkish baths to promote skin action are serviceable in chronic forms of rheumatism. Celery, eaten freely and habitually, has proved beneficial. It may also be boiled and the decoction drunk. In acute rheumatism a strictiy vegetarian diet has been found most helpful; and such articles as milk and water, barley water, and milk puddings should be mostly relied on. In chronic rheumatism a light wholesome diet, with a moderate allowance of meat will suit best. See our diet table for Rheumatism appearing further on.

Rheumatic people, as a rule, should live on high ground which is free from moisture or dampness. A gravel or sandy soil is best. In low-lying, marshy localities rheumatism is very prevalent.

Rheumatism, when it has reached the chronic stage, always indicates that the blood is in need of a powerful blood alterative, and this need is well served by the “Natura” Alterative, a five weeks’ course of which is generally all that is necessary to take. The sufferer should also apply the “ Natura ” Salve to all affected parts. The Salve is very penetrating and soothing, and helps to promote a healthy circulation. The “Natura” AntiRheumatic Tablets, too, will be found invaluable in the eradication of this trouble. In cases of chronic rheumatism, and where the sufferer is “run down” and in need of a ttmic, we advise the “ Natura” Vitaliser. Any one of these medicines will prove beneficial, but if the best and quickest results are desired, they should all be taken in conjunction. They are specially prepared to harmonise with, and help, one another.



This is a complaint understood by most people, and requires but little describing. We cannot, however, help impressing upon all the absolute necessity for keeping the bowels well regulated. It is essential to good health. The bowels should be thoroughly relieved once a day ; and as the action is influenced by habit it is advisable that this be done at about the same time each day ; the best time being after a meal, as the taking of a meal acts as a natural stimulus. Retention of the fsecal matter is harmful and causes the absorption of impurities by the blood. This in turn interferes with the proper action of the digestive and excretory organs, and aggravates any existing trouble. Constipation is recognised as being one of the most frequent predisposing causes of disease. There are many causes of Constipation, the chief probably being sedentary employment and errors of diet. Exercise is necessary for, and the best aid to the proper performance of the intestinal functions. Endeavour to avoid Constipation by taking exercise and studying the diet. Wholemeal bread, prunes, and fruits, that contain seeds, are helpful. If troubled with Constipation make every effort to get rid of it, and be careful in the selection of the medicine you use for that purpose. Very many “ opening ” medicines are positively harmful and help to bring about an aggravated constipated condition, instead of curing the trouble. This is mainly because they are simply purgatives. It is not only necessary that the bowels should be relieved by the medicine taken, but also that the intestines should be toned up and strengthened and the liver benefited. Our “ Natura” Anti-Constipation Pills have this treble action, for they not only remove the constipated condition but also tone up and strengthen the intestines and act beneficially on the liver. They are an ideal medicine for Constipation and the liver, and are highly recommended. Women are more subject to constipation than men, and they are peculiarly liable to it during pregnancy. They have more space for distention without suffering inconvenience, and their mode of life is less active.


Acne or 11 Blackheads-”—This is most common during the years of puberty, and is met with in both sexes. It is caused by over-secretion of the oil-glands of the skin. These become blocked up, and pimples are produced with “ black heads.” Hence their popular name. Acne is an ailment of by no means a serious nature, although it may last for a long time. Its disfiguring effect is what is most dreaded, as it generally occurs on the face and neck, where it cannot be concealed. Our special treatment of this disease is the “Turkish Rose” Complexion Balm and the “ Natura ” Healing Balm. The face should be steamed every night upon retiring, after which the Healing Balm should be rubbed well over the face and then lightly wiped off. In the morning the face should be washed in warm or hot water and the “Turkish Rose” massaged over the face. This gives tone and vigour to the skin, which is necessary. Attention should also be paid to the bowels and diet. All rich foods are to be avoided. Plenty of exercise in the open is recommended.

Anaemia or Bloodlessness.—When the girl

develops into womanhood, or the boy takes on the functions of a man, the system is greatly taxed. The muscles want plenty of play in the open air, and the appetite requires to be satisfied with a liberal supply of wholesome food. Modern styles of living—want of exercise, and neglect of elementary laws of health—are not conducive to the due development of the frame or to richness of blood. The blood becomes poor and watery, bereft of red corpuscles, lacking iron. This is called anaemia. The skin is pale and clear, with sometimes a greenish tint, the lips and eyes are blanched, shortness of breath occurs on slight exertion ; headache, backache, giddiness, even fainting, and great lassitude, are its common symptoms. Care should be taken with the clothes. The dress should not be too heavy or tight-fitting, and tight-lacing must be strictly avoided. The skirt should be fastened so that the weight is borne by the shoulders, and not by the waist. Our treatment for anaemia is the “ Natura ” Iron Tablets.

Biliousness-—The liver is subject to various disorders. The one to which “biliousness” is commonly applied, is when it becomes sluggish and unable to perform its proper function. This happens from various causes— want of exercise, mental worry, some error or excess in diet. Sometimes it occurs without any apparent cause, and many persons are constitutionally subject to it

The symptoms are bitter taste m the mouth in the morning, pale-coloured stools, headache or giddiness, pain under the right shoulder blade, depression of spirits or irritability, and general discomfort.

The “ Natura ’ ’ Blood and Stomach Powders and AntiConstipation Pills are best suited for this ailment. The bowels should be emptied daily. A lemon taken first thing in the morning and last thing at night will be found helpful.    *

Bronchitis.—The bronchial tubes are the passages through which air passes to the lungs, and by which we breathe. They are lined throughout by a delicate mucous membrane, which chills, cold air, and other irritants, the extreme delicacy of baby structures, or the inelasticity of advancing years, render prone to inflame and oversecrete its natural mucus.

Bronchial disease is partial to the extremes of life. It assumes the acute form in the young child struggling with its teeth or some infantile complaint, while the chronic form singles out the aged. Once established, the winter cough and chronic bronchitis in its severe forms return regularly every autumn. It is not difficult to alleviate the trouble, but it is hard to cure it.


Clothing.—More can be done by attention to clothing in cases of chronic bronchitis than by medicines alone. The advantages of wearing flannel are obvious. Above all, the feet should be warmly shod. House-slippers should be warm and fur-lined. By attention to these matters, not only can life be prolonged, but the patient’s remaining days are rendered much more comfortable. Patients are advised to sleep in blankets in preference to sheets.

Prevention is Better than Cure.

Diet is an important item in treatment. As the cough and expectoration are most troublesome in the morning, a cup of warm tea or coffee, with toast or a biscuit, before rising, is useful. Sufferers require a little food at frequent intervals, and should never be overfed. A light nourishing supper promotes rest and sleep. Alcohol should not be taken. Malt extract and cod liver oil are helpful in weakly subjects.

Applications, etc.—The application, with friction, of warm oil to ev&ry portion of the body is invaluable in acute infantile cases. It promotes perspiration by bringing the blood to the surface, and it soothes a teething or restless child, so that it falls into a quiet, refreshing sleep, and wakes with much diminution of the symptoms.

The ‘ ‘ Natura * ’ Salve will be found wonderfully soothing and beneficial rubbed over the chest, throat and spine. As a rule, poultices are not to be used in cases of bronchitis. If used at all, they should be applied as hot as can be borne, and changed quickly; but the patient is apt to catch cold in changing them, and the symptoms will then be greatly aggravated.

In chronic cases of Bronchitis the “ Natura” Vitaliser, Salve, Inhalant, and Asthma Sheets, either combined or alone, will prove invaluable. The Vitaliser is to give tone, vigour and strength to the system; the Salve for rubbing over the chest and creating a healthy circulation and expanding the bronchial tubes; the Inhalant for allaying irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract and thus relieving pain, soreness, cough and difficulty of breathing ; the Asthma Sheets to loosen the phlegm, so that it is readily expelled, and to make the breathing easy. The Salve and Inhalant will also be found invaluable for Acute Bronchitis.

Ohilblains are a very modified frost bite, whereby the skin becomes inflamed, irritable, and disagreeably itchy. It is more liable to occur in persons who are weakened by disease and' in those who are of a rheumatic constitution. An effective treatment is to have two basins, the one filled with cold water and the other with warm water to which is added a tablespoonful or two of boracic acid, and placing

Keep the Bowele Regular Always.

the affected parts first in the one basin and then in the other for a few seconds, and then back again in the first basin, and so on, for about ten minutes each night. Continue for about a week. Sufferers from Chilblains should avoid hot rooms and fires. Plenty of exercise should be taken. The best application for Chilblains is “ Natura ’’ Storaxol.



A Few of thk Most Common. .

Chicken-Pox is highly infectious. It occurs principally amongst children, and only once during life. It may be preceded by slight feverishness, afterwards the eruption, composed of pimples with white heads,, appears on the breast, shoulders, face, scalp, and body generally. It may also affect, and very frequently does, the tonsils and roof of the mouth. On the third or fourth day the white vesicle dries up, forming a crust which soon drops off. If the vesicles are not irritated they will pass away without leaving any mark, but as they are apt to be very itchy the little patient by rubbing them may so irritate the part as to create a slight ulcer, which will result in a little pit. To obviate this irritability apply a little carbolised oil to the itchy part, which will speedily allay the irritation. The great point in the treatment of Chicken-pox is to keep the patient indoors and to attend to the daily evacuation of the bowels. The diet should be a milk one.

Croup is a disease of the windpipe, with noisy breathing and peculiar loud cough. It occurs chiefly in children from two to five or six years old. ’ It comes on sometimes with symptoms of feverish cold and sore throat, but more frequently gives no warning. The child is put to bed quite well apparently, and in an hour or two wakes up with loud “ clanging ” cough and signs of imminent suffocation.

Treatment must be prompt and decided. Plot poultices to the throat and chest must be applied immediately, and

Health is the Most Precious Gift. Keep
It If you can.

renewed as they become cool. Free vomiting should be induced by ipecacuanha wine—a teaspoonful every five minutes till it acts. These means will generally cut the attack short; but it must be kept in mind that the child will be liable to a recurrence of it, and should be carefully guarded against draughts and damp, as likely to bring on cold, should wear flannel next the skin, and should have its general health carefully attended to. It will be very helpful if the throat is very gently massaged with our Cerate. The delicate organs of the throat are quickly responsive, and the heat thus administered will soon dislodge the congestion. The chest also should receive an application of the Cerate. If the child is constipated, a dose of castor oil should be given without delay.

Diarrhoea consists of a copious discharge from the bowels of liquid or semi-liquid matter, this generally being of a most offensive odour. It is frequently accompanied by severe griping pain, wdiich invariably indicates that the diarrhoea is due to the presence of some irritating or poisonous matter within the intestines. The proper method of treatment to be adopted when these painful symptoms accompany the disorder, is to commence by clearing out the bow’els with a dose of castor oil. The severe griping pains are best relieved by hot fomentations applied to the abdomen. The diet should have immediate attention ; all milk being stopped at once. Milk only aggravates the trouble by causing the bacteria in the intestines to multiply. Only boiled urater or rice water, barley wrater or wheat-flour gruel should be given for at least twenty-four hours, and for several days if the attack is a severe one. Even if the baby is being nursed by the mother, it is advisable to substitute the rice or barley water for the milk feedings for at least 24 hours. If the baby does not show much improvement in that time, a doctor should be called in without delay. A flannel belt is a good preventive of diarrhoea.

Measles is one of the eruptive fevers, and, as a rule, only attacks a person once in a lifetime. It is infectious. The symptoms commence by a running at the nose and eyes, accompanied by an irritating cough and feverish symptoms. There is also shivering, headache, loss of

Health is Wealth.

appetite, and possibly vomiting, with slight sore throat. The symptoms do not appear till the fourteenth day after contact, when an eruption begins to appear, generally on the temples and forehead first, then on the wrists, ankles, and neck, and gradually extends until the whole body is covered. The eruption of measles is reddish-purple in colour, and it is very slightly elevated above the skin. In the course of a few days this eruption gradually declines, and by the seventh day it will have entirely disappeared, leaving the skin slightly rough. Shortly afterwards the cuticle begins to peel off, so that it is advisable to disinfect the patient every day by means of a bath containing an antiseptic fluid. The complications which are most liable to attend the course of measles are inflammatory affections of the eye, bronchitis, and pneumonia, If the inflammatory condition of the mucous membrane of the nose and eyes has been very severe, permanent injury may result to the eye and tc the ear, so that the greatest possible precautions should be taken duriug the period of convalescence. The principal points to attend to in the treatment of this disease are to see that the bowels are evacuated every day, that the , patient be kept in bed, not too warmly but comfortably clad, that he has plenty of milk and milk diet for the first few days, that the room be shaded from light and kept at a moderate temperature, while, if the cough is severe, mustard and linseed poultices should be applied to thé back and front of the chest. If there is any itching, warm sweet oil, olive oil, or our Cerate Massage rubbed over the skin will be found very soothing to the little sufferer. The food should be very light, such as sago, barley broth, etc.

Mumps is an infectious disease of a somewhat epidemic character, and consists essentially of an inflammatory condition of the salivary glands on either side of the jaw. It is essentially a disease of childhood, and commences with more or less fever preceded by a shivering sensation. After the fever the neck on one or both sides of the jaw becomes very much swolleu, and may interfere very much with both swallowing and breathing, and in every instance prevents the jaws from being opened to their full extent. In four or five days the swelling and acute

Think Health.

st oring begin to disappear, and rarely does the inflammatory action proceed so far as to produce suppuration, but this contingency should always be held in view. The proper treatment is to keep the patient in bed while there is any fever, indoors while any swelling lasts, attend to the bowels, and apply over the swollen surface a flannel dipped in olive oil. The inflamed glands must be bept warm. When improper treatments are adopted or the sufferer is subjected to a chill, the complaint is apt to extend to other organs or glands, such as the breast or ovary. In such cases it is always advisable to seek medical aid. The diet should consist of milk, broths and gruels while the fever lasts. Sour things should not be given, as they usually cause great pain. The sufferer should be isolated from ail under twenty years of age.

Whooping1 Cough is an infectious disease usually attacking childhood, and characterised by a distinctive cough. The symptoms for the first ten days consist of a feverish cold which presents nothing distinctive ; the case is highly infectious, unfortunately, during this stage. After teii days to a fortnight the cough assumes its typical character, which consists of a series of short coughs without any breath being taken between them, until finally air is 'drawn into the lungs with a “ whooping ” sound, frequently vomiting then follows. At the onset the child is often frightened and runs^Jo its mother, clutching hold of her dress, and during the attack the face often turns blue, the eyes start, and the child looks suffocating. The complications are convulsions, broncho-pneumonia, and wasting from the frequent vomitings. The duration of the attack varies, but six weeks is an average time. Infection continues until the whoop ceases. The treatment should be confinement to bed, in the early stages, in a well-ventilated room, and strict isolation from all children. The diet should be light and nourishing, and later, when vomiting is frequent, food should be given directly after it is vomited. Milk and limewater should be given to drink. The rubbing over of the chest, throat and spine with the “ Natura Cerate Massage will prove very soothing, and an excellent tonic to the impaired nervous system.

Haitm Slowly

Worms.—When a child is ill aud fretful, and yet appears to have a good appetite, it is almost certain it is troubled with worms. A common symptom is constant picking of the nose. As worms are a great source of danger to the health and life of the child, they must be got out of the system. The diet should be very simple. Cakes, pastry, sweetstufTs and all rich foods should be avoided. Hot lemon drinks should be given once or twice daily. It is inadvisable to give the child anything to eat after 5 o'clock in the afternoon. First thing in the morning give the child a good injection of warm water, and then one of the “ Natura 1 ’ Blood and Stomach Powders, or half of one powder *f the child is under two years of age. Another powder should be given at night also, just upon retiring. The bowels should be kept well regulated. If this treatment is kept up for a week or two, the worms should be entirely removed from the system.



When the skin or structures beneath it are inflamed it is often necessary to apply poultices of various kinds. The object of them is the application and the maintenance of moist heat to the part. Poultices should be covered with oiled silk or jaconette, and changed quickly so as to avoid cold. Before applying a poultice the skin around the affected parts should be thoroughly cleaned with a liberal application of warm water and good, pure castile soap. If the skin is at all greasy, first bathe it with vinegar aud warm water.    ,

Linseed.—To make a linseed poultice properly calls for skill which few but those who are trained possess. Place boiling water in a scalded ba&in, and then quickly add the meal with constant stirring until it is of the consistency of a stiff paste. Spread the mass evenly, and to the depth of a quarter of an inch, upon a piece of muslin or linen , smooth the surface with a knife before the Are, and roll up like a plaster. The warmth ought to be just

It is Your Duty to Keep Well.

what the cheek can bear. When it is so, unroll upon the affected part, cover with oiled silk, and lay over it a thick pad of cotton wool.

Mustard.—Mustard poultices or leaves are strong counter-irritants. They are chiefly needed in cases of deep-seated inflammations, especially those affecting the chest, and should not be kept on longer than twenty minutes. Where sustained counter-irritation is desirable the mustard should be diluted with linseed or bread, and then made into a regular poultice.

Bread.—Bread poultices are lighter than linseed, but they are more suited to small surfaces, in such cases as inflammations affecting the extremities or the face. To make a bread poultice put breadcrumbs into a basin and pour upon them, with constant stirring, boiling water. Allow the superfluous water to drain off before the fire, and then apply spread on muslin or linen, and cover the whole with oiled silk.

Fomentations.—Flannels wrung out of hot water can be used in the place of poultices. They are lighter and can be readily utilised for the application of suitable drugs. To prepare a fomentation, pour boiling water into a large basin, place over it a stout towel, place the flannel in Uie centre, press it into the water, and then by twisting round the ends of the towel squeeze out the superfluous moisture. Apply quickly while hot.


Attention to Personal Appearance—Face
and Hair.

The woman who would not only attract but hold affection, whether it be that of lover, husband, friend or family, must not neglect her personal appearance. This is a duty she owes herself and society, and is not vanity, but a proper self-respect. It need not necessarily take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. The Hair should be brushed thoroughly once a day. Only in this way can it be kept

Life is a Mirror. Try smiling at it.

glossy and bright. Vary the dressing of the hair frequently. Not only does the change please the eye of the beholder, but it rests the scalp from the friction of the hairpins. For dry hair a little grease should be rubbed into the scalp, and a little Brillantine applied by the brush. For greasy hair a little borax in the rinsing water, after thoroughly washing the hair, is beneficial, for it brightens the hair and prevents a too speedy return to a greasy state. The Complexion, too, requires attention, but lady readers hardly need being told this. They probably recognise that the care of the skin and complexion is one of the duties of woman that should not be neglected. What they do want telling is how a beautiful complexion can be secured. If it is muddy or blotchy through ill health, the thing to do is to remove the cause and get well. Plenty of exercise and attention to diet will do much to improve a poor complexion, as also will cleanliness. The face should be steamed at least once or twice a week. This can be done in a few minutes, so even the busy housewife and mother can steal this short time for herself. Place boiling water (it must be boiling) in a basin and hold the head wTell over it, covered with a thick towel or small blanket. This holds in the steam, which relaxes the pores and draws oil perspiration, dust, etc., leaving the skin cleansed. Cold water should be dashed on the face afterwards in order to close the pores again, and then a good cream should be gently massaged over the face and neck. As the cream is an essential factor in producing a good complexion, it is necessary that it should be of the very best and be possessed of the power to feed and tone up the nerves and tissues of the skin. Without this feeding and toning up power, the cjeam would be lacking in the very quality needed to secure a fine and lasting complexion. The cream should also be soothing, non-irritating, and free from all ingredients that cause the growth of hair. Such a cream is the ideal one for the skin and complexion, and when used daily should make a bad skin good ; a good one, better. It gives health and vigour to the skin, thus enabling the skin to withstand exposure to winds and sun, and to preserve the youthfulness of the complexion. The only cream we know of containing all

“ Natura "—Nature’s Treatment.

the above essentials is “ Turkish Rose ” Complexion Balm. It is at one and the same time a food and a tonic to the skin, and positively does not produce hair. It has also the advantage of being suited to all skins, dry and greasy, and especially sensitive and delicate ones.

4 ‘Turkish Rose” Complexion Balm has a most deli' cious and fragrant rose perfume, and is a skin food which is very largely used on the Continent and the United States of America, and by the ladies of the Sultan’s Seraglio. “Turkish Rose” may be applied at night or during the day. When applied on retiring, it is thoroughly, but gently, massaged over the face and neck, left on overnight, and * wiped off in the morning. When applied at any other time, it is gently rubbed over the face, then wiped off, and a face powder used. Women and girls who use ‘1 Turkish Rose ’ ’ frequently say, in addition to praising it, “a little goes a long wTa5r,” and experience shows that this is so. “Turkish Rose” also removes sunburn, freckles and wrinkles. Soap should not be used by ladies with sensitive or delicate skins; and others, especially those who value their skin, should use it only with the greatest caution, for even the best soaps sometimes injure the face. A little oatmeal with warm water will be found to cleanse the face more effectually and satisfactorily than soap. Gentlemen will find “ Turkish Rose” very soothing after shaving.

Don’t forget that a gay bow on mother’s dress pleases the little ones.



The permanent teeth develop at the roots of the first set during the first year of life, before the first sets have cut the gum. The health of the infant at this time has an important effect on the subsequent welfare of the teeth. Later in life, also, attention to the general health tends to preserve the teeth ; whilst the care of the teeth will amply be repaid by their effect on the general health. ’ The mouth and teeth must be kept clean. They should be cleaned at night as well as in the morning by the thorough use of a

No ease for the Mind when one Tooth Is
aching. /

tooth-brush with some tooth powder. The tooth powder should be antiseptic and not too hard. Soap and water and salt and water are also recommended ; precipitated chalk is good, but camphorated chalk and other preparations of camphor are bad, because they whiten the teeth at the expense of making the enamel crack. All acid mouth 'washes are bad ; and all medicines that damage the teeth, like iron, should be taken in pill form or through a quill. Tooth picks should be of quill or wood, not metal. During suckling, phosphates should be taken as medicine to make up for those lost in the milk, otherwise the teeth suffer for want of this ingredient. The dentist should examine the mouth periodically and stop all teeth that require attention. Plates of artificial teeth should not be worn over stumps. The above remarks apply just as much to the first as the second set. The child should be taught to use a tooth brush, and periodical visits to the dentist should be begun long before the second teeth appear. By this means much of the toothache, indigestion and tuberculous glands in the neck, so common in childhood, can be prevented, and the maximum growth secured. The bristles of a tooth brush should not be too stiff nor too limp. The motion of cleaning the teeth should be up and down and across, for the chief object of brushing is to remove the impurities and particles of food that accumulate around and between the teeth after meals.


Diet forms an important part in the keeping of good health, so much so, that we would not serve the purpose of this book if we did not touch on it. Comparatively few women realise its importance and value. No matter how good one's health may be, it will break down in time unless care is taken with the diet. No hard and fast rule can be laid down as to what foods should be taken by one woman and what omitted by another, for each woman is a law unto herself, and this is well exemplified by the well-known expression, “What is one man’s food is another man’s poison.”

Study your Diet.

There are, however, certain foods that should he avoided by everyone as far as possible, and they are, all rich foods, such as pork, and rich cakes and pastries. Condiments, hot sauces, and all alcoholic drinks, loo, should be avoided, and more especially by those who are troubled with a “liver” or who have a tendency to biliousness. Plain, wholesome foods are the best.

As we are anxious to help all we can, we print below a number of diet tables for the benefit of our patients and others. Should any of the foods permitted be found from experience to disagree with anyone, they should, of course, not be taken.

Not only should attention be paid to the food eaten, but also to the way it is eaten and the time when it is taken. All foods should be eaten very slowly and thoroughly masticated before being swallowed. This prepares the food for the stomach and aids digestion. It is well to remember that the process of digestion actually starts in the mouth ; the salivary glands being there for that purpose. Drinking at meal time should be avoided as much as possible as it interferes with the gastric juices in the stomach and consequently retards digestion. We all have perfect digestion to begin with, and we should do nothing to impair it. An impaired digestion means that the system cannot possibly derive the full benefit and nourishment from the foods we eat and leads to a hundred and one ailments.

Eating between meals and late suppers are a common practice, but both are injurious to health, as also is overeating. The digestive organs require a rest just in the same way as any other part of the body. Most foods take four to five hours to thoroughly digest, so that the digestive organs are already fully taxed by the usual three meals a day. Many people satisfy themselves with two meals a day, and are all the better in health for it. Milk should not be drunk in the same way as water, but should be sipped. It is not'a drink, but a food, and about the only food that seems to supply every requirement of the human body, and this is readily understood when we look at the

What is one man’s food is another man’s

healthy babe who Is being brought up on its mother’s breast. Immediately milk enters the stomach it curdles, and when it is drunk in large gulps, as is commonly done, the digestive organs are called upon to do greater 'work than the}' would otherwise do if the milk were sipped. It is a common practice for a person to take one or two glasses of milk while partaking of a meat meal. This is unquestionably very harmful. Milk and meat do not harmonise. It is a religion with the Jews not to combine at meals meat and milk, or any of their products, such as fat, butter. This really is only a health law, and undoubtedly is a good one. The Jew, we know, also omits pork from his diet, and statistics show that in point of health he has a pull over all other races by reason of these restrictions in diet. We could all well ailord to follow him in his mode of dieting. Cancer amongst Jews is a most rare thing, and this is directly attributed to their diet.




Permitted.—Meat broths, all kinds of fish, all fresh meats, poultry and game, hominy, oatmeal, brown bread, bran gems, ginger-bread, all vegetables if fresh or watery, boiled spinach, onions, stewed prunes and figs, dates, tamarinds, baked apples, melons and grapes, oranges on rising in the morning, water abundantly, hot water an hour before meals, malt extract.

Forbidden.—All salt or smoked fish or meat, milk, peas and beans, nuts, all milk compounds, pickles, pastry, cheese, rich foods, alcoholic drinks.


Permitted.—Nutritive Beef Extract, sweetbreads, dry toast, whole wheat crackers, macaroni, rice, tapioca, eggs, soft-boiled, peptonized milk, junket, custard, claret, tea.

Masticate your food thoroughly.

Noth.—Eat at rare intervals. In severe cases, restrict the diet to the plainest articles.

Forbidden.—Soups, fresh bread, vegetables and fruits, fried dishes, saccharine foods, fish, veal, lamb, and pork.


Permitted.—Beef broth, raw oysters, beef, mutton, and lamb, preferably boiled ; chicken and venison, meat pulp, eggs, soft boiled or poached, corn bread, buttered toast, macaroni, sago, tapioca, whole wheat crackers, spinach, turnips, celery, lettuce, string beans, asparagus, oranges, pears, and prunes, apples, stewed ; junket, water abundantly, hot water an hour before meals, egg-nog, whey, peptonized milk, tea.

Forbidden.—Rich soups and all fried foods, veal, pork, hashes, stews, turkey, potatoes, all starchy and sugary foods, gravies, sauces, pies, pastry, puddings, ice cream, sweet wines, malt liquors, uncooked vegetables.

Nervous Affections.

PERMITTED.—Mutton and beef broth, chicken, oyster or clam soups, raw oysters and clams, all kinds of fish, beef and mutton, chicken, butter, eggs, whole wheat bread, rice, oatmeal, wheaten grits, baked potatoes, sparingly; spinach, cabbage, cresses, lettuce, peas, asparagus, fresh fruit, junket, water freely, cocoa and chocolate, milk, plain or peptonized ; cream, tea or coffee in moderation.

Note.—When the nervous condition arises from faulty digestion and assimilation the diet should consist of a few simple things which are least prone to ferment and are easiest of digestion.

Forbidden.—Stews, hashes, sweet potatoes, starches except as above, gravies, pies, pastry and puddings, distilled and malt liquors, chocolate, sweet wines, strawberries, raspberries, and currants.


Permitted.—All kinds of fish, raw oysters, beef, mutton, chicken, eggs, whole wheat bread, cornmeal mush, rice, brown bread, green vegetables generally, custards, sago pudding, old cheese, tea, water, milk, plain or peptonized.

11 Natura11 helps Nature In her work.

Note.—Meats and nitrogenous foods are to he taken in moderation. An absolute milk diet is sometimes necessary.

Forbidden.—Fried fish, veal, and pork, potatoes, all starchy and sugary substances, except as allowed, all gravies and made dishes, all fried dishes, alcoholic drinks.



Exercise also forms a very important part in the keeping of health, but this fact, too, is realised by comparatively few women. Men are much more alive to the importance of exercise, and indulge in it more freely than women. Women may not have the same advantages for exercising as men, but they can always make time, if they choose. The best exercise is that which is at the same time a recreation, such as games. There are not many women who can find time for games, tennis, golf, etc., but there is not the same excuse for girls. They have their many pastimes in basket ball, hockey and other games, and should freely indulge in them, but they should always avoid over-exertion. Walking and swimming are best suited for women, and a daily walk should be made a fixed rule. A walk of a mile is none too long, and where that distance can be increased it should be. The walk should be brisk, with the shoulders held well back ; a slouch is not of much use. The exercise will Stimulate the whole system naturally, and help to create a good healthy circulation and an improved appetite. This will aid the skin, lungs and kidneys to perform their purifying and eliminating work all the better, and also assist digestion. Deep breathing should be practised daily and in the open air. Inhale through the nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Get as much pure air into the lungs as possible. Tt all helps to purify. Fresh air, and plenty of it, is as necessary to us as it is to the plants. The more we have of it the better are we in health. Horse riding and cycling are good, but these exercises are £cr the strong and healthy only. They are too violent for the sick and poorly. We spend

Dally Exercise is necessary to good health

from two to three hours daily over our food, and we surely can manage to spare twenty minutes for exercise. We say everyone should find this time for exercising, and they will be all the better for it. Do not exercise within two hours after taking a meal.



Sleep is as necessary to life as food, and the more we get out of it the better are we in health. To get the best out of sleep, it must be refreshing, and to achieve this there are certain rules that must be followed. Early to bed and early to rise, etc., is still a maxim that holds good, and it is well to remember that one hour's sleep before midnight is equal to two after. The head and nose should not be covered, but should be left free to take in all the outside air possible. The breathing should be through the nose and not through the mouth. There are far too many people, young and old, who either sleep with the head covered or breathe through the mouth. Both are harmful to health if persisted in, and certainly interfere with the sleep being refreshing. Parents should make a point of correcting these errors in their children. The bedroom should be well ventilated and cool. This is best effected by having the window open at the top, and by the chimney register never being closed. The bed should have a hair mattress, not feathers.

Position.—The position we adopt in sleeping has its influence. The best side to sleep on is the right, as this does not throw any unnecessary work on the heart, which lying on the|}eft side does. Sleep on the back predisposes to nightmares. Women and girls troubled with displacement of the womb should follow these rules :—if the displacement is one of retroversion, sleep on the stomach —it will give relief and help to right the trouble; if the displacement be anteversion, the position should be just the opposite. Where the trouble is falling of the womb, the sufferer should sleep on her back with the feet resting higher than the hips. The pillow should be low in childhood, and higher as age advances.

One hour’s sleep before midnight is equal
to two after.

Duration.—A baby should sleep twenty hours out of the twenty-four ; at fifteen years of age nine to ten hours suffice ; at fifteen to twenty-five years, eight to nine hours ; and after this age, seven to eight hours, until old age is reached, when more is required. On waking, a stretch and yawn are beneficial. In childhood, a sleep in the forenoon daily is most desirable. Children should go to bed not later than eight o’clock, and they should have a good “ romp” for half-an-hour before bed-time. Babies should sleep in cradles without rockers. To be rocked to sleep is an acquired habit that is quite unnecessary, if not harmful, as hospital experience has abundantly proved.



Another very important factor in keeping well is the bath. It removes the impurities from the skin and assists it to do its work. The better the skin operates the more it lessens the work of the lungs and kidneys in the elimination of impurities from the system. A daily bath should be a standing thing with every healthy woman and girl. Those who enjoy good health and have a sound heart should take a cold bath, or shower, for preference, as it has a very stimulating influence on the whole system ; but those ailing or not too strong should confine themselves to lukewarm baths. In taking a cold bath, first wet the temples and the nape of the neck, and splash the water fifteen times against the chest and ten times against the heart. This will avoid all danger of shock. Below the temperature of 70 degrees is cold, 85 to 95 degrees is lukewarm, 96 to 104 degrees is warm, 104 to 114 degrees is hot to very hot.



We would add a further word regarding the ” Natura” Home Treatment. It is primarily a Combined Uterine Treatment, and consists of the Capsules, Cerate Massage, and Herbal Tonic or Tea. As the name “ Natura” implies,

The Importance of a Daily Bath cannot be over estimated.

It is a natural treatment, working on natural lines, and therefore in strict accord with Nature, assisting Nature in every possible way to do her wonderful work.

The Capsules are applied direct to the parts, once every five days, by insertion, and act immediately on the organs affected by the process of absorption, etc. They gently draw off all inflammation and impurities from the womb, cleansing and lightening it, and thus reducing the strain on the ligaments ; at the same time giving tone to the organ and surrounding parts.

The Cerate is an ointment, which is applied every night and morning to the abdomen and lower part of spine, and while alleviating pain, it is helpful in effecting a perfect circulation of the blood, thereby building up the tissues and strengthening the nervous system. The porous nature of the skin causes a quick absorption of the Cerate, which immediately commences its soothing and restoring work, changing all diseased conditions and strengthening all weakened organs by a rich and improved blood supply.

The Herbal Tonic or Tea is composed of Specially-blended herbs, and is prepared by the patient herself. It has a specific action on the ovaries and generative organs generally, and operates as a tonic which cannot be surpassed.

These three, then, are the Combined Uterine Treatment, and will suffice if the trouble is confined to the womb and there are no complications. If complications are present, they, too, should receive special treatment if the best and quickest results are to be obtained. All our medicines are specially prepared to work in perfect harmony and to assist one another. We find that in very many cases there is a constipated condition of the bowels present, and where this is so we advise the patient to take our Anti-Constipation Pills, which correct the trouble and establish a healthy regularity of the bowels. They are also a pill for the liver, and have a beneficial action on the liver itself and the intestines.

As a short description of all our other forms of medicines is given in our Price List on pages 52-55, it is not necessary

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

to enlarge on them here, unless it be to say just a word or two about our famous “Natura” Uterine Specific and “Natura” Vitalises They are both powerful tonics to the whole system generally, and more,particularly to the generative organs. The Specific is essentially for women, but the Vitaliser may be used by both men and women, and is unexcelled for nervous exhaustion and every condition of debility. One of Australia’s leading authors, who was a nervous and physical wreck, wrote us after taking a course of the Vitaliser: “I owe not only my intellect, but my life, to your wonderful Elixir, and I have no objection to your giving my name to anyone genuinely interested.”


The “ Natura” Treatment is essentially a Home Treatment, and one that can be applied with absolute safety by the patient herself, thereby avoiding the unpleasantness of an examination or the expense of an attending physician. Fullest directions as to use are given on each package of medicine, so that no possible mistake can be made; but where required, we are only too pleased to give any further information. The Treatment in no way interferes with one’s daily duties.

Quite two-thirds of our patients are treated by us through the post, and without ever coming in personal touch with us ; but this makes no difference at all, for by our .special system we are able to treat equally as well through the post as personally. This is done by getting every patient to fill in, and returning to us, our printed Consultation Form, which wre send to any enquirer. All the questions in the Form have been very carefully thought out to meet #11 possible cases, and the answers to them enable us to tell clearly in each case what the trouble is. A Consultation Form appears on page 64, and can be easily detached from the rest of the book. You are invited to make use of it.

All information and advice are given by us free, and each patient is entitled to one consultation a week, either per-

Beware of Imitations.

sonally or by letter, throughout the entire course of treatment. We are always pleased to welcome Country Patients at our rooms, and very much like them to make a special point of giving us a look up when in town. Our dressing room is at the disposal of all our patients and their friends, and they are invited to make use of it. Country patients especially find it a great convenience for a wash and “ tidy-up.” If there are any commissions they would like us to execute for them in town we shall be only too pleased to do our best, making no charge for our trouble.

All letters are personally opened and attended to by our Lady Superintendent, and, needless to say, all confidences are respected to the full.

When ordering by post we would ask you to pay attention to the following rules, as it helps to avoid mistakes and disappointment:—

1.    Write Name and Address plainly, and say whetljpr

“Lady,” “Mrs.,” “Miss,” or “Mr.’!

2.    State the amount of your remittance, which may be

by Postal Note, Money Order, or Cheque, payable to “Natura” Health Co. Exchange should be added to all country cheques.

3.    Add 3d. to your remittance to enable us to register

your parcel. This makes us responsible for delivery of the parcel.

4.    Specially note our Only Melbourno Address

is “ Natura ” Health Co., Australian Buildings, 49 Elizabeth Street, and our Only Sydney Address, Canberra House, 297 Elizabeth Street.

We exercise the greatest care in the packing of all medicines for transmission through the post, but at the same time we cannot accept any responsibility for breakages once the parcel is handed in at the Post Office.

We make a special point of despatching all medicines on the same day that the order for them is received by us. So, if the medicines do not reach patients promptly, we would ask them to be good enough to let us know at ad

Ladies living: in or near Sydney are invited to call at our Sydney Office.

early date, so that we can make enquiries at this end, and thus be enabled to trace the parcel without any unnecessary loss of time.

Ladies living in or near Melbourne who can make it convenient to call on us will be cordially welcomed. We make no charge for the consultation or the advice given.


For the convenience and guidance of our patients, we print below a list of our Medicines, with their prices. All Medicines are done up in packages to last a month, with the exception of the ‘ Natura” Uterine Specific and the “ Natura’ * Vitaliser, and contain fullest directions as to use. It will be seen that the cost of our Medicines is very moderate, and it is worth remembering that we make no extra charge for the expert advice we give, nor do we add postage to our prices, as so many firms do, when sending the Medicines through the post.


Specially Note.—In Cases where treatment for three months or more is ordered, and same is purchased in one lot, WE ALLOW A DISCOUNT OF 10 PER CENT OFF THESE PRICES.


s. d.

“NATURA" capsuled suppositories.

A local application for all Uterine Complainfs. Gently draws off all inflammation and impurities, and tones up the Uterus and surrounding parts. Per box, one month’s treatment    ...    ...    ...    ...    ...    9    6


For external application. Specially necessary in ovarian \ troubles. Allays inflammation, promotes circulation of the blood, builds up the tissues, and strengthens the nervous system wonderfully. Per jar, one month’s treatment    ...    ...    ...    ...    ...    5    0


\ Has a peculiarly healthful action on the ovaries, and is very beneficial to sufferers during the menstrual period.

The herbs are sent ready mixed, with full directions, so that the Tonic can be made- fresh. One month’s treatment    ...    ...    ...    ...    ...    5    O

Happiness is a Home-Made Article


10 6 5 O

5 O

5 O

5 O

5 O

5 O

5 O 12 6

5 O

An unequalled tonic to the female generative organs. Allays irritation, and is of much value in alleviating painful monthly periods, and in strengthening the womb prior to labour. Per bottle    ...    ...    ...


In cases of dyspepsia, sour stomach, belching,indigestion, or in any form of gastric eructation, these powders give quick relief. One month’s treatment ...    ...


A radical remedy for all bladder and kidney troubles, congestion of the kidneys and their symptoms, profuse, or little and often, scalding or painful urination. One month’s treatment ...    ...    ...    ...


A simple yet wonderful medicine for over-worked or abused nerve forces, worry, mental over-work, irritation, sleeplessness, exhaustion, hysteria. Nothing but good can result from their use. One mouth’s treatment ...


An oxygenic addition to the red corpuscles and carrying capacity of the blood, will speedily overcome anaemic conditions, and restore health, strength and vitality. One month’s treatment    ...    ...    • ••


Nature’s own remedy for constipation, biliousness, sallow skin, coated tongue, foul breath, colic and bilious headache. One month’s treatment •    ...    ...


An internal treatment for all Rectal complaints and Piles (outward, iuward, bleeding and itching). To be used in conjunction with the “Natura” Pile Ointment. One month’s treatment ...    ...    ...    ...


Our external treatment for Piles. Antiseptic, Sedative. To be used with the “ Natura” Rectal Suppositories. One month’s treatment    ...    ...    ...


A mechanical vaporiser    for    nose    or    throat. Aseptic,

efficient, convenient ...    ...    ...    •••


I*or all infectious and bacterial diseases of the nose, mouth, ears and throat, and all inflammatory conditions of mucous membrane accessible by spray. The assured Catarrh destroyer. One month’s treatment ...

The Process of Digestion starts in the

». d.

3 O 2 6

5 O

10 6 12 6

5 O 5 O

3 O 2 10

“NATURA" NASAL TABLETS (lor Irrigator)

For cleansing the Nose and Throat in cases of Catarrh. They readily dissolve the Crusts of dried Mucus, and remove accumulated Secretion without setting up Irritation, or aggravating an established Inflammation. Used with Irrigator. One month’s treatment ...    ...

NASAL IRRIGATOR (For Nasal Tablets)

Being made entirely of Glass, it can be easily cleansed and sterilised by boiling in water. Being in one piece, it cannot get out of order    ...    " ...    ...


For external application. Wonderfully curative and sedative. Acts like a charm in alleviating inflammation in Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis, and Rheumatism, and creates a healthy circulation around the affected parts. Expands the Bronchial tubes in Asthma and Bronchitis. Per jar, one month’s treatment ...    ...    ...


A general tonic to the whole system, promoting nutrition. Restores vigour, health, and strength. Unequalled for "run down” men and women. Invaluable in all cases of Nervous troubles, Asthma, Catarrh, Chronic Bronchitis, Laryngitis and Whooping Cough. Per bottle


For Rheumatism, Chronic Catarrh and Asthma, and other conditions indicating the need of a powerful alterative. Effectively alters diseased conditions of the blood. Five week’s treatment ...    ...    ...    ...


A splendid remedy for Rheumatism. Eliminates impurities and foreign matter from the blood and system, and makes uric acid formation impossible. Most successful in even long-standing and chronic cases. One month’s treatment    ...    *    ...    ...    ...    ...


Invaluable for Asthma. Gives relief in every case, no matter of how long standing. Per box ...    ...


An antiseptic ointment for the treatment of Eczema, and all Acute and Chronic Diseases of the Skin, Burns, etc. Per jar    ...    ...    ...    ...    ...


A genuine skin food. Unsurpassed for the complexion. Guaranteed not to grow hair. Per jar, 2/8, post free

You are invited to make use of the Consultation Form on page 64.



s. d

Our Dailies’ Douche, specially strongly made, bolding two quarts, with fittings and 6ft. rubber tubing. Each 7    6


For Pruritis, Inflammation of the Vulva and External Irritation generally, including Chilblains. Per tube ...    1    6


The purest for douching and the bath. Per cake ... O 9

All Orders are sent post free, and are securely packed in plain





In order that the striking points of the “Natura” Home Treatment may be seen at a glance, we here enumerate them for your guidance :—

1.    It is composed of the finest and safest medicaments


2.    It is a Simple and Inexpensive Home

Treatment for women and girls, and can be used with perfect safety in the privacy of their own rooms without the unpleasantness of an examination, or the expense of an attending physician.

3.    It practically does away with operations, especially

for all Uterine troubles.

4.    It is specially prepared for the removing of all forms

of Uterine troubles, nervous complaints, and other conditions arising out of these disorders.

5.    It does not interfere with one’s household or other

duties in any way.

6.    It is a treatment that has been in existence for

many years. It is not a new thing or experiment. It is fully established.

7.    It is not a “ faith cure;" but a natural treatment,

helping Nature to do her own work. *

8.    It has cured thousands of suffering women and

girls, throughout Australasia, of all kinds of Uterine TrotTbles and Misplacements, Anteversiou,

Delays are dangerous, and this applies to Health more than to anything else.

Retroversion, Congestion, and Falling of the Womb, with their hundred and one attendant evils, such as Backaches, Headaches, Nervousness, Leucorrhoea (“ Whites”), Profuse, Scanty, Irregular and Painful Menstruation, etc., Inflammation and Congestion of the Ovaries.

^ Certain forms of our Treatment have also cured Constipation, Blood Diseases, Dyspepsia, Stomach, Liver and Kidney Troubles, Piles, Catarrh, etc.

In conclusion, we would remark there is that about the Natura” Home Treatment which interests every woman. If not for herself, then for some relative, friend, or acquaintance. Very many thousands of women know of its wonderful curative powers through personal experience and benefit; but it is only right that every woman should know of it. Recognising this as a duty, we are doing our best to bring this about; but as we cannot reach everybody, your help is necessary. So, when you have finished reading this book, may we ask you to pass it on? or, better still, we will post the “Natura” Health Guide, with some of our testimonials, to any relative or friend whose name and address you give us, without charge. Send to “ Manageress,M Special Book Department, “ Natura” Health Co., Australian Buildings, 49 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, or Canberra House, 297 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Our staffs consist of highly trained ladies only, and, needless to say, all confidences are respected


“Natura” Vaginal Suppositories.

/ hereby certify that I have made a thorough and exhaustive analysis of the “Natura ” Capsuled Suppositories, extending over many weeks, and find that there is positively nothing in them that can possibly harm ; but on the contrary, consider that only good -esults should follow their use, and that they should do what is claimed for them, if used according to directions.

(Signed) A. R. CAMERON, Ph.C., Analyst,

Chemist by Exam. (London), £legd. N.S.W. and Victoria

Eat Slowly—Drink Slowly.


Ever\r day we are in receipt of testimonials from grateful patients all over Australia. These testimonials speak in the most kindly and thankful terms of the wonderful benefits derived from the “ Natura M Home Treatment. Most patients who are cured feel that it is only right that they should tell us of the wonderful things our medicines have done for them. Our space is too limited to enable us to print a full range of the testimonials here. \Ye are, however, printing one or more under all the principal headings given in the book, and this will make them as comprehensive as possible. If any reader would like to peruse others of our many thousands of testimonials received, we shall be pleased to forward copies of same, post free. We vouch for the genuineness of every testimonial appearing below, the originals of which may be seen at our rooms at any time. For obvious reasons, numbers are used instead of names.


Painful, Irregular, Profuse, and Scanty.

No. 2421.—My periods passed over without the slightest pain, after suffering those agonising pains for fifteen years or more. If you think fit you may use my name. If anyone would like to hear from me before going under your treatment, I will be only too pleased to recommend it.

P.S.—When I called oil you, I thought my case was a hopeless one after suffering so long.

No. 2422.—You will be glad to know that I am feeling very well indeed, quite my old self. I had no pain at all this month, not even in my breasts, which is very wonderful as I have always had tenderness or shooting pains in my breasts three or four days before “ periods ” starting.

No. 2224.—The treatment is doing me good. I feel better in myself, and have no pain whatever. I had no pain at the last monthly period. That speaks well for the treatment, and I usually have a bad time.

No. 2260.—Last month when I menstruated I had not even one pain, and to begin with I had a freezing shower on top of a heavy cold, only to find I had menstruated that day and did not know it. J am very grateful for your treatment. My friends on all sides are continually congratulating me on my improved appearance in health.

No. 2143.—My periods came exactly to time last time. I don’t remember that happening for a very long time. I think the sag in the bowel has moved a little, and the piles too are disappearing.

All Consultations and Advice are Free

No. 2182.—I cannot express to you how grateful I am t:or your

treatment. The result is marvellous. The leueorrhcea has practically ceased, and the last two months I have not had the usual heavy loss during my period, and it has been reduced to four days. Kverv-one is remarking how much better I am looking. I have started to put on weight. The doctor said my womb is not down now. I saw him before trying your treatment.

No. 2279.—I must tell you I am feeling better of that tir-ed and languid feeling I had, and the blood is not so poor and watery as it was. My feet and ankles don’t swell at all now. I am regular in the bowels while I am taking the Anti-Constipation Pills.


No. 2301.—I am still keeping well and feel that the medicines are doing me good. I was so troubled with “ Whites ” before> an(p I find that the treatment has done that a great deal of good.

No. 2295.—I have great pleasure in writing to you to say that I have derived great benefit from your treatment. It has \Vorked wonders with r*lf* Th*» "«STiri”«' pain tlirtt I nottkl to ^v.1    • ij

womb is entirely gone.


No, 2147.—I am pleased to say your treatment has doi good. The pain that I had in my side is quite well, and t? • a wonderful improvement in my hack.


No. 1925. — I want to tell you I owe my life to you. I am cure<j all^ better. I can walk miles now without feeling the least sign    ,

complaint. The fulness in my stomach and backache are comj/j . cured, aud the womb is now in its proper place.


No. 2144.—I think vours is a marvellous treatment.

feel better after all the discharge and pieces of skin coming They are like large ulcers. My womb has got back into P°'sition It is such a relief after always having that bearing down pain.    '

No. 2349.—Please send me a douche. I took a course Oj treatment months ago, and I derived much benefit'from it.

I have not been bothered with the falling of the womb sine 1 a<j, I ever wanted any treatment I would send for the “NatturaM V ment.    /    ireai"


No. 2197.



On douching last night I found a large skir away, and after examining it, I think it is the whole lining <of the womb. It was a small pear-shape skin and double. I au^ pleased that your treatment is doing %uch good work.

Cultivate Cheerfulness. It helps to
you Young.


No. 2241.1 told my husband to send me to the Hospital, but he said not while there was a cure outside the hospital. And he knows without a doubt that only for your treatment I would have found an early grave. I have good health and cat well. The lump which I complained of at the mouth of the womb has completely disappeared.

No. 2155.—I am sending for some more capsules. One women was praising them up to me. She said they were curing her, but she was taking the herbs as well. She declares your treatment saved her from an operation. She had a tumour and was such a size, but now she is quite her usual size. Would you mind sending me herbs too?


No. 2418.—I am sure you will be pleased to hear that I am 1 lie mother of such a sweet little baby girl. It is such an angel. I have every faith in your treatment, as I only had three months of it, and look at me now. I am one of the happiest women in the world.

No. 2234.—I am pleased to tell you that I am over my trouble and have a nice healthy daughter. I got over it real well, and was not long bad. I am very small made, but baby’s head never went a bit out of shape, I aiu always praising the treatment to everyone.

No. 2140.I want you to forward me another bottle of “Natura” Specific. I am keeping splendidly, and am only 3 weeks off the time now. I hope at some future date to call on you personally and let you see the result of your treatment. I trust all women will soon realise the benefit of your treatment as I have done.

No. 2268.I had a good time, but it was after where I scored the most. I wasn’t pulled down a bit. This is my sixth, and I have felt stronger and better with this one than with any of the others, thanks to your splendid treatment. It has worked wonders with me, and baby is so strong and well and weighed 10 lbs. when born. I would advise anyone who is affected as I was to have your treatment, and all I am sorry for is that I didn’t have it before.

No. 2161.—I have been going to write you so many times to tell you what I think of the treatment. 1 used it for nearly four months for a misplacement, and at the end of that time I was almost better, and found I had become pregnant. It was a great joy to me, and I think and speak very highly of your treatment. I may say I have been exceptionally well, and am now in my sixth month and have not had a day’s sickness.

No. 2287.—Mrs. Y. got on very well. Iler baby is just lovely. I am keeping in the best of health myself, and can only thank your treatment for it. It was a good day for me when I first heard of it. Every one remarks on my altered appearance. Some take me for my younger sister. I have told dozens of women about your treatment. No one knows what I suffered.

Cheerfulness is a Habit.

No. 2201.—I am thankful to you to say I am gaining strength wonderfully. I have no headaches now and I have not been unwell since March 4th.

No. 2272.—It is marvellous the work your wonderful treatment does. It has done a lot of wonderfully good work for me. Oh ! isn’t it nice to think I will be a little mother in a little over four months time from now. I am looking forward with every hope for an easy»’ confinement and a healthy baby. I think I am going along splendidly thyself, and I am sure it is only with the help of your treatment and the good work it has done for me. These last six months I have been eating and sleeping so well, so it is easy to see what the treatment is doing for me.

No. 2272a.—My husband and self desire to thank you for the benefit I have derived from your wonderful treatment; also for your kind letters and advice. I am sure I wouldn’t be so well and strong to-day nor have my bonnie baby boy, but for your treatment. I had a good time with him, only bad an hour. He is such a strong, healthy rosy baby. I kept so well all through the time I was carrying, thanks all to your wonderful treatment. I can’t speak enough for your famous “Natura’’ Home Treatment, and I wish you all sorts of good luck with it.


First Letter.—I am pregnant and suffer from excessive reach»

ing, which leaves me very weak. My stomach is continually churning. I have reaching fits, but do not have any rest from them or the churning feeling, which causes a considerable amount of belching of wind.

No. 2312.—Second Letter.—Have received great benefit from

the Blood and Stomach Powders.


No. 2150.—I am getting on splendidly, and I think I shall soon be all right. The parts are healing up nicely, and I feel I can work all day without being so tired again.


No. 2420.—We both are very delighted to let you know that our little daughter was born on Christmas night at 11 o’clock. Everything came naturally, no instruments. We have got a fine healthy girl, she weighs 7 l/2lbs., and is so good and contented. My wife told the doctor that if it had not been for the wonderful 44 Natura ” 'treatment, she is sure she would never have had this baby, with all the work and worry. Why even the night before she was laid up she milked four cows, and has done all her house work right through. So with nearly seven years between the two children and five miscarriages between, we don’t think anyone can give you a better testimonial than this. Thanking you for your kindness through the nine months, and wishing you much success with your treatment.

Pull Gently at a weak Rope

First Letter.—Two months after marriage I became pregnant, but at 5 months I had a miscarriage. Two months Inter, I again became pregnant and all went well until months, when I miscarried again, greatly to my and my husband’s sorrow, I am again pregnant and would not like above anything to miscarry again, so I am writing to you for advice and treatment.

No. 2177.—Husband’s Letter.—-I am just writing you a line to let you know my wife has got over her trouble. We have got a fine boy. Many thanks to you for your treatment and kind letters.

No. 2177a.—Wife’s Letter.—Many thanks for you kind letter and congratulations. I must also thank you for the interest you have taken in my case, and I would just love you to see your boy. The nurse told me to tell you he was a perfect picture. I am well and baby is grand.


No. 2186.—I am very pleased to say I am feeling so much better. I don’t think I need to continue the treatment, but would like to keep one box of capsules by me. I am very pleased I went under your treatment and will always be pleased to recommend it to others.


No. 2128.—It is with pleasure I send you this account of myself I ran completely down mentally and physically; tried electricity and other remedies, but could not get a pull towards recovery. “ Natura” Vitaliser was recommended to me. The first bottle was really astonishing in its recuperative effects. I continued remedy for some months, every bottle farther advancing me to recovery ; and it left me filled with vital energy. There is no doubt the Vitaliser has saved not only my intellect but my life.


No. 2217.—I feel very much better since I got the Herbal Tea, and I have not had a bad headache for over 4 weeks, which is something wonderful for me.

No. 2219.I am feeling a lot better. I have had no headaches since I have been taking the medicines.


No. 1721.—I am pleased to say I am still improving under your treatment. The Powders have done me a lot of good.


No. 2327.—Your treatment, which I was under for Piles, has done me the world of good, and I am in perfect health now.

No. 1769.— I must tell you that I got the Pile Cure fora friend of mine. She is a great believer in your remedies. She knows of two bad cases that were cured through p&ur treatment.

In Trying to Regain Health, Make a Business of it.

No. 2336.—I know if I had not begun with your treatment I would have been a complete wreck. To-day everybody is telling me how well I look. I feel better of the Piles. If they come back I shall try your remedy again.

No. 2412.—You will be glad to hear that I am quite cured of my Piles through your wonderful Pile treatment.


No. 2366.—Pleased to say I am still deriving great benefit from your Nebuliser, which I use night and morning without fail.

No. 2381.—Kindly forward Salve and Inhalant. 1 have received much benefit and great relief to my chest from your treatment.

No. 2372.—The Nebuliser has done me a lot of good. I do not need it at all now.

No. 2352.—I fmd the Nebuliser has a very soothing effect on my throat. It seems to ease the pain almost at once.

No. 2415.—I am pleased to say I am completely cured of my Catarrh, thanks entirely to your treatment. It is six months now sfrice I last used any of the medicines and there is no sign of weakness of the trouble at all. I have recommended it to many.


No. 2360.—What a blessing your treatment is to weak and ailing women. I am pleased to say I can have a good night’s rest now and wake up refreshed in the mornings. My knee never troubles me now. I eat well and my eyes are much stronger.


No. 2356.—I am keeping splendidly and I am sure it is only your wonderful treatment that keeps me so well. I have not used your Constipation Pills for this long time now. My bowels are quite active without them. I haven’t suffered since I’ve been under your treatment. I seem to be improving in health every day. I weighed 7 stone 2 lbs. when I started using your treatment, and now I weigh 8 stone 2 lbs.

No. 2341.—The Anti-Constipation Pills keep me nice and regular.


No. 2401,—I am just finishing my month’s treatment. I really do not know how to write enough praise in its favour. I feel ever so much better in every way. The womb has lost all the tender feeling and it has gone back into its place. I feel quite a new' woman. I could not have believed it if I had not tried it. The first capsule I used brought away about a handful of waste stuff. I don’t think there is any other treatment acts so quickly and so well, and I have tried many. I have beeni to about twenty doctors, and they all ordered operations; but I am glad I never consented as I would have suffered for nothing. With your treatment one does not suffer, and I can feel myself getting better every day. I will recommend your treatment to all. It is only one who has really suffered that welcomes the soothing relief obtained from the “Natura” Capsules.

Anything that is worth doing is worth

doing Well.


No. 2423.—Will you kindly send me three jars of your “Turkish Rose’’ Complexion Balm, for which I enclose postal note. I have been using this skin food for nearly a year and feel I must tell you how delighted I am with the result, as my skin has improved wonderfully, having become much softer and clearer—with no sign of superfluous hair—and it is so fragrant and pleasant to use and does not make the skin greasy, I have tried many skin foods, and have found Turkish Rose far more satisfactory than any other, and would never be without it.

Later: —No. 2218a.—T am feeling splendid now, and I think I am quite recovered.


We have endeavoured to write this book in the simplest language, and to place each subject before you in its true light, and it is for you to judge if we have succeeded. We have not tried to make anything blacker or worse than it really is. Our policy is not to frighten patients, nor to exploit them. Our idea has been, and is, to provide a book that will be of great service to the wife and mother, and where, unfortunately, outside help is needed in illnesses, to show how we can assist the sufferer by means of the wonderful ‘ * Natura” Home Treatment. Seeking our advice costs nothing. Tell us all about your illness and complaint, and we will endeavour to do the rest. If we feel that we can help you, we will tell you so; and if we think you are unfortunately beyond our help, we will be equally candid with you. The cases that are beyond help or cure are very few indeed, probably not averaging more than one in a thousand. Do not think that your case is different from anybody else’s : and, if you have anv prejudices, we would say to you, lay them aside, and make up your mind to judge our treatment on its merits. We will be quite satisfied with that judgment. You can safely reason with yourself “that if the ‘ NaturaJ Home Treatment can do me no good, it certainly can do me no harm. The chances are all in my favour, and what the treatment has done for thousands of others, it should be able to do for me.”

You are invited to make use of the Consultation Form on the next pagea

CONSULTATION DEPARTMENT (Strictly Confidential).

You are invited to fill in this Form and return to us, when it will receive the personal attention of our Lady Superintendent. No charge will be made for the consultation or advice.


49 Elizabeth St., Melbourne and 297 Elizabeth St., Sydney



Age next birthday?...............Single, married or widow?..................

If married, how long?.....................Have you any children?............

Had any miscarriages?..................You desire children?..................

Where do you feel pain principally?................................................

How long have you suffered in this way?...........................Have you

undergone any operations?..............................What were the operations?. ..........................Do you menstruate regularly?..................

Are the menses scanty or profuse?.....................Do you suffer more

particularly at that time?........................Do you suffer from Leucorr-

liœa (“Whites”)?........................Are your bowels loose, regular, or

constipated?...........................What medicine are you in the habit of

taking ?..............................Do you suffer from bilious headaches or

vomiting-?....................................Do you suffer from indigestion or

“Wind”?........................Do you urinate frequently?.....................

Much?.......................Any scalding or smarting?..................Is the

water clear or any sediment?...........................Have you any backache?.....................Do your feet or ankles swell?.....................Do

you suffer from Piles?..........................Outwards?........................

Inward ?........................Bleeding?....................Do you suffer from

nervousness?.....................Do you sleep well?.....................Are you

Anaemic (“Bloodless”)?........................Do you suffer from Catarrh

of the Nose or Throat?...........................Height...........................

Weight....................................Any Heart Trouble?........................

For any additional information regarding your present condition not fully covered by above questions, write fully on a Sheet of Paper. Omit nothing you can recall of past or present suffering. It may be of great importance in treating you.

You are Invited to fill in the above Consultation Form and return to us.

'*-i. ' ~.SAl2-


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For Women and Girl*.


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.    '> ^r;’>-■■•. »¿[A •'. 5y'V/4.'ri'^?'< ! - ‘.

• *_    A *    ■    '

---’”"• *- *

Issued by the


\ • * t. *. * A*'• ;:»*:»** •- ‘ • •'- ' ?c 1 + .■ *. .'•• hi *r • .•*■• frtft *.• i ' . \ t ■/ .'Vv . «• ? ?«.' .

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Australian Buildings,


AND;.,'..' v 'j..;    •.. ' '<m

>!S.vi'iM.r’ Canberra House,    • V.:.