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Qeclong - Victoria - Australia


Geelong is situated on the shores of Corio Bay, an arm of Port Phillip Bay, and it has as a hinterland the lush rolling grasslands of the Bellarine Peninsula and the Western District of Victoria.

One of the largest provincial cities in Australia, Geelong has a claim to being progressive, with a future of immense possibilities. The fine harbour is to have enlarged facilities to cope with the rapidly increasing demands of its many industries, and also of the rich areas served by the numerous rail and road services.    These areas not only provide

a wide range of scenic gems but are areas devoted to vital primary and secondary industries.

The population of greater Geelong is 55,000 and increasing rapidly, there is however

ample room for continued expansion under ideal conditions.

Cor/'o Bay provides a pretty scene, with the city gracefully overlooking its wide expanse of blue water which is fully used by all varieties of water craft from overseas

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steamers to the smallest pleasure boat. Excellent swimming is available especially at the

Eastern Park Beach, one of the finest swimming enclosures in Australia.

Within a radius of 30 miles from Geelong City are found a fine selection of beach

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resorts, equal to anything in Australia. Pcrtarlington, St. Leonards, Clifton Springs, Queenscliff, Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale, Barwon Heads and Torquay provide a series of delightful beaches each with its own particular charm. Few large cities can claim to have such a varieiy of calm water, river or rolling ocean in which to enjoy aquatic sports.

EASTERN BEACH RESERVE. Aerial panorama showing this wonderful addition to the sporting facilities of Geelong City

The swimming Pool is flanked by delightful lawns and shade trees.

Excellent shopping centres cater for the    needs of the resident    and    the    visitor, the

main thoroughfares are a constant hive of activity, the wide streets however enable all traffic to be handled with ease.

All    large commercial institutions, banks, insurance companies    etc.    are    represented

with    branches    to cater    for the needs    of the city and    outlying areas. Large housing    estates

are    under    construction, with other projects planned, all of which point to a    bright and

prosperous future for Greater Geelong.

In all,    Geelong    is entitled to its claim to being a progressive city with a    future,

such    a    future    which offers scope for    new comers in    all walks of life. Here they will find

everything    required to provide enjoyable living,    happy holidays and    hope    for    the future.

Be it    a new    industry, a casual visitor, a    new settler, or a returning    citizen,

Geelong offers a welcome to all.

EASTERN BEACH POOL. A section of this popular swimming pool. Every facility is provided for swimmers of all ages to

enjoy themselves. There is also a special Olympic Pcol included in the enclosure.





ART GALLERY AND PARK. This is typical of many delightful corners In Geelong’s gardens and parks.

Modern educational facilities are ample, a number of schools being widely known throughout    Australia and overseas. Amongst    these being the    Gordon    Institute of Technology,

Geelong College and Geelong Grammar School.

Within the city area are numerous lovely public gardens and parks, whilst adjoining the outer    areas are excellent playing fields,    golf courses, etc. Victoria's    oldest Golf Club

"bell Park" is situated    in the North West section.

To stand on the heights overlooking Queens Park, with the winding Barwon River backed by    the rolling hills, is to witness a    scene of restful    charm    and    tranquility, seldom

found so close to a busy city.

The Barwon River    flowing through the outskirts    of    the city provides an    excellent

rowing course, and serves    numerous large woollen mills    and    associated industries.

Geelong is an important cog in the industrial and primary life of the Australian Nation. Its position being reflected in the number of    important industries located    in    and

adjacent to the City. Amongst these are Ford Motor Works, International Harvester Company, Australian    Cement Ltd., with many others    covering a vast    range    of    essential products.


This is a typical scene within a few minutes of the heart of the City. The Barwon River winds picturesquely

past the Queens Park Golf Links.

FORD MOTOR WORKS. Aerial View over the Ford Motor Works, one of many large industries which are a feature of the

commercial life of Geelong.

TORQUAY. View of Torquay Beach, another popular playground for Geelong residents. The lovely wide sands are laved by

the sweeping rollers of the Southern Ocean. This is an excellent surfing beach.

GEELONG HARBOUR. A corner of Geelong’s Harbour front, which is used extensively by overseas steamers. Pleasure craft

make full use of its wide protected waters.


ST. GEORGE’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. This is typical of many very fine Churches situated in Geelong and its suburbs. These attractive edifices stand as memorials to the early settlers who

founded the city on solid foundations.

GEELONG POST OFFICE. This fine building is an example of many such Public and Commercial Buildings

found in the heart of the city.


Adjoining the heart


Buildings are surrounded by attractive

of the city the Art Gallery and other well kept parks and gardens.

Top. Infectious Diseases Hospital Below. Ryrie Street.

Top. Intermediate Hospital.

below. St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.


As it wends its way to the sea, the Barwon River serves numerous Woollen Mills and factories. Its picturesque waters also provide an excellent rowing course.

T. & G. BUILDING. The corner of Ryrie and Moorabcol Streets, Geelong, a busy intersection. Note the figures which emerge from the Clock Tower to herald the hours with appropriate

strokes on the Bell.

PUBLIC BUILDINGS. Gherlnghap Street, showing the City Hall. Public Offices, Telephone Exchange, and Post Office.

The rich rolling plains and undulating country surrounding Geelong is in itself very picturesque, with its fields of cereal crops, lush pastures, comfortable homesteads, all very colorful at every season. Then the famous seaside holiday resort of Lome lies 45 miles distant, over the Great Ocean Road, a fine coastal highway of endless beautv.

Here along the coast is found a medley of nature, timber covered mountains rise abruptly from the blue southern ocean, long sweeps of glistening sands laved by the ocean rollers, quiet streams meandering through the valleys, typical Australian bushlands, all combining to provide for Geelong a lovely holiday area of country in which to relax at week ends and when on holidays.

Geelong's climate is mild and pleasant throughout the year. Another feature of Geelong are the wide streets, many tree lined, with fine public buildings, churches, schools, hospitals and private homes which reflect the general prosperity and civic pride of the


LORNE. This lovely holiday resort is only 45 miles from Geelong along the famous Great Ocean Road.

TEXTILE COLLEGE. This unique College, a branch of the Gordon Institute of Technology, trains Students in all branches

of the Textile Industry.

Millions of pounds are represented in the continuous stream of excellent wool clips, woollen products, and wheat,    barley, etc.,    which    pass    through    the    Port of    Geelong    on

their way to the markets of the world. Large modern wheat silos, and extensive wool stores cater for this valuable    trade.

Geelong is the natural port for a vast territory devoted to wool, wheat, onions, potatoes, dairying, cattle, timber, and all general agriculture. Exports of many of these items pass through Geelong from as far west os the South Australian Border districts. The large railway marshalling    yards handle    traffic    from    every    section    of Western    Victoria.

Railways radiate to Melbourne, Ballarat, Western Victoria, Colac, Warrnambool, while motor services link many other centres with Geelong. An Aerodrome is situated on the Banks of the Barwon River.